Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have tons and tons of photos of this summer. I have no energy to post them. I made them into a "tribute to summer" video in which I will post it sometime. I have to do it now...because I said I would. Summer was spent at home...enjoying each others company. We frequented the cottage a lot...and near the end....wished we had even more! Lots of fish were caught..and let go..except for one which Isaac is going to put on the wall! Many marshmallows were toasted and/or lost to the fire.. We frequented the zoo and the discovery center...went went too fast, far too fast! I really mourn summer....but I know that seasons are necessary.

This guy is working so hard. I wish that I could give him a well deserved break! He has 4.0 and was officially accepted into the doctoral program....woo hoo! He has been taking doctoral courses all along, but it was under another name...I think it is called the Educational Specialist. he must *really* know what he is doing! hehehe. He is looking for topics for his he is throwing around is dealing with motivation of students...that would be really beneficial to the schooling community as they deal with parents and kids who don't seem to care. Feel free to give him suggestions for topics...he would love that!

Isn't this the tiniest little turtle you've ever seen? Isaac found it while he was on the boat. He deposited it somewhere safe...very cool!

Wow...he is a handsome guy! Isaac is in middle school now....and flourishing. I was really worried about him starting, but he loves it, and he spends a lot of time with Cory...that must have something to do with it....let's face it...boys need their dads! Hoping you all are looking forward to fall, and the coming holidays. I've already started a Christmas gift...(Hey this is early for me!) Looking forward to a trip to the Alma Mater this Saturday....can't wait to sing "Fight Geneva Fight Geneva Fight Geneva Fight!"