Monday, December 20, 2010


Have you ever wondered why boys like trains? I don't know...but they ARE cool. Uncle Cliff got this train for Isaac when he had his first Christmas. I remember him laying beside it...pushing up on his belly every time it came around. The kids still love it...and go bonkers when we get it out. This year Asher was amazed. Eli was so excited that every time it came around he would scream in delight and then grab it off the track. Of course Asher tried the they seem content to allow it to is all quite magical somehow isnt it? At any rate, I think this train must have paid for itself over and over Cliff :-)

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Remember that 8# of felt? Well, I was planning to make Eli a Felt House that fits over our kitchen table. Please don't look too closely...I noticed the crushed up cup Asher was carrying around in the picture, as well as some other things laying on the floor from the same child...Also....this project was done rather hurried.....sooooo....its not all I wanted it to be.
The train has pockets where I can put candy or stickers inside. Originally I would have liked to have done some interactive things like "Build the Snowman" and "Decorate your Tree" with Velcro...But I was running out of time people!
All in all...he wont care that my stitches are crazy...that nothing fits "exactly right"...he will love it...and I am proud of it regardless of all the little mistakes.
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He never stops eating. Im not joking.
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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


This was a rather quick project! It is a doorway theater. This is for Asher. I made a second one for my niece Ella that looks better. I have to make little tie backs for the curtains, and some finger puppets...and then its a go! It was all fairly simple...sort of like making then you get two tension rods to put it in your doorway! If you are looking to make one let me know and I can give you the site for the tutorial.
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This project was SO FUN to make! I did one in an evening! I made these for our niece Ella for one of her Christmas presents. I hope that she will like them. I so very badly wanted to embellish with buttons and such...but I didnt know if her parents would like opted for the other.
My kids liked them so much they asked for one! So....I cut out the pattern and made "kits" for them for will be a project that they can do with me! They love using the sewing machine, but rarely get to.
There is a brunette...a blonde...and a freckled red head....they were so easy! If you are interested in making them I can tell you where I found the pattern and directions.
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My Mother in Law gave me a bag of embroidery floss, and we have been making good use of it! I am not talented at any of it...but I have this old sewing book which teaches you some of the Gayle is trying the running stitch...we also did the blanket stitch...but she needs some more practice. This is an excellent thing to do while you watch a movie or tv show. She has been asking me to stitch...I think that is a good is such a lost art!
Posted by PicasaElijah on the other hand....had a rough night. It is jello for this guy! Today he is feeling better ....120% better! Hooray for bugs that leave as fast as they come...and dont make any other casualties!


Posted by PicasaI can see the tiredness in his eyes. He is working so hard! Teaching at school...taking his classes....fitting in deer season...being a interactive Father....being an awesome me my own time....I just cant tell you how hard this guy works! He rarely complains.....I am so thankful that he is mine...and wonder sometimes how I got to be such a lucky woman? God is good to me.


I love Christmastime....and love to see sparkly twinkling lights throughout the house. We got the kids some cheapo trees a while back so that they would have them in their rooms. We got Eli and Asher their tree this year. They were all so excited! We have not gotten our real tree yet...and I guess that is probably good since I imagine Asher will be so interested in it...he wont leave it alone :-)

Isaac and his tree. He was happy to let Eli help out with his decorating...Eli was excited!
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Esther and Gayle....looking jolly:-)

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Eli was so excited he could hardly stand it! He couldnt wait to put his tree up! Finally!
I can tell Christmas will be fun this year!

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Asher loved the lights and the shiny balls. To him they looked absolutely delicious.
He will look at the tree and say "wow"! He tried to help the best he could. Yes...Christmas is fun and exciting with children! Seeing all of the magicallness (is that even a word?) through their eyes is such a joy to me!
Now I cant wait to get our tree up!
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A while back Esther brought home a letter saying that she was chosen to represent her school at a science enrichment series hosted by the Kopernik Observatory. She was chosen on their perception that she showed a high interest and ability in Science. Plus...all fees were paid by the school! I was really REALLY proud of Esther!
It was a special night for her...just her and her Father. They did a lot of hands on of which was holding Dry Ice...she has a site where she can look at the constellations...and more. She loved every minute of it! The really cool thing is that she is going to be invited back for more of these fun nights since she was chosen. Did I say I was proud?
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Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We had a really nice time with our family and our friend Will. This was actually the first time that we had ever really managed an entire Thanksgiving on our own. I think we did quite well. I tried to make cookies ahead of time, and gather ingredients every time I went for groceries. This was our menu...

Turkey with Gravy
Mashed Potatoes
Whole Wheat Stuffing
Green Beans
Field Green Salad with Apples and Walnuts....Compliments of Will
Homemade Applesauce
Sweet Potato Casserole
Cranberry Sauce

Chunky Chocolate Pecan Bars
Lemon Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pumpkin Pie/ whipped Cream

Wow!!! That was a lot...but it was so good! We tried to do most of the prep the night before so that we could relax and enjoy ourselves. Did you know I had never made a pumpkin pie before? Im just not a baker...but they came out fabulous! Everything worked perfectly...except one thing. Have you ever seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? Well...the scene where they cut into the Turkey and it bursts apart and hisses steam? This reminded me of that. I asked Cory to help me get the 17-18# turkey out of the roaster and onto the giant Turkey plate...he did...but it looked like he took it and threw it on the plate as hard as he could. It made a loud banging sound and then the meat fell right off the bone...we looked at each other in horror...and knew what the other was thinking...National Lampoons...then we laughed. We are glad that we were not planning on carving it at the table. The meat was very tasty...and we had a good laugh! The following is some shots of our Thanksgiving celebration. I hope yours was just as wonderful!

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