Friday, February 26, 2010


Have you ever just wanted to have something, well....just because you wanted it? Like in highschool...I just HAD to have Dwayne Wayne glasses! Dont had them too...I know you did! Anyhow...I have always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. This particular pair is $695.00........Would I ever buy them? NO...are you nuts? But there is something about them...perhaps the trademark red sole...I dont know...but I am drawn to them! I cant even make it through an entire evening in heels... What is wrong with me? Someday. Yeah you heard me...I said someday! But you can bet I wont be paying 600 bucks for them! Until then, I will just dream. Have you ever wanted something so extravagant that you feel embarrassed about it? I know you have! What is your luxury item?


I am tired. 3 of the kids have gotten the bug and gotten over it. Eli has not quite gotten it...but he is sick. He has quite a nasty cough, and runny nose, get the picture. It most likely has to work its way out...but I would appreciate prayers for a quick recovery. Thanks !


I like this photo. This was a proud day on campus. The next time we would stand on these steps would be our wedding. I dont often post pictures of us together...I am snapping away at the kids...but this is the place it all started, and I love thinking about it :-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Its true. The bug has past...but I am lying in wait for its next victim. Esther woke up today feeling SO much better and wants to go to school. I am keeping her home for another day for two reasons...1 she may still be infectious (probably is)...and 2. she hasnt really eaten any food with substance...afraid of what will happen there. So staying home she will. I was meticulas (sp?) yesterday. I sprayed everything down with this very cool bleach disenfectant spray that I got the other day...who knew it would be so perfect!!! I also had to scrub the tub out...actually that is something Cory likes to do...dont ask me why...(I dont know) anyhow, we have a well, and our water leaves an orange mark over time. Our tub sort of has a rusty appearance. We have tilexed it...used all sorts of cleaners, scrubbers...nothing. Until now! I tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser...and it was...MAGIC! It requires virtually no elbow grease at all! Just a couple of swipes and I had a spot that was magically white! Mr. Clean is my Hero! Try it people! I would recommend that bleach spray made me feel safer...disinfected...bleach smell does that :-) Hope everyone is doing well. Apparently while I have been writing other two school kids have "come down" with something. Both complaining of stomach problems...I cant tell if its legit or not...Gayle feels a bit warm...Isaac complains on a daily basis, hoping to get a day off...I cant chance it. What a world.

Elijah will be 3 next month. *sniff*...he is still such a baby to me. Why must I grieve over age! He is getting to be such a big seemed like full sentences just came out of nowhere! He loves Thomas the Train...which will be his birthday theme...he likes to watch Dinosaur Train on TV...he helps himself to yogurt and apples, is NOT interested in potty training. Ive got news for get until your 3 rd b-day and then it is not an option any longer...yes...he has become quite grown up in many ways...but he is still a cuddley little one...those big brown eyes melt my heart!

I love when the snow looks like it does today... like spider webs in the trees! Everything looks so silvery! Have you ever been to the Cypress Gardens...that is exactly what it looks like...very magestic....However....I can trade it for Spring at any moment :-)

I cant believe I forgot about this!!! I think we have a "new" "used" car! The guy that gets us all of our cars found a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan at the auction...he got it with us in mind, and I am very grateful! Cory went to see it yesterday, and said it was a nice looking van. Our friend wants to check it over in his shop before he sells it to us so that we dont inherit problems :-) Praise the Lord. We had just been praying that God would find us one...because we werent having much luck. a few weeks or less...we may be driving a different vehicle..well, Cory will be driving our Red van...and the kids and I will drive the new one. I wish I could get Cory a Truck...he would really like a truck...but it is just not economical for us at this time. Someday.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was thinking about Esther since she is so sick today...and just aware of what a sweet little girl she is. This is a movie that I helped her make for her Grandmother for Christmas. It has lots of pictures of her in a better not the bathroom!


Esther has a bug. I thought she was faking--she wasn't. Poor thing. I am running around behind her with clorox wipes cleaning everything she touches. Looks like someone is having jello today.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay...I realize that nobody probably wants to hear about my updates...but since this blog is more or less a journal for me I like to mark my successes and keeps me accountable I think.

So far I have lost 3 inches from my waist! All I have done so far is do the Stairmaster for 20 min 5-6 days a week. I am not watching what I eat, like I said before. I have been feeling really good. I have only lost one pound. So much for the goal of 3# per week. I will take inches over pounds any day though.

The kids have been interested in using it too...which I think is great! Next week I think I will have to up my workout to 25-30 min. That is the update on THE FIGHT ON FLAB.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hmmm. I just wanted to blog something. I don't know what. I am sick of snow. I am longing for spring. I read Rebeccas post, and want to make her peanut-butter frosting I will be lurking around her recipe blog to find it....we need a new "used" car...I did 2 loads of laundry so far...(a zillion to go). My family ate 5# of oranges in 2 days...if one asks they all want one...then someone wants a "snack"....I only buy oranges in season...all summer long we go without up kids, for soon you will be orangeless. My friend Jenn is prego with her 3rd baby. Wow...lots of folks are prego...they say it comes in 3s...more like 6s or 7s this time...Fabulous! I put a roast out to thaw to make for is NOT thawed...SO I will make something else...maybe with that cake. Oh yes, there is some sort of motor oil grease in our carpet that I have to tackle...websites say alcohol, and then maybe dish detergent and water...Im scared. Cory rubbed it with a towel...the website said dont do will spread...thats what it did. Where in the world did it come from? Had to be the garage. Also...something else that is pinky red is on the carpet...from a toy that the girls got for Christmas...our NEW carpet...I will use the line my sister says "We just can't have nice things!" I love daffodils...they might be my favorite flower...maybe. I still am waiting for the unspoken....I think it is coming close to an end 2 weeks maybe? I hope. Then I can speak about it. Okay...I to Rebeccas blog for her cake...if not there...then All Recipes. Have a good day everyone.



Friday, February 12, 2010


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Plans have changed. For some of us. Isaac was invited to a Birthday Party Sleepover. This means that we will not be going to the dance together...he was very sweet, and asked me "will you be hurt mommy?" He is a special little boy that is for sure! So me and my other boys will be spending quality time playing Thomas the Train...and "fetch the pacifier"...I will enjoy my lovelies :-)

Is it possible that after only 4-5 days of working out that I could lose 1/2 in around my middle? It is true....hmmm. I haven't really lost much weight...the scale was down like a 1/2 pound...thats it. I am not going to dwell too much on the scale...but try to guage by the way my clothes feel. The kids have been doing 15 min a day on the stairmaster too...well, Just Isaac and Esther. Gayle wants too...but she doesnt weigh enough yet. Also...the fact that I had chocolate for breakfast the other day could have something to do with no losses...haha.

I hope everyone is having a great week...Ive got to run the kiddos to school, then drop off Corys breakfast which he forgot...this done...all in my pjs...Have a great day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Obviously at our house it is Valentines Day every day! HA HA. Tomorrow is the Annual Me and my Valentine dance at the school. Cory asked the girls to be his date...and Isaac made me a card that said be should be a special time for sure. The girls and I went to Burlington and picked out some fancy dresses, and they are all set! Cory gets them a dress every year, which I think is so special. It is important for little girls to know that their father thinks they are beautiful, loved, special...whatever! When they grow up, that is the type of person that they need to marry...a man that "shows" them they are worthwhile and important. I am not suggesting that you spend money for could be as simple as making a date with your little girl...just spending one on one time, and telling her that she is a special person ;-)

Boys are the same...they need to see their father treat the women in his life with care and respect...and see their mothers love, care, and respect the men in their lives. Too many marriages go bad because of poor modeling...spend some time on this...its worth the effort.


Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles...Friends....BEWARE! My kids brought home the Gertrude Hawk Chocolate fund raiser for PTA the other day. I think Gayle and Esther will be calling you regarding this...YOU CAN SAY NO... dont feel like you HAVE to buy from them. I only do this to support the PTA .

Guess what else? Isaac is selling seeds for the SCOUTS! He will be calling regarding this.....YOU CAN SAY NO!!! This is just a heads up that you will be getting a call...I will say this for the seeds though...I bought the $5 wild flower mix...I had these crazy wild flowers snowed...and they were just as beautiful as in summer...I will be getting some of those again. It was fun to send the kids in with a handful of wildflowers for their teachers...when they really werent in season...hahaha.

If you dont want to buy...just tell me, and I can steer them away from you...otherwise you will have to tell them NO on your own;-)

Monday, February 08, 2010


I stole these from my sister JJ. I had never seen this one of Gayle before. I had taken pictures on this day...but apparently missed this one...good job JJ.
This next one...I think I actually "gave" to JJ after someone "gave" it to technically it is *not* stealing. This is my Grandpa with some of his cows...Milk and Milcah I think. Anyhow...I like this one too.
The opera was AMAZING!!! I did not think it would be a genre that I would care for to any great extent, and I was pleasantly surprised. I think the fact that they had subtitles to see instead of just listening to Italian made all the difference! is good to support your local Arts! Thanks to Will who got us the tickets and made it all possible!!!
Well I got my "excercise contraption" is a Stairmaster...I guess I was afraid to "say" what it was, cause I didnt want some random person to look it up and steal it out from under us...I am pretty pathetic! As it was, the guy was really great and honest...he said he had SO many folks call and say...well...we can be there today...why not today? Lets hear it for honest people!!!! I have a goal to do 20-30 min. a day...I guess the goal of 3# was a bit much ...I will just have a goal to excercise and be healthy ...I am so happy to have it, and I am thankful for my Hard Working Husband who drove an hour and a half away to get it for me --!!!
Whats for supper? Hmmm...I need to work on this, I dont know yet...I think I will make some sugar free pudding for dessert though...the kids will LOVE it, and I will look like I fussed over them...hehehe. By the way...get your milk at is a LOT cheaper.
Hope everyone will have a FABULOUS week! What is everyone doing for Valentines Day?

Friday, February 05, 2010


HA...I was just looking at my blog and thought..."How Ironic!" I have a post about driving 2 1/2 hrs away to go to a bakery to stuff our faces full of pastry...and then a FIGHT ON FLAB CHALLENGE....HMMM...hmmm. I never cease to amaze myself.

Tonight Cory and I and some friends of ours are going to see the opera TOSCA. I am really excited about this...I am not sure that opera will actually appeal to me...but I do like the arts, and Cory and I went to a lot of plays in the experience alone is really worth it! Plus, it is good to be with friends!

Hope you are all having a GREAT week!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Thats read it correctly...THE FIGHT ON FLAB! I am hoping to embark on this journey in the very near future. Cory has an appt. to meet a lady from craigslist to get a certain excercise contraption that I have wanted for so long! I am so hoping that she does not sell it out from under us! With that said...I will start my FIGHT ON FLAB program when it is obtained. My goal is going to be to lose 3 lbs per week. Cory says it should be an average of that since I will lose + or - in some cases....(Whatever) ha ha. Anyhow...I am wondering how all of this will go since I am nursing. I will eat healthy foods...but I dont think that I will worry too much about "how much" I am eating since I will need the extra calories...(Maybe you can tell I am trying to figure this whole thing out as I type away...if you you can!) Anyways...I want to lose X amount of weight...X? Yes...I am ashamed to say how much I would like to lose....PLEASE dont ask. So as soon as I get this I will start THE FIGHT ON FLAB CHALLENGE!!!! I will post my progress, and you will be AMAZED at my willpower...determination...(I am gearing myself up.) Join me if you would like...3 lbs a week...its doable...I CAN....I WILL! (I just have to get my excercise contraption.) (And if she does sell it out from under us...Everything is off...until he can find me another one ;-)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I was thinking of something fun to do with my kiddos. Have you ever heard of Carlos Bakery? Or perhaps The Cake Boss? Chances are you have, and if you haven't you probably dont have cable. We dont either, but when we go to Corys parents home, this is a show that we all like to watch. He makes creative cakes...and by this I mean, beautiful lifelike, suitcases, WHATEVER! Anyhow...he also makes other pastries and whatnot. I was thinking it would be fun to take the kids on a roadtrip about 2 1/2 hrs away to his bakery...and buy a treat for each one of us. They would get SUCH a kick out of that, and really I would too. I would have to research some other cool stuff to do in that town, so the trip isnt...hey here's a cannoli , lets go home now! It is just an idea...I haven't told Cory the idea yet...but since he and I like roadtrips...he may be in. One time in college, I called to tell him not to wait for me to go to chapel...that I was in Canada...he would not believe me...some friends of mine just decided to pick up and go...that was fun...those were the days! Anyhow! Back to The Cake Boss...I think it is a great idea.

On a different note. I am growing my hair out long. This is a poll. SHORT? or LONG? My husband is no help...I could have no hair at all, and he will say it looks great!

Monday, February 01, 2010


I am really missing Summer and all of its warmth. This picture makes me feel better...just a little warmer :-)
So I guess I live inside a bubble...The neighbor just two doors over has been dead for at least two months! What a shocker! Pray for his wife and two kids that have been left behind.
Waiting...Waiting...More waiting. I am trying SO hard to be patient...this process that we are going through could take literally MONTHS...or we could know TODAY!!!! If you think of it...Pray for us so that we could be Patient.
On a different note...Isaac taught Eli to say "horseapple"...and now everything is a "horseapple" ...thanks Isaac.
This Friday Cory and I and some friends are going to see the Opera Tosca at the Forum! Thanks for the tickets Will! It will be a fun experience for sure!
Meatloaf for dinner tonight I think! With potatoes of some sort...another veggie...and maybe I will make a lemon meringue pie...(maybe.)
Have a great week !