Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today starts Spring Break...well it officially starts when the kids are done with school...but I like the feeling! It wont actually be a break since I have to still run the kids to ball practice, piano, birthday parties, we plan to clean the garage, clean the house, pick up in the yard...etc...and still have time to play? Big plans...little time. I started out really happy writing this post...I feel almost defeated now...blah.

Gayle is funny. I told her to go brush her hair...she said "okay...until its golden?" who says that kind of stuff?

Looking forward to going roller skating on Friday! Consider this an invite! It is lots of fun, and the kids cant wait. Gayle said shes counting down the days until she " gets more bruises"...nice. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I think the dreary weather has taken its toll. It is when I feel the most unproductive. I feel rather blah today...

THE FIGHT ON FLAB....isnt. I stopped doing it when we had that week of sickness run through the family. I have felt SO tired that I have just about dropped into bed every night since...sometimes I am so tired I dont remember ever going to bed--seriously. I want to reclaim this...but I am not feeling optomistic. I just need to quit whining about it and DO IT! I felt SO good when I was doing it.

SUPPER.....I love to have family meals....LOVE IT. While Cory has baseball season--it lends itself to having later suppers. It also lends itself to me running 2 kids to ball games, and one to piano...which means I dont have tons of time for cooking...I have to make use of the crockpot. I have talked about doing Once a Week cooking...I would have to try it out. I love to cook, and I would miss doing a major portion of it...maybe I could just do a lot of food prep know like pre chopping veggies, making soups/stews and freezing or canning them...precooking ground beef. I want to have tasty good for you meals...and not have to eat at 8:00pm.....its a work in progress.

Family Worship.....Finally something that is going well! A short while back I had ordered the Vos Childs Story Bible. I had a different one that I loved so much that we have exhausted for our worship time. I liked it specifically because it used actual scripture. The Vos Bible is a little different for us so far...but one thing I really like about it, is that it is good at explaining hard truths to little ones. For instance the concept of God having no end and no beginning. For me, I dont have to "understand" it...if the Bible says that is the way it is...that is what I questions. For my son Isaac, he seems to be struggling with this can someone have no beginning? He had to start from somewhere right? I also bought the book beginning with the Johns Gospel by Susan Harding. We are reading this right along side of the Vos Bible, and I hope that it will reinforce some of these truths. We also have been trying to learn 63A in the Psalter.

The kids and I have morning devotions in the car on the way to school. We try to learn a verse, and then move onto another. It is time for us to move on to another. I try to make them verses about things we struggle with. I am thinking about doing the verse in Proverbs that talk about pleasant words being a honeycomb...we have had some nastiness in the past couple of weeks, so I think this could be a good tool.

LAUNDRY.......I will never catch up. This is really ironic. I LIKE to do laundry. I just cant keep up. I have to dry each load twice in the dryer...I clean the lint trap each time...the outside one is clean...Cory has cleaned out the hoses...WHAT is up? I cant utilize my clothesline because the neighbor has one of those outside wood burners which smokes our way...what a bother. I did however buy one of those stick on bounce fabric softner sticks...I LIKE it! It makes everything just smell a little fresher :-) I have to go through clothes again. Maybe this week I can do some organizing.

GROCERIES....I need some...I feel like I really need to leave the kids behind when I go out. If I take them, I tend to get tired out too, I want to get the best deals, and can go to lots of different places...not just Wally World. I think I am going to have to pick a day and make that my shopping day. Before Baseball Season started...sometimes Cory would wake up early on a Saturday Morning and run in and get our was such a luxury for me...sometimes he would be be back before I even woke up...ahhh...those were the days! What a great guy!

UNFINISHED......I had planned to make my niece Ella something homemade for Easter....I have no time. Everything seems SO unfinished...or yet to be started...really irritating!

Enough the next post I shall have to tell you all of the wonderful time we had with our buddies this past weekend. It is probably more enjoyable to hear! Until then!

Friday, March 26, 2010


The other night Cory and I were watching tv....we heard a loud pop! I thought maybe a bear was into our garbage or I was peeking out the windows when Cory said "there is a fire over at the neighbors house!" The kids were all asleep, so we ran up...all the while Cory was calling wasnt the house, it was a blazer on fire! He ran up and found our neighbor with his hands in his pockets watching the blaze as if it were a simple campfire. (?) Anyhow...I yelled "get out of there, that thing could blow" Cory managed to help him out of the way before windows and such started exploding...he said to me "go get him a cup of coffee"...I did...I tried to hand it to him, he couldnt hold it, he couldnt even walk! So Cory helped him down to our porch where he kept asking Cody (yes, he knows Corys name) "is that my vehicle? " "What happened to my truck?" Anyhow, the fire dept. put the flame out...Cory called the mans relative...he said, his car is on fire, hes on our porch with a cup of coffee, hes had a little more than coffee this evening....hed like you to come. His relative showed up and put him in his truck and drove straight through the chaos...nobody was very happy with him. The neighbor came down the next day to see us...he didnt know how he got out of the house...Did Cory drag me out? Cory were standing right beside it....his family called to try to make sense of this...they said that the word on the street is that Cory pulled him from a burning car...AND apparently pulled him from his house...Cory said...thats nice of you to say...It may have looked like I was dragging him...because he could barely stand up! We just got over that last accident, and now this! I am thankful for one thing...these are providing GREAT lessons for the kids on the effects of alcohol abuse. Im just glad that no one was hurt...and that I live with a hero ! ha ha!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Skating Party!!!!!! on April 2nd.....In the evening I think...I will post the time later!!!! They have "walkers" for the kiddos....snack bar....and laser tag too. Friday is Family night!!! Lets ALL go!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010



Tuesday, March 09, 2010


My friend Dana gave me this to look is a good reminder of why I believe Abortion to be wrong. I would rather hold my babies for a second than not at all! The site is youtube and the link is 99balloons...about a baby boy named Eliot.


I dont like to think about it too much since it makes me sad...but the fact that he is just getting to be such a big boy--and right before my eyes--I simply cant ignore it. He is turning 3.
The other day he tripped and chipped his front tooth...I hope it doesnt turn brown...he has such a sweet smile...(Cory says part of it is missing now...I say...Be quiet YOU!...I am not chuckling with you!)

Hes quirky thats for sure!

But also extremely loved...I hope I can put together a little video for my sweet guy! Why do I have to be such a sap?

Monday, March 08, 2010


Adventure to be sure!!!! Cory has found a Christian college called Liberty College where he plans to get his doctorate online. His goal is to have it done in 3yrs. That includes his dissertation. Each year he will have to spend a week in VA...which is where the college is located. I am really proud of him for wanting to do will be an adventure....for sure! He would like to take his first two classes this summer...and he plans to go full time the whole way through. It is nice to know that if he feels like the load is too much that he could scale down on it the next semester. I am going to have to be creative in order to find him time to study. I figure we could go to the Discovery Center sometimes and he could do his work in the snack room..while the kids play....McDonalds play land...while they play. Sometimes just getting the kids minds off of what they ARENT getting will make a difference...and it will do Cory some good too...he will see the kids having fun, feel like he is with the family, but also free to get his work done. He will also have to choose a few days after school to stay late and make sure that his work is up to par at school. It will be tough...He will need encouragement...I will need will the kids! Please pray for us as we undertake this huge step! His goal is to teach at Geneva....and to serve the students there. To provide a godly atmosphere for his children, ---hes an admirable man--thats for sure!

Some things for prayer:

*Cost Factor* --While most Doctoral programs are $700 or more a credit...(yes you read that right...a CREDIT!) Liberty is much less at $425-$450 a credit. We will to get financial aid for this unless God sees fit to bless us in other ways...which I dont see happening. It will be around $20,000 or more for this *adventure*....but we keep in mind, that we cant send "1" of our children to school for less than is a situation we are willing to undertake to allow our kids to be "debt free" out of college...

*Time Management*--This is obvious!...We definitely have to manage our time with 5 kids and other side jobs. We are committed to doing what we think is will be hard and I hope you will think of us when you pray!

I hope you all are having a Great Week! Talk to you all later!

Friday, March 05, 2010


Jeremiah 29:11~ "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

A while back Cory and I had got to talking...we would like to put our kids in Christian School...we would love to surround ourselves with more believers...Cory said he would like to have a job where his colleagues had a common goal, and werent out for themselves. Both of us have a dream...and that Dream is to go to our Alma Mater~ Geneva College and serve there. As we drove along, I said to always say how much you would like to teach there...if you really want to do that, why dont you be proactive about it and start classes? He agreed. You might think that I have this desire because my family lives out in that area. This is not the case at turns out it could be a benefit...but no...that is not why. It may be hard to understand to someone who has never experienced Geneva. Geneva is more than a school it is a community. A community where students eat supper at the professors homes...where nobody walks past you without saying "Hi"...Could you imagine a place that could be a spiritual support system? That is Geneva. We want that for our children, and we want it for us. Cory checks the website for openings on a regular basis. While out in Western PA...He spoke of this desire to one of the pastors, and he encouraged Cory to look for openings. As soon as he got back to the house he looked...and there it was...a faculty position for Education in Literacy! LITERACY!!!! That is EXACTLY what he has his masters in!!! Could this really be true? He put together his resume quickly, and then hand delivered it! We thought about how our kids lives could change in a better we could send them to college with no debt to start their lives out!!! We have been waiting and waiting to hear back from them....Yesterday was the day. He got a letter in the mail saying that he was qualified...except for one teensy (HUGE) thing...his doctorate. We figured that this could be the case. We had hoped that he could secure the position and work on his Masters while he was there. We were SO dissapointed! One really nice thing, was that one of his professors wrote him and extra letter...she said that she remembered him from class and that she hoped that he would go get his doctorate so that he could secure a position :) Those words were like a balm for his soul I think. He is researching some places to go to obtain his doctorate. The dream is not over...just on hold. We would do anything to make our kids lives better!

In the morning on the way to school, I have devotions with my kids. We work on a verse until we get it...then move onto another one. This weeks verse was Jer. 29:11. I wanted the kids to know that even when we desire something we should desire Gods will more. If this is hard, then we pray that God will change the desire of our hearts to match what He wants. So more waiting. We have our answer...and it is a No for now. I believe that God has wonderful things in store for us. I dont believe that it happened by coincidence. Definitely I believe Cory is to get his Doctorate for a reason...we will find out what. God is faithful, and has blessed us greatly.

Thank you to all of you who cared enough to pray about this matter...ask us how things were going...provide are simply the best and it shows how much you love us!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


The nasty beast was lying in waited until I proclaimed it over...and then attacked. In other words...I got the flu yesterday. I was happy that I never had to chuck though...I hate that. Feeling better, and have lots to get done.

Baseball starts next week. I am feeling happy/sad. Happy because this signals Spring for me. This is the time I start going to the park with the kids :-) Going to baseball games with my littles. Sad because...Cory is gone a lot. Supper is late. More hands make work less...Ive got my work cut out for me. I think I will be more happy than sad...:-)

I need to go grocery shopping...without the kiddos...I have been putting it off because of all of the sickness...but if I dont go soon it will be Cream of Ketchup Soup...ha ha.

My friend Lydia should be having her twins any day now!!! So many people are pregnant...must be something in the water. Everyone keeps asking us if we will have any more. Thats the million dollar question...ha ha. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010



Okay...I havent LOST any real weight...just those previous inches. It could have been that cheesecake I made. (I make the best cheesecake in the world.--Seriously I do, and I dont mind saying so!) So nothing really concrete to report except for the fact that I am doing really well at keeping it going! I am going to up the stairmaster to the next level! The FIGHT ON FLAB continues!


I think we are done with the "attack of the germs". I took Asher to the Dr. yesterday, and he has an ear infection...poor little guy! Well...look at it this way...I think we got all of our sickness out of the way for the year!!!

This is a photo that I took using my new joby tripod that Cliff got me for Christmas. I had intended to use it for a photo Friday, but the memory card was not cooperating. Anyhow...I like this shot because....well...just because...I love my babies--thats why!

My friend Will (Hi Will)...organized a rollerskating adventure for us on Friday the should meet us there for the fun! Sometime around 6:30...come on--bring the kids! My kids have never been skating. I havent skated since I was a kid...This should be interesting! I dont know if Cory will if your hubby doesnt want to then they could hang with mine :-)

Elizabeth...I cant get on your is by invitation only. Can I come too? YES I want to come to your party! Is your number still the same?