Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I dont like to think about it too much since it makes me sad...but the fact that he is just getting to be such a big boy--and right before my eyes--I simply cant ignore it. He is turning 3.
The other day he tripped and chipped his front tooth...I hope it doesnt turn brown...he has such a sweet smile...(Cory says part of it is missing now...I say...Be quiet YOU!...I am not chuckling with you!)

Hes quirky thats for sure!

But also extremely loved...I hope I can put together a little video for my sweet guy! Why do I have to be such a sap?

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Full of Grace said...

I can understand how you feel- It's so hard for me, knowing that in little more than a month, my baby will be 5yrs old, and then comes kindergarten..Enjoy those babyish things while you can because he will be all boy soon enough!