Monday, July 31, 2006


We are finally back from our vacation in Black Lake! We had a fabulous time. I have some photos to post, but for some reason I can not get them to upload onto blogger...must be technical difficulties! We had a really great time while we were there. We were also able to worship with the Lisbon RP congregation and see some friends there. The fishing was alright. The lake was down really low. I caught mostly small mouth bass...and 1 good sized Largemouth. Isaac caught a 20 inch bowfin...that is one nasty fish! He was so proud :) I was able to read, relax, take the kids to the beach and just have a great vacation. We also went to Alexandria Bay and saw an aquamarine zoo...the kiddos loved that.
We headed back a day early because we had a wedding to attend. The reception was tons of fun! It was at the Treadway in Owego. I had the Filet Mignon.....which was sooooooo good...and Cory had the chicken. It was quite a lavish affair. We had a lot of fun at our table because we knew all of the couples with us...Cory and I left while the night was still pretty young...I imagine that party was just getting started :) Our friends kept our little ones over night, so we had a night entirely to ourselves :) We are very excited because in about 3 weeks we will be attending another couples wedding...we love weddings!
Cory left me at 6:00 this go camping with some buddies. I will not see him until Wednesday around lunch. I guess I wont even really see him then, as he has plans to go do some clean up at our church which was flooded. I will see him for a little before I take off for my own mini vacation...
Corys birthday is coming up on August sure to wish that fella a happy 31st b-day! I have not decided what I will get for him...any ideas? Well, I had better get back to is never ending!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This week is most exciting because we a making preparations for our annual trip to Black Lake New York!! This is a week long fishing adventure...LOVE IT! We stay in a cottage right by the water, and the beach area is just down the yard a bit. The kids are so excited as well. Last year we took them into town and we went to the theatre...we plan to do so again if there is anything suitable for them to see. Sunday we will worship with the Lisbon Reformed Presbyterian Church. On the way there we came across a fruit and veggie stand many fresh goodies, that we stock up for the week. Also on the road that runs by our cottage the Amish children have a stand of their baked goods and we have some good things to choose from without going to the grocery store :) I plan to go to the bookstore and pick up 2-3 books for myself...this is just a little bit of heaven for me...and also I plan to get another guilty pleasure...flavored coffee creamer...the real stuff, not powder...creme brulee, and coconut flavored...mmmmmmm. I am not alone in this however, Corys Mom loves it too, as does Cliff. I imagine I will wake up in the morning and get myself a cup of that cream...with a little coffee too and sit on the porch and watch for the guys to come back in from fishing. Ahhh I can't wait for that! Oh, I almost forgot! Terri might be coming with us...that is if the state does not call her and ask to see her old I am hoping that we will be drinking our coffee together! Here is to a relaxing vacation...lots of book reading, coffee drinking, and fish catching...oh yeah...and pinochle playing...CHEERS!
Of course to get ready for the fishing part, we went to our favorite sporting goods store...Gander Mountain!! The kids were very excited because Uncle Cliffy gave them each money to spend there! I got a couple spinner baits, and two packs of Yamamoto Worms, Black, and Red Shad. I plan to go to Wal * Mart and get a few bobbers when I use night crawlers or minnows. Isaac got the cutest fisherman hat ever...I will have to get a picture! I am hoping to get a visor myself...oh yeah, and a pair of sunglasses!
Cory and I will actually be leaving a day early from vacation to attend a friends wedding. I am very excited, because a friend of ours will watch the kids for us, and we can go have fun at the party! The reception is at the Owego Treadway Inn...Cory is having the chicken, and I am having the fillet mignon (sp?). I hope there will be lots of dancing, and Margaritas!! What a great end to our vacation. We actually have another wedding in August that we will be attending...How Fun! I am also very fortunate that around the first week of August, I will be taking another little mini vacation! My friend Anna and I will start Friday at 10am and get a much needed massage, then we will lunch, and walk the quaint shops of Owego. We will go get a few good magazines, perhaps a book or two...then have some supper. That night we will head to the Cottage and watch a movie. The next day we will go antiquing, and perhaps go to the theatre if there is anything good playing...then back to the cottage for Rand R. Sunday our men and children will meet up with us for a BBQ, and we will celebrate Corys 31st B-day :) I am so looking forward to this. The guys will watch the kids this weekend, and have a little campout in the back for them! Of course little Nathan will be coming with us, as he is nursing. AAHHHH summer!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Here is a picture of Cory and I with our Birthday Girls! This year was a Tinkerbell theme. It is really convenient having their b-days so close together...much to my sisters dismay though...she doesn't think anyone should have to share a birthday...oh well...sorry Manda...perhaps you will have better luck with your own children ....hehehe! Although the party was on Saturday - we still have not entirely cleaned up from it all...we are so TIRED! The girls had a great time and so did their guests!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Happy Birthday to my two precious girls Esther Joy and Gayle Judith. Below is some pictures marking milestones/years for the girls...Enjoy.
"This is the day the Lord has made let us be glad and sing...Hosannah Lord oh give success Oh Lord salvation bring." I decided to add this verse of Psalm 118 because it will always remind me of the girls. Anytime we are in the car, I always say "What is today girls?" and they respond by singing this Psalm...


A current picture of Esther...

THROUGH THE YEARS.............

Pregnant with Esther Joy..........Due Day!

Newborn Essie...July 13th, 2002....8lb. 12oz.

Esther ...... 1 year old :-)

Esther is 2 years old !

Essie McGuessie...3 Years Old


Due Day with Gayle.........

Newborn Gaylie....July 15, 2004 8lb. 10 oz.

Gayle Judith....1yr old

Gayle...Current photo blowing dandilions.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Isaac had been working on his 2nd "wiggly" tooth, and I finally you want me to pull it out? I was suprised he said "yes" I did! I took before and after photos, but I need to finish my roll of film...(I need a digital camera bad!) I know that losing your baby teeth are a common thing...but they are such milestones to is just another reminder that he is getting to be such a big boy. I am such a sentimental fool...why can't I just be happy and not wallow in it all? hmmmm...enough belly aching...the tooth fairy which was a He this time gave a gift under the pillow, but puzzled Isaac as to why the bag that contained his tooth was still sitting in the same place? hmmmm good question!


This is our little Essie Joy...She had so much fun doing dance. She did half tap and half ballet. Even little Gaylie knew the routine! I really enjoyed the dance recital.


Esther had her dance recital in June...I am just now getting to post the photos. We were very proud of her and enjoyed a fabulous show. Isaac even enjoyed it as well, as some of his classmates were doing their own routines. Cory surprised Esther with white pink and red carnations...he picked them out all by himself..and Esther was in love with them.
Esther with her carnations from Daddy...for a job well done. :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006


You know, I was thinking to favorite donut in all of the world is a Boston Creme donut...I get it every time at Dunkin questions...Boston Creme...and then I thought about it...I just can't understand why anyone else would choose anything other than that is just that please answer me this question...What is YOUR favorite donut?


While I was fast asleep yesterday night...Cory was wide awake...and he saw a bat fly through the house....AAAAAAAAHHHHHH. He woke me up, and I took the two girls into my bed and waited until he found the tresspasser...(sp?)....anyways...he was busy upstairs when I saw it fly through the living room...I yelled to Cory "I saw it"....and then he came running downstairs with the broom and a flashlight just in time to see me shut the door and say goodbye...I was out of there! Anyways...After a few walloping sounds I heard him pounding nails upstairs...Those creepy things are SO NOT WELCOME! Lucky for the bat it was just a broom...before Cory and I got married he used to sleep with "Bernie" by his side...a broken baseball bat...I certainly wouldnt want to see a guy that big coming at me with a piece of a bat...yikes! Say NO to BATS! The last time we had a bat was a couple of years ago...and Cory had a broom then too...but that bat died by the power of the maglite flashlight he was holding...Ever since being to the Newmans and seeing their was like an omen or something...I knew this guy was just gives me shivers...Yuck.


Yesterday was a fun day. Cory finished up the weed wacking around and about...and then I really put him to work. Years ago, when we moved into this home, the previous owner had planted a rose plant in a very awkward spot, and it truly wasn't thriving. Cory got rid of it...I think he threw it in the bank in front of our house. For the past two years every summer a beautiful primrose looking plant flourishes amongst the weeds....yesterday we tried to untangle that web...we did pretty well....there was much scraping and pricking...but we endured...I never knew how long they could this point there were at least 3 plants or more. We went to Wal*Mart and got a fairly cheap trellis...I wanted the kind that was an arbor...but they did not have them there...oh well. Anyways...We set them up and tied the long stalks to the trellis with fishing line...I don't know if they are going to make it or not...they looked pretty wilted...I will have to be sure to give them plenty of water. If they do make it, it will look very pretty...for those of you who have been to our home...I put it along side the garage that is beside the yard...I also planted 3 rose of sharon a little farther out...and then the two trellis are set close to the garage and well...maybe I should just take a picture...until then...
Yesterday was a special day for Esther. Esther was invited to a preschool pals birthday party. This was her first "big girl party". Where? None other than the Reptile Co. I made Cory go with her. He said she was the only one who held all of the animals...she even held a tanrantula....that freaks me out! Anyways, she was so excited to give Tanner his gift...which was Jenga. She came home with all sorts of stories to tell, and an almost gone goodie bag...she had the time of her life!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I just finished The Preachers Daughter. I did not like it as well as the Abrams Daughters series, but this certainly held my attention. I am hoping that the library has the 2nd book, and that I wont have to go out and buy it...I am held utterly captive by good books...:)
Happy Belated Birthday to my nephew David, my niece Joyce, and my Mother-in-law Vickie. I am hoping to post pictures later. It takes so long to upload photos, and I don't seem to have much time....but I hope all had very happy birthdays!

Well, I just looked into getting flood insurance. Do you know that in your homeowners policy you are not covered for flooding? Of course we dont own this home, but we are looking for a quote on flood insurance. We have made it through the past three floods, but now that the river has rerouted itself a little closer...we want to be careful. Just for your info...apparently if you do not live in a flood plain...flood insurance can be anywhere from $200 - to - $400 per year...really a drop in the bucket if you are hit hard...but still hard to scrape together when you dont make much. I hope that it is the lower end of the spectrum.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ANOTHER POST...........!

We have come back from vacation to come home to devastation. Not our particular home thank the Lord...but to all else surrounding. The house across the street has a mud pit instead of a yard...the water was up to their porch...probably inside as well. The house right next to us is in bad shape. The river that runs right next to it, overflowed and re-routed itself through their entire yard...all that is left is a pile of river rock....massive piles of it!!! We are afraid if it happens again that we will have flooding troubles in our garage and our home... The home at the end of our road lost all but 5 of their cows...what a mess! Cory has been helping out in Conklin...a place hit horribly bad!!! Our friend Terri lost everything. She was able to salvage her table and chairs and one stand...everything else...clothes, pictures, everything gone!! She needs a lot of prayer right now. She has had several offers from people to come and live with them including us, she is finding it difficult to accept without feeling like a burden. Please keep Terri in your prayers, she is like one of the family to us! Apparently you cannot get into Conklin unless you live there...Cory went with Terri, and said people have their saturated belongings piled high beyond their house...and the stench is awful. The Red Cross brought meals to residents and workers. I have seen stands for dry ice and water...what a horrible scenario this all is. Corys Mom and Dad got a couple of inches in their basement. They are having to throw out boxes upon boxes of Dads collection of books from over the years. Their church also was hit hard...there is so much mud and grime....They said they are taking rugs out and getting to the walls to take them out as well. Our home church was hit very badly....I do not know for sure if it will be salvagable at this point. We have not seen it, but only heard hearsay, and looked at some pictures...see the pictures at my friend michelles blog at the right. cory is busy helping everyone while I feel helpless. I am going to try to have Terri come for supper and be an encourager is hard though, I really want to go put on a pair of boots and help like Cory..but I can't bring the kids out in the dirty fuel-sewage water. Please
just pray for us all here, and the massive clean-up....I will post pictures in due time.