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Hi everyone...the following is an email I got from the editor of Above Rubies, a magazine that I recieve. I copied and pasted and it looks a little jumbled, but I thought it was full of some good info. Near the bottom she gives some info on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine. I am not advocating for anyone but my own family, and am not interested in anyones opinion but my with that said, if you hold my same viewpoint then enjoy the read...if you dont...vent somewhere else...thanks and stay healthy!

Dear friends,As we approach flu season, it is good to be reminded of ways to prevent it. There are better ways to prevent the flu than being vaccinated. Check out the following points to keep yourself and your family in good health during this winter season.
1. AVOID ALL SUGARThis means to not only refrain from sugar, but all foods containing sugar, which are most foods on the shelves of the supermarket. Read labels very carefully. In fact, when you read the labels first, will find that you will have to put most foods back on the shelf. Sugar makes a perfect environment for viruses. Sugar completely destroys your immune system. It destroys the germ-killing ability of white bloods cells to kill bacteria and viruses up to five hours after intake. It interferes with the transport of vitamin C which is needed to fight the flu and robs the body of nutrients such as zinc that are vital for the immune function. Sugar affects everyone, but has more serious consequences for children. Keep your children away from all sugar and especially when flu viruses are around. That means at Christmas time too!Also, please reduce carbs as they turn to sugar in your body. Especially eliminate all whites--not only white sugar, but white flour, white pasta and white rice. Completely eradicate pop and sweet teas. I refuse to have sugar in my pantry.
2. BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMThe stronger your immune system, the less likelihood of getting the flu or any disease. Here are some ideas for building up your immune system for you and your children. You can do what suits you best--or do them all!My daughter, Serene, who has eight children, gives herself and the children the following once a day or more as needed.COLD AND FLU FIGHTER½ cup chopped onionA whole bulb of chopped garlic2 TBS chopped fresh ginger root1 chopped jalape├▒oPut all ingredients in a quart jar, cover with raw vinegar and let sit 4 - 6 weeks. Strain out vegetables and use 2 TBS. or more each day. If you do get a cold or the flu, take every hour. Serene gives her children 1 TBS. each day as a preventative.VITAMIN C 1, 000 mg morning and evening GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACTGive children three drops in water once a week. If you notice any signs of flu or colds in the family, give three drops in water once a day. Adults should take 10 - 15 drops in water at the slightest sign of a cold or flu. You can obtain this extract at a health food shop. TODDLER MIXTo make it easier for toddlers to take these vitamins, mix the following:1 TBS. or more of yogurt (no sugar added)Crushed Vitamin C tablet, smaller dosage for toddlerJuice of ½ orange2 drops Grapefruit Seed ExtractStevia for sweeteningMix together and give to toddler as needed.VITAMIN D31,000 mg each morning to children1,000 each morning and evening for adults. Most adults need much more than this. The consensus is that anything up to 5,000 mg a day is safe and beneficial for most people. After a hydroxyl test, most people find they need more than this. The optimum levels for the body are 60 - 90 ml. Vitamin D builds the immune system and also fights cancer. COCONUT OILThis is a marvelous food that builds up the body's own natural defenses against viral infections, disease and cancer. Take as much as you can each day. You can't take too much. Use the Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil for medicinal use. Put 1 TBS. or more in your smoothies. Use it for all your cooking instead of other oils. You can use Expeller Pressed for cooking. If there are any signs of flu in even one of the children, Serene gets her children to take a banana and dip it into coconut oil (about 2 TBS coconut oil). This is an easy way for the children to eat it. You can also get the children to put the coconut oil behind their ears and massage it into their lymph glands and also in their nose. Use coconut way every way you can. Use it for all cooking instead of other oils. To try some delectable recipes with Coconut Butter (it is called butter when it is cold and goes hard, and oil when it is soft in the summer or heated) you can order COCONUT RECIPES by Serene Allison from the Above Rubies website: RED PALM OILThis is another super oil. I only use Coconut oil or Red Palm oil for cooking in our home. Every other oil turns to Trans fat when it is heated. Not only are these safe oils to cook with, but they add many nutrients to your body. Both Coconut oil and Red Palm oil strengthen the immune system.You can put a little Red Palm oil in your smoothies. My husband spreads it on his bread, but I have to admit, I cannot take it that way. But use it as much as you can in your cooking. The following is a smoothie recipe to try:Ginger Sunrise2 fresh oranges2 lemons, peeled with knife, removing yellow rind, but keeping the white pith1 - 2 bananas (great for children, eliminate for adults as fattening)2 TBS. Red Palm Oil1 large handful of flax seeds or chia seeds2 TBS. Coconut oil2 chunks fresh raw ginger (about 1")Sweetening - Stevia Ice cubesBlend very well in Vita Mix or good blender until smooth. TO ORDER COCONUT OIL AND RED PALM OIL:Also www.TheHomeGrownFamily.comCharity Callis, Toll Free: 1 877 841 2861Go to and check out their website.Email: 
Toll Free: 877-558-5518To find out more about these immune boosting oils, check out THE PALM OIL MIRACLE and THE COCONUT OIL MIRACLE by Bruce Fife.
3. SLEEPThere is nothing like lack of sleep to run down your immune system. Sleep and a healthy diet are your best preventatives against the flu and colds. Make sure you have adequate sleep, especially during flu season. Try to get to bed early.

I grew up with the old wives' tale that the hours of sleep before midnight are the most beneficial. Science has now proved this adage, although I must admit I have broken the rule most of my life. I am now trying to go to bed earlier. The plan is to go to bed no later than 10.00 pm--9.00 pm is even better.

Staying up much later than 10.00 pm causes your adrenal glands to make cortisol. This is taxing on the adrenal gland and can lead to adrenal fatigue. Does this sound too hard? It is actually better for your health, and you will accomplish just as much by getting up earlier in the morning. And remember, I am preaching to myself!
4. OTHER PREVENTATIVESI have a friend who uses the following for her family. The taste is wonderful.ELDERBERRY COLD AND FLU FIGHTER SYRUP½ cup elderberries (check the Internet for dried elderberries)4 cloves1 cinnamon stick1 TBS grated fresh root ginger2 cups waterBring to a boil and simmer for 20 - 30 minutes. Add ½ cup honey. Store in refrigerator. Take 2 TBS. each day to prevent colds and flu. If you have the flu, take every hour. This recipe only keeps two weeks in the fridge so you will need to make a fresh batch every two weeks.CHOPPED GARLICAny easy fighter is to chop up 1 or 2 garlic cloves very, very finely. Pop in your mouth and swallow before you have a chance to taste the flavor or imbibe the smell. This is an easy and wonderful way to fight the flu. I find this simple and effective. THIEVES OILMany folk use the following Natural Antibiotic Recipe using Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils. Here is the recipe from Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils, compiled by Connie and Alan Higley, 10th edition. 12 drops Thieves Oil6 drops Oregano Oil2 drops Frankincense Oil Put drops in a "00" size capsule and ingest one capsule every 4 hours for 3 days, then every 8 hours for 4 days. To purchase oils, go to BURIED TREASURE - ACF (Acute Cold and Flu Formula) This is highly effective for fighting colds. You can purchase it as your local health food store or online. Our daughter, Pearl, always has it on hand for use at the first sign of a sniffle.HORSERADISHHorseradish root is a powerful antibiotic and useful for fighting the flu, as well as urinary tract infections and even cancer. I have just harvested the roots from m y garden and am getting ready to prepare it as a sauce and to use in other recipes. Check the Internet for all kinds of wonderful recipes.Prepare the following to use as needed. Slice or chunk the horseradish root, place in blender and grind, adding small amounts of vinegar for a good consistency, about 1 TBS vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar) to 1 cup horseradish. The vinegar preserves the horseradish and enhances the flavor. Vinegar stops the heat-building enzyme activity that grinding causes. If you want hotter horseradish, wait before adding the vinegar. Adding the vinegar right away will make the horseradish milder.Horseradish will take your breath away, bring tears to your eyes, but at the same time clear all your sinuses, help ward off the flu and make you feel great! You can add 1 TBS. of horseradish to your coleslaw or even to your meat loaf you are preparing. CUT AN ONIONThis is another old wives' tale that I grew up with, but I still do it and believe it works. If someone gets a cold or flu in the house, I cut an onion in half and put it in a strategic place. Supposedly the germs go to the onion. If my husband has a sniffle, I cut an onion and put half by his side of the bed and half by my side of the bed. He complains of the smell but puts up with it!HYDROGEN PEROXIDEA lot of germs come through the ears. As a preventative, pour a little Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear. I love to feel it bubbling in my ear. Do it once a week (perhaps on the weekend), one night in one ear and the next night in the other. I find it easier to do it this way as the peroxide doesn't run out from one ear when pouring it in the other ear. THYM-UVOCALAn herb which strengthens the immune system and fights off infections. Check the Internet for purchase. Adults only.
5. WASH HANDS FREQUENTLYWash your hands frequently throughout the day, especially before eating. Wash under running water for 20 seconds or sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY while washing. It is most important to train your children to do this.
6. DO NOT TOUCH EYES, NOSE OR MOUTHI find myself doing this and am having to get into the habit of not rubbing my eyes, mouth or nose. Teach your children about this also.
7. NETI POTCheck the Internet for a Neti Pot to clear nose and sinuses.
8. AVOID FLU VACCINATIONS, ESPECIALLY THE H1N1 SWINE FLU VACCINATION The H1N1 vaccination has many dangers. Check out more information before allowing yourself and your family to become a victim to these shots.SqualeneThe Swine Flu Vaccine, unlike other flu vaccines, contains squalene, an additive which when introduced into the bloodstream, causes crippling auto-immune diseases like Lou Gehrig's disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, polyarteritis nodosa, and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Squalene in vaccines has been strongly connected to the Gulf War Syndrome. The H1N1 vaccine contains 1 million times more squalene than the vaccine given to Gulf War soldiers (which resulted in 140,000 veterans contracting the auto-immune disease Gulf War Syndrome). The use of squalene is illegal in the USA and UK but is being allowed under the emergency pandemic decree. Dr. Russell Blaylock states, "If you receive the vaccine, there is little you can do to protect yourself--at least by conventional medicine. It will mean a lifetime of crippling illness and early death." The US government has given vaccine manufacturers (Novartis, Baxter, Glaxo-Smithkline, CSL) complete legal immunity from any deaths or injuries resulting from their vaccines.If you are interested you could check out some of the following sites which are listed below.Blessings from NANCY CAMPBELLwww.aboverubies.orgAbove Rubies is a magazine to bring strength and encouragement to marriage, motherhood and family life. Internet sites to check out:


Okay...for the life of me, I could not figure out how to get a shot close enough with my lens without it being I just cropped out some other shots and called it MACRO. The first one is a smile obviously :-)
This eye belongs to my little Elijah...I could stare at these little brownies all day long!

When I look at this I suppose it is not really the category of Macro..but I will include it because it is a whole lot closer than the original picture:)

I love sleeping babes...and sleeping pictures. This is my little peaceful and quiet...but not for long :-)

Again not probably macro...but alot closer than it was.

Pumpkin Seeds...oooey gooey pumpkin seeds!

One of my flowers this summer...I just cropped the middle and this is what it gave me...they sure were pretty and lived FOREVER....even after the frost...In fact they are still alive...they are as beautiful as in the summer...I swear....I cannot believe it. I have had the kids periodically taking bouquets to school for their teacher...I hope I can get a picture of them in the snow...I really dont think they will ever die...ha ha.
JOIN US for the next FOTO FRIDAY challenge. Click on the following link to see some other shots of "MACRO" and find out what this next weeks challenge will be!!! The more the merrier...and you don't have to be a proffessional..:) (obviously:)

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If you think about it...say a prayer for this little guy. Elijah happened to break his leg on Sunday. Thankfully he is only in pain when he puts weight on it, and not all the time.
No cast for now...we are hoping for a full recovery in 3-4 weeks. He crawls anywhere he needs to go, and I carry him everywhere else...he is a trooper.

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I really liked this one at the top with all of the greenery surrounding it. Fall, while I "KNOW" it is a time of also "FEELS" to me like the death of everything lovely...the flowers, the fruit, the grass, the leaves...leaving mud, and old haunting stalks in its place. While I know that it is a season with a purpose, I still struggle with wanting my greenery.
It is not to say that Fall cannot be beautiful...indeed it can...but for me it is Pumpkins, and Mums, and bumpy gourds....apples and cinnamon, and good smells from the oven...Pies!
I sort of like these "hanging down" reminds me of bats...*shiver*...which are ALL gone now...thank goodness! I will admit, I did not work too hard on these, and I will not give any excuses...I am just thankful that I had something to add to the mix! JOIN us for our next photo challenge. Just click here----> and find out what our next challenge will be, and have fun looking at everyone elses photos too!
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Isaac and Esther have a blog called Fishing Buddies. Check it out and leave them a message...they will love that!


It is COLD here today. I don't like to wake up and feel like I can't get out of bed because of how COLD it feels. Today was one of those mornings. I felt like making a post today...and this is my comfort...SOUP! This soup tastes exactly like my Grandmothers. It is a comfort to me on chilly days...and on days that I particularly miss her.
I love soup any time of year...and most kinds of soups...I don't make them very often, but will probably make them more now that it is COLD.

I am hoping that anyone who reads this has a great day, and comes home to a warm toasty home...perhaps with your own bowl of soup :) And always make extra...and give someone you know a pint or a quart...soup can be special...can't it? Does anyone else feel the same way about soup? or something else?...or am I all alone in this category?
*A special thanks to my Father in Law for picking up my kids on this chilly November day...I am glad I got to stay inside with the littles...:)*

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Okay, usually I have a hard time doing these PTA fundraisers because sometimes they are ridiculous...$8.00 for 15 sq. ft of wrapping paper?...I dont think so. This one is a little different. I would appreciate maybe you might, and the price is not horribly outrageous. Mostly I just have the kiddos ask the family, but if you are interested in this you can let me know. They are called Mini Gourmet Cookbooks. They are 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"...150pages with 135+ recipes...with a little built in easle. They are $6.50 each. These are the titles:

Keepsake Holiday Recipes
Just Like Grandma Used to Make
Irresistible Cookies and Bars
Busy Moms Cookbook
5 ingredients or Less
Better Health
Crockery Cooking
From the Grill
A taste of Italy
Gifts from the Kitchen
Kids in the Kitchen
Grab Bag Special....2 cookbooks for only $6.50 (it will consist of 2 of 17 possible titles. ) (Different ones are mentioned other than the ones mentioned...but you cant request them...thats why its a grab bag...haha.)

I am going to get a few for myself, I like to cook...and maybe the kid one for a stocking stuffer or something. So...for those of you who are will be calling...(I know...I know...we just sold popcorn for the me, I know...DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO BUY COOKBOOKS!!!!! Just know...they are coming...ha ha ha. Actually you can let me know ahead of time, and I will steer them away from you, that way you dont have to say no to them. Leave me a note.

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I participate in a Photo Friday challenge...where this past weeks subject was "Dress-Up". One of the participants by the name of Tracy put pictures of her Dressed-Up table...she went on to say how her family ate everyday like mouth gaped open, and I thought...we only EVER dress our table up when it is a holiday. Maybe it was my upbringing...where we never used candles...and that only on special occassions where Mom would burn supper...I remember asking her...could you burn supper tonight? I loved that.

So...I decided to give myself a different kind of challenge. All this week...and hopefully more...I am going to "dress up" my supper table. The first night...I got out my red holiday table cloth, and a chunky candle...and pulled out the water goblets that Cory and I bought before our wedding...Cory said..."I dont know if that is such a good idea...they might break..." I said..."yes, they may...or we could keep them in the very back of our cupboard for another 10 years and never use them...." He said nothing...meaning he agreed. So I filled them up with cold water...and we ate our spaghetti and garlic bread on my powder blue plates...(with the red table cloth? ) The kids went on and on how much they loved it. We even put some soft music on in the background. It was really nice.

I got this tablecloth at the christmas tree shop for $5.00. It was a Martha Stewart. I set the table again and Gayle said...I love this Mommy. Later, Isaac came through and saw that the table was set...and filled the water glasses...2 hrs early. He was excited too. They keep calling it "Mommys special dinner"...and it is all because THEY feel special. I am not one who decorates alot...and would like to get back into doing I started with my Table...

I do not have much in the way of table decor...but I am lucky because my Mother-in-law has lots of goodies to borrow from, and I know that I will be raiding her cupboards in the near future:) So even though it may not look spectacular to everyone was just a little something that made a difference to me and my family...I think I may keep this up!

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While I think it is very dark, I was hoping for a change...and certainly got it. I am trying to grow it long because I have gotten multiple comments about "Why" I cut my hair...anyhow...since I like to change it up now and then...I will grow it long...just in time to cut it again :) So what do you think? Red?


When I think of "Dress-Up....I think girly. I think dresses and make-up...not exactly costumes. I remember as a girl wanting to wear make-up and dying to wear "high heeled shoes"...and when I did...I was in my element. I love dressing up...while I dont seem to very seems only on rare occasions....I love the way it makes me feel:)
These top two are not my Foto Friday pics...because I did not take them...but they are very special to me. These are my girls, Esther and Gayle, and while I dont let them wear make-up on a regular basis...this was an exception...we were getting a family picture taken, and we wanted to look our best...and Gayle even wore high heeled shoes:) So just for a kids feel like I did when I was young, and wanted to wear things that made me feel like I was "bigger"....I like that feeling and so do my girls...but today at school....there is no make-up...just ponytails :)
This was a very special day for Esther. This was the "Me and My Valentine Dance" at school. She came home and asked her Father to be her date, and ran to her closet to pick out the dress she would wear. It was a rather worn dress, with a small hole under the arm. On that day, I did her hair and her make-up ...and then she put on her dress. Cory came in with a big package all wrapped up and she opened it up and it was a beautiful red and black gown...with sparkly black shoes! She was so proud of how she looked..and Cory even got her a wrist corsage. Now...I am not telling this story to say how wonderful my husband is...although he is. I am telling this part only because it is important for Fathers to show their daughters that they are beautiful...important...worthy...LOVED! Someday they are going to grow up...and the person that they marry should be someone who thinks those same things. I wouldnt mind at all if my daughter married someone exactly like her father....
So...For me "dress up" is also a feeling....feeling good about yourself...and sometimes making your daughters feel glamourous...even if they are 7 and 5 :)

My friend from is hosting this fun FOTO FRIDAY challenge. JOIN US! Click on her link to find out next Fridays challenge!!!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009


Okay...As you scroll will already see that I have posted these EXACT same pictures a 2nd time...there is a reason. I wanted to see the pictures bigger. The ones below are in collage form...and while yes..they are nice...they are too small. I tried making them bigger...I will definately have to mess around and practice making photos larger on my blog...dont worry...ill get there:) At any rate...shes so sweet, and precious...why NOT post her twice:)

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He is just so cute...I can hardly stand it! Asher is growing way too quickly...~sigh~.


A short while ago our little niece Ella came over to our home to visit. I took a bazillion pictures...lots that look EXACTLY the same...haha. Ella was a real trooper, and posed for the camera...took flashes in her eyes with lots of grace. She is such a beautiful little thing:) Here are some of the MANY shots that I took.


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