Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween Spider Cupcakes

I made these yummy cupcakes for Isaacs scout Halloween party. They were a big hit. The kids and I made a large spider cake last year...that looked SOOOOO much better...but these were okay too.
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Alright...This was difficult due to the fact that I could not slow down the shutter speed on my camera...or turn down my iso...both I think are needed to obtain true "motion" shots...I think. So This first one is Gayle...blowing bubbles in can imagine it can't you?
These next shots are of Eli. I used the "consecutive picture taker" button on my camera to get the ~"motion". This was all I could think of to do...but not at all what I "wished" I could have done...
At least I had two subjects who had a great time posing:)
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hi Jenn... is Tuesday night, and I know that you check my blog around Wednesday. I have my womens group tomorrow so I am posting tonight:) Hope all is going well for you and your family....Ive posted much since last sure to click on the jib jab monster mash...its a good one:)

Hey Check This Out Manda & John!

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It is finally done...well almost...I just have to make one teensy adjustment. While the front looks good...the back is sort of lacking...I should have read the directions on how to put a zipper in...hmmm (note for next time.) All in all, I am proud of myself, and Esther is pleased with it. I will have other pictures of my kids in there costumes on a later day.....Enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009


JibJab Sendables - Monster Mash I dont know if this will work...but click on the highlighted bar for a Halloween Message from my kids :)


Good Morning! BRRRRR...I had to turn the heat up this morning to take the chill off the air. I am really dreading this start to the inevitable winter...Dont get me wrong...there are definate perks to Snow...SLEDRIDING...and well............I guess sledriding. Also...I like to put my order in for a White Christmas :) Enough of this COLD talk.

Yesterday Asher got baptized and we had some family here for lunch. It was really yummy...Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Ambrosia, Rolls, marinated carrots...and a new dish I had never had before...Scallopped was SO good. Mom did a lot of the work....I did the Ambrosia and the Scallopped Pineapple and the rolls. It was a good time.

This morning the "school" kids are all up and ready...eating cereal for breakfast. I dread going outside....OH no more cold talk.

Gotta wake Eli and the baby...Have a good day!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am totally and utterly in love with this little guy. I cannot believe how good God is. For the longest time...all I could say was "I can't believe I'm pregnant!" Now it's "I can't believe that I have him!" He is such a joy to are all of the children. Words just can't I will just stop trying.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I love this one...all of the apples were blown down from the trees during the wind captures the red so well...and sort of makes me feel terrible for how truly wasteful it is.
The trouble makers.....with splashes of color.

These were cool shots... First...Eli with his yellow towell..
And then The bright blue water...

I have to thank my brother in law, Cliff for showing me how to do this...So thanks Cliff...You're simply the BEST!!!



this vs. that

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Isaac had the assignment of creating an Iriquois village. I must admit we had a good time...I love projects...LOVE them. Originally I was going to do this with Isaac, but since I was sewing Esthers dress, I passed it off to Cory, and I am glad I did...I think I might have done more of the project myself....I say this because the other day when I was picking the kids up from school I saw a mother bring her sons project was perfect...NO WAY a kid made that glue smears...nothing...googly eyes all in exactly the right fact I saw her working on it in her car...anyhow...when I get an idea in my head ...that is how I want it to be...and clearly this was Isaacs project...and not with that said...he did what he wanted with some guidance from Cory...and he has the burnt fingers to prove it...from the glue gun.
The finished product.
This was a fun project to do...The floor was made from flour water and coffee grounds to make it look more authentic...Isaac also had to write a paper about his project, and he did a great job with that too...I m so proud of my boy. This was a very informative project...I thought all indians lived in tee pees...ha...Im so naive.Posted by Picasa


Another shot of the longhouse .
Corn was important to the Iriquois was considered "one of the three sisters" so he incorportated that...they lived along the water...which he made with tiny glass beads. The grass was made from spanish moss.
Here is one of the Iriquois Indians that Isaac made. Inside you can see the beds/work areas that they slept/worked on. Each section had many family members living in it. Imagine a long house with a long hallway running down the middle of it...a fire in each section...animal skins hang on either side to give privacy to the different families with in the family...notice the corn hanging in the "rafters"....they had nets that hung from the top to hold their belongings as well.
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This weeks Foto Friday challenge was "Berries". I used whatever berries I had on hand to capture my photo. The first one is a cherry pie. Isaac asked me to make him one...and I happened to oblige him. A cherry is a berry...isn't it? Well...close enough.
I believe this is called a burning is green all summer long...and then turns fiery red in the fall. It yields these little orange berries....A pretty bush...with pretty berries:)
My thought was to put these berries in my hand and have the berries be bright red....I could not do that without part of my hand being in color too. Do you know how to do that Rebecca? Since it did not work...I just left it black and white...
A different bush...I dont know what kind...but I remember as a kid lighting the little berries on fire and hearing them make a LOUD pop. (no comments mother.) I have the urge to do this every time I see these berries...and I think I will before they are gone. (I do not promote playing with matches.)
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Jenn Weekly

I cant believe I missed this Wednesdays Jenn Post!!! Well, I do have a little excuse...things are backed up here. Asher and I went to the Dr. yesterday and he has an ear infection, I have a sinus infection...Cory went to the ER Saturday night and has Sinusitis...we havent got much sleep here.

Guess what? When we DO sleep...Asher is sleeping through the night!!! He wakes up around 5 or 6...eats and goes back to sleep and doesnt wake up till after 7!!! I am sooo excited.

Oh well...I have got to go do the ever unending pile of laundry! Imagine this...7 shirts, 7 pairs of pants, 7 bath towels...=21 articles of clothing a day!!!! Plus any dish towells, burp cloths, spilled on clothes...and dont get me started when someone gets sick!!!! OH sheets cant EVER get behind...because that makes 42 articles of clothing ...but I do...I always get I always have a mountain (litterally) of laundry...and you have to climb over it to get to the shower/toilet...because of course we only have one bathroom for our large family and guess where the laundry room is? So instead of doing my laundry...I am typing on my blog...(actually in my defense I have done 2 loads already. ) NEVER fear Jenn...I wont be swallowed up in my own dirty you know why? Because my husband will evenually help me lug everything down to the laundromat and I will take up a million washers just to get all of the laundry done...and for a moment I will sigh and let out a big breath...and say "WE DID IT!!!" and then it will start all over tomorrow...21+ items of clothes...and that is WHY I freak out when the kids want to change their clothes when they come home from school....that is ONE MORE ITEM...!!! Hope you are well, and your laundry is under control:) PS....does anyone else have this problem or am I all alone in laundry land?


What do you do when your little girl does not fit into the "little girl" costumes anymore...and the big costumes look like they show more skin than costume? You have to get creative...lets go over to find a pattern...I know I am doing A LOT wrong...but it is actually coming out okay! I am really excited about it. Esther will be Little Miss Muffet. I have to put the sleeves on in the same yellow as the front panel...lace to the edges of those and the neck....put in a zipper or buttons...add ribbons and ricrac to the bottom of the dress and make the hat....This was also hard because she did not "fit the pattern" I had to alter the different pieces in order to make it fit her. All in all, for not knowing much about sewing I am really proud of myself and the outcome...and for knowing that my little girl is not going Trick or Treating with hardly anything on:)
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We were invited to watch the baptism of our niece Ella Marie a couple Sundays ago. She was incredibly beautiful in her heirloom gown from Chris's family. She smiled the whole was was the luncheon afterwards. I took a number of shots...some of them I edited...and they seem to be grainy on the blog...hmmm...they dont look like that on the reg. pics. Oh well...Hope you enjoy these...

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