Monday, October 19, 2009

Foto Friday...Self Portraits

I must admit...this was really (REALLY ) hard for me. I thought of posting nothing at all...Ive been sick...busy sewing Essies costume for Halloween, baking pies...whatever. I dont particularly like getting my picture taken...and by me? My worst critic? I managed to get a few that I thought would be creative enough for Foto Friday...and while it is not Friday, and they are late...I am sort of glad...this was an uncomfortable one...but the results came out well I think.

The one up above is me with Asher. This is "who I am" at the moment. Ask me about 12 years ago and I would have posted a bride in fluff:) I love being a Mom, and while I am still "me" it is "me" even better:) God is so good to me.

This was me playing with the bathroom mirror "trying" to be creative. Sooo...this is me...Pleased to meet you! This Foto Friday was hosted by my friend at Please join us. This weeks next Friday is "BERRIES"...(I knew I should have gotten those red raspberries at Sams...Oh well! See you next week!
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Jemit said...

Just elegant! I love the feathering on the first one.. and the b/w face with your blue eye.. wow!
The mirror in black and white wouldn't have the impact with color.. Love them all..

Rebecca said...

I missed you on Friday. I looked and looked for you and then began to wonder what might be wrong! hehe

I don't know what you are talking about. I think you are gorgeous-I don't know how this challenge could have been hard for you!

I have to say. I LOVED all three, for all different reasons.

The top one is pure sweetness. The epitome of motherhood.

The second one is such a neat perspective. I love that it is exactly half of your face. I never would have thought of that, but now that I see yours, it makes me think about a project I saw artists doing a while back where they take half of a face (photographed) and draw the other half. It's cool. *I* could never do it, but cool! I liked how you kept your eye blue too. I wanted to let you know that when you use the focal black and white in Picasa there is a size adjustment and sharpness adjustment. I have found that when keeping the eye color (a perfect circle anyway), if you adjust the sharpness ALL THE WAY UP then you can see really well what size it needs to be to get everything else black. Does that make sense? You can always "unsharpen it" to blur the edges again. If you do that next time, that little bit of hair won't be slightly tinged.

I LOVE the third shot. Mirror shots are hard to do and you nailed it. WHY have I never thought to do a mirror shot like that?! Just plain super cool.

I hope that people notice that you have added an entry, because they would really be missing out if they didn't stop by.

You're so pretty.

Bonnie said...

I love the top photo, and the bathroom mirror one is really neat!

Michelle said...

I really like the bathroom mirror one, but they are all good! :) I am not taking part in the challenges (I have enough challenges of my own right now, ha!), but I love living vicariously through all you ladies. :)

Elizabeth said...

That IS Too Funny :) You are right, we are alot alike (but that doesn't scare me, what about you thought) ;)

I loved your creativity on the bottom two- they were really cool! :)

I hope you are feeling better- I missed you last friday :)