Monday, December 28, 2009


This is a Rudolph that I made for Ella for Christmas. She can't really play with it until she is a little older...due to choking parts like the jingle bells...but will be a nice decoration for now.

Now I am wishing that I made one for Asher too. Maybe next year. I have a fabric book to go with this, but never got to make it either. I am happy with how it turned out regardless.
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My Dream Gift....Come True...Ha Ha.

This is my fancy Coffee Pot...I was totally spoiled this year...considering the other years our limit to spend was $5.00...ha. Cory got an air compressor...(that IS a good gift...maybe not HIS dream gift...but just you wait until he has to blow up the kids snow'll see!)
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Kids and their stockings...stuffed with "stuffers" !
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I love this Mall Santa...we come every year and get the kids picture taken...sometimes they are screaming...crying...laughing...smiling. This year we had some of everything!
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Thursday, December 17, 2009


I've just got to say how delicious this little bundle is. He is far too sweet ! Every Morning when he wakes up, he is SO playful, and is into giving kisses now...I am just head over heels in love with this guy!
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I love Christmas for a lot of being *sparkles*....I love how the light just catches right and it is so magical. I was so excited to go and get this tree...we have not had a real tree for quite some time....I dont think the kids EVER had one. This year we add the smell of pine to the air...and NEW candy canes since Elijah ate them all last year.
I dont care for angels on trees...I like stars...I bought this teeny *sparkly* star at Family Dollar a couple of years ago. I like it alot. The kids will eventually get their trees in their room as usual, and I will love the soft glow that comes from each one.
Hope you are having fun decking your own halls...Id love to see some of your own shots!
Merry Christmas!
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Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The following is a whole slew of pictures from our Thanksgiving Holiday and visit with our family. We sure had a good time! Thank you to all who hosted us, and for the wonderful fellowship...God is good.Posted by Picasa
This was a particularly fun treat....all of my siblings together with our spouses.....ALONE!!!....Well not actually alone...the kids were at a different table...we had a good time...and I hope to do this again when we visit next time.
The kiddos were over here at this table. Mom and Dad treated them to the ANGRY MOB sundae....Giant Bowls of ice cream, with loads of toppings and Brownies...It was pretty quiet over there....they must have been hungry:)
Orams donuts.....THIS is a true treat....Amanda and John treated us to these on Sat. morning. Orams is located in Beaver Falls PA and is a famous Bakery. If you are ever out that way...this is a MUST try! The cinnamon rolls are famous and are HUGE...way bigger than your hand...WAY bigger! I discovered these at college...and I am so glad that I did.
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This was the Angry Mob sundae that John and Cory decided to order and hog all to themselves.
Things were looking optomistic...they were cream and brownies looked good....We can do this!!!
Getting to the end....notice Johns spoon....(its turned the wrong way...) I caught him just licking his spoon a few times ( with no ice cream) his strategic plan to make Cory eat most of it was will notice the look on Corys face...hes hurting.
They finished the sundae and got these fancy posters (Just like the kids!) Oh no...they dont look so good....They did not feel so good either.Posted by Picasa


This is Corys Aunt Sherrie. We went to their home the day after Thanksgiving to show off our little Asher man and to visit.
Uncle Harry enjoyed the kiddos and let them play with his toys which you will see later.
Grandma and Granpa Jack came bearing gifts...the kis loved them!!!
Asher was quite a handful for Grandma...but I think she was quite pleased to get her hands on him :)Posted by Picasa


Any time we visit Uncle Harrys house the kids get excited to ride the mule! (Big kids too!) Every one but Asher got a turn...and every one but Eli got to drive :)

They have a really nice pond in front of the property that we have fished is so beautiful there.
Cory comes here to hunt every year with his buddies...He took me up in the woods to see all the spots...he was so excited for me to see everything:)Posted by Picasa