Friday, April 28, 2006


Congratulations to my long lost college roommate, Lydia! Lydia and I have been reunited via email...and I have found out that she is expecting her 1st child! I am so happy for you and Ethan, and I hope you have a really pleasant pregnancy!

Now, about this is really kind of an inside joke that some would not understand even if I explained so it is best just to leave it like it looks...2 college students acting strange..and most likely up to no good :)

A little background on Lydia: Lydia is a prankster...plain and simple. In college...I never made my evening I found it "made"...I should have known something was up...I said "who made my bed?" "I did" "Oh didnt have to do that!" So I turned out the lights and tried to get in my bed...what the ...hey I cant get in my bed...what's up with my sheets...? then hysterical laughter...I short sheeted your bed...hhaaaaahaaaaaaa. That was an enjoyable prank....What did I do?....Nothing drastic...I just threw a glass of icy cold water on her while she was in the shower...I snickered...I thought I was funny...hehehe. I am sure that there were other things that happened, but the one that sticks out in my far worse than my sisters toilet water prank. I was part of the choir at college called the Genevans...We were getting ready to go on tour and my parents had dropped off a lot of luggage and stuff for me to go usual it was all over the place. I came in excited to go through it all when I noticed something on my pillow. I t was not something that I recognized , so I kept staring at it...finally I said ...I wonder what is in that bag?...Lydia said very's a present for you! I should have known something was I joyfully went over to receive my "Present"...I was so excited...what could it be?...I wanted to relish the moment and guess what was I squeezed it ...and poked it...and all the while Lydia was laughing and laughing...I thought she was laughing at I thought that I would "ham it up" so I was just about to bite pretend like I was gnawing on it...when I brought it up to my face...this RANCID...DEAD ROTTING MEAT SMELL entered my nostrils and I screamed ....I through the package...and every time I tried to speak...a scream with unintelligible words came out...I have never been so freaked out in all my life. Apparently the scream must have been pretty loud as half of the floor came running to our room...some annoyed...some probably in on the appears that my delightful roommate found a dead rotting rat under a bench outside the dorm...wrapped it up in a grocery bag and put it on my pillow for me to gleefully squish between my hands and ALMOST take a bite....And Lydia goes down in History...but like I have already told her...Every time I see road kill I think of her! Why did she do it? Besause she knew that I had a fear of rodents, and reptiles...and because she is a PRANKSTER...plain and simple!


This is a photo for Lydia. Our freshman year at Geneva . TAG TEAM ROOMMATE PUDDING WRESTLING....I suppose there is really nothing more to say...this picture says it all. (this is the only picture that came out, as it was taken at night, the group photo would not show up on the can barely see anyone in the picture just looking at it face to face.

You know, I was looking at the yearbook for some good shots...and I just have to giggle every time I see someone that I want to share a story about...but that probably would'nt be right, would make fun of people you dont really know all that well, just for amusements sake...right? Still all the same...there was this one girl (just one okay?)...anyways, I saw her picture and it made me laugh. I wont use her name...she sat next to me in one of the classes I took...which one ? I dont know...anyways, she was writing a letter during class, and I asked her what she was writing...she told me that she was writing to Amy Grant to ask her if she could be a nanny for her kids...because she would probably pay alot of money...I immediately laughed, and waited for her to tell me it was a joke...she was totally serious. So anyways...that is what I thought of when I saw her picture...HA What a riot....I have a ton of things that I would like to say...but like I said before I probably shouldnt do that ....right? I have to end this before I can't help myself!!!!!!!!!1

Thursday, April 27, 2006


What a Fabulous day it is turning out to be...especially since when I got up today...all the clean laundry was folded and in its designated baskets...Thanks are the absolute BEST!!!!

Today the agenda is quite simple forthe girls and myself. Clean up as fast as I can so that we can go out and enjoy the day...then off to the Library. I am just dying for a book to read...and I am tired of reading the same ones over and over again. I used to take Isaac to the library every Wednesday...I am hoping I can put the girls on some sory of schedule too. The other thing we have going on to day is the Art Show at the school. Apparently the kids have their projects lining walls and halls...we shall go. (note to self: defrost chicken for supper)

Cory had his game for tonight cancelled. Sorry for him...Lucky for me. I know that he is happy to have a night home with us. He will meet us at the Art Show after BB practice.

If your yard looks like will notice the overabundance of is time to mow. The kids have been bringing them in by the armloads for me...and I have been putting them in vases. It is times like these that I want to say "NO MORE" But , I know there will come a time when they will bring them no sad a day that will be. And so instead of saying "NO MORE"...I say...I have enough for the house...perhaps you could decorate the picnic table for me :)

The other day the school sent home a slip saying that a photo shoot would take place at school, and to dress your kids nicely. That day came and went...then Isaac brought the proofs home with him. They looked great...Even better than his school picture...Which was taken not long ago...and now this...they teased us with these fancy photos, and now since we are big saps when it comes to our kids...we bought! Expect a post when they come in!

Hope Everyone is having a great day/week...enjoy the great weather...I am afraid we got a little too much sun yesterday...even poor little gayle seems a bit rosy...time to dig out the waterbabies!


Congratulations to our very good friend, partner in crime, college roommate, and all around great gal...Sarah Zwinger!!! Sarah works at Waynesburgh College...and was recently promoted to (I hope I get this right...) Director of Admissions!!!!! Way to Go Sarah! We are so proud of you.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well, Today seemed to be a long day for us so far. Isaac and Cory headed off to school, and the girls and I got ready for Esther's school field a dairy farm. I find it so amusing that a farm is the field trip destination...because I grew up on a farm, and had farms around me all my life. I do know that my own children do not get that experience, so I suppose for them it is an educational just seems funny to me :) The one thing that I wish we had seen and didnt, was a birth....DRAT! we just missed it! That would have been very cool to me! We never did get to see the milkhouse...apparently all the milking is done at the milkers other words the cows are raised up...this I have never seen either...I would have enjoyed that too. The girls loved seeing the calves...and petting them. Some of them were born just yesterday...the girls had a fabulous time. Esther was hand feeding some of the regular cows and one bit her...not hard , and apparently not enough to make her stop since she kept on going. They also got to see pigs...I told her not to feed them because I am not sure what kind of chompers they have...all I know about pigs is that they have the foulest smelling manure...these ones however did not seem to smell bad...go figure!

After we visited the cows, we went and ate some at McDonalds...another treat that the girls love...I didnt even see Esthers burger...and it was gone! Gayle ate nuggets and french did she eat fries...I dont know if she even chewed them!

Later, we headed towards home, but had to pick Isaac up from school. So we stopped at the park and played for an hour and a half to two hours...sheer delight! It is so beautiful out, and it made me feel so good! I love to swing on the swings with the girls...a kid at heart I guess!

We picked I-man up from school and then headed to the house. The kids went out to play and Gayle is taking a nap. I hate coming home to "all that I have to do" The laundry is calling ...and I dont want to listen...the dishes are sitting on the counter staring at me...and I just don't want to look at certainly is putting a damper on my playful day. At any rate...I will go and put a few loads out on the line, and perhaps wash some dishes...yes..I will accomplish something constructive today!

Cory has a game tonight...2 hours away. I wont see him till well after bedtime...this is a busy week! He has games all this week and they are all "away" games! Oh well, I can't helps pay the bills! (and cory loves it!)

Enough for now...Have a Fabulous Day!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Past Devotional.....

Do some of you write things in your Bible? I don't much anymore...but I like to go back through some of my thoughts from long ago. I really enjoy the book of Philippians. In college I took a course called Personal Spiritual Growth. This class ended with a retreat and a speaker name Kenny Crosswhite...this guy is an EXCELLENT speaker...It is because of him that I took this class EVERY semester that I could. Back to my "BIBLE writing"...anyways, Rev. Crosswhite did a couple of chapters of Philippians...and I love to reread some of the things I wrote down about it as reflection. If you are interested in this you will want to read the 1st Chapter of Philippians, and then answer these questions for yourself.

1.) Your prisons will become pulpits.
2.) Purify your motives. (vs 17)
3.) When Jesus us all that I have, I find that Jesus is all that I need.
4.) You should expect a life that pursues the spiritual benefits of others. (1John 1:7)

1.) The attitude of Christ. A genuine unselfish concern for the spiritual welfare of others.
2.) A willingness to take a lower position in order to serve others.
3.) Totally dependable when needed.
4.) Work at not drawing attention to ourselves

(Chapter 3) I didnt write much down for chapter 3...
Process Possessions and Pedigrees...Christ is my goal

(dont worry ...I have to decipher thatone myself!)

(Chapter 4)
Christ is my Completion

Do I enjoy God?
Mark 4:38 1.) Do you care? 1Peter 5:7 Does God Care?
2.) Why are you so Timid? What are you afraid of ? What do you do with them?
3.) Where is your faith?
4.) Who is Jesus to you? Who do you project Jesus to be to others?

Of course these are just notes in my Bible, and I plan to use them for some personal devotional time of my own. Perhaps if you can decipher them they could be useful to you as well ...Who knows?


I decided that I haven't posted in a while, that perhaps I should do so. Today is Tuesday. Esther does not have school today:) So far this morning, I have managed to feed the kids, get them and myself dressed, and tidy the living room. I have also ejoyed my cup of constant comment tea...yum! It will turn out to be a pretty uneventful day ~ The only "running around" that I have to do is to go to the Produce store and pick up our Chicken. Guess how much it is...? Go ahead and guess! It is $1.08...this is for boneless skinless breast....if you are not aware...this is a FABULOUS price! It is usually not less than $1.99 in the store...which is a big rip off! By the way...I am aware that some folks do not know how to "cut up" a chicken....this is extremely easy and I am willing to show anyone who would like to know. Throughout Highschool I worked at the Farmers Market in Pittsburgh...this is what I did most of the time. This will also save you a lot of money as well, as you can even use the back for soup. I also know how to "debone" breasts...this is also cheaper...These are both really good skills for someone to know!

The next item on my agenda is to pick I-man up from school...then Cory will be home for supper...which will be Pork chops...Mashed potatoes....homemade applesauce...corn....delicious! Then it will be off to a booster club meeting for the baseball team!!! All in all the day will go by fairly quickly, and I will still be behind in all I wanted to accomplish.

Yesterday, I was over at Corys parents house and noticed their yard. The town is having a "brush pickup day"...We worked hard gathering up brush and putting it at the end of the road...I saw that the neighbor had quite a pile as well...I cannot believe what these people is absolutely HORRIFYING...Along the property line are 7-8 FULLGROWN LILAC BUSHES...of ALL COLORS....Completely Chopped down! They were absolutely beautiful and now they are sitting out at the end of the road to be made into wood chips....One good thing is that Dad brought me over some root so that I could plant some here. I guess he can have whatever he wants...I hope he takes it all! What a shame.

Next month is the I-mans birthday. Mark your calendars for May 19th...that will be his Birthday will be at Corys Dads church. The reptile company is going to do a 60 minute should be very educational...We are hoping to invite his class from school, and friends from church, and of course all relatives are invited !!! We are very excited and hope for a good turnout...! So everyone reading this mark off your calendar...and plan to come!

Swim lessons are going well for the kiddos...Both Esther and Isaac jumped off the diving board last Saturday...Of course Esther had on arm floaties...They had a ball! We hope to sign them up for a summer session. Isaac will be starting t-ball next month as well...he is very excited about it.

I hope everyones week is going well...Cory had a game yesterday and lost by 2 points...:( No game tonight, but I think 2 or 3 more for this week....

Have a good rest of the week all...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The 100th Day of School !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a picture of Isaac and his school project. The idea was to bring something in using 100 pieces of something. This was to celebrate the 100th day of school...which is now long gone, but still fun to post! Isaac and Cory worked hard counting out 100 M&M's . Then Isaac stuck them onto the dough. This was the only edible project...what is up with the other parents? HMMMMMMMMMM. Good Job Isaac! This really made him feel special, especially when he got to pass out his cookie :)


This is a picture of my sister Amanda and her soon-t-be husband, John. Amanda and John will be getting married by the JP on May 5th. Why no fancy wedding? Because Amanda and John are very practical...they are going to take over my parents home, and would rather spend the money on remodeling. They will be adding a small apartment area for my Mom and Dad. Cory and I like John very much. Anyone who likes to fish as much as we do is AOK in our book! They will actually be honeymooning at Corys parents cottage. Congratulations to the soon-to-be newlyweds...and John...Welcome to the family!


In the spirit of Prom Season, I thought that I would add this to the mix...Obviously this is Cory TRYING to look cool for his prom date....HA!

I myself did not go to my prom. I asked one of my good friends to go with me, just in case I would regret not going, but sadly he told me he had already asked someone...then someone did ask me, a kid that I did not know so well, and while I thought about it...he said..."C'MON YOURE LIKE THE 8TH PERSON IVE ASKED...PLEASE...AND WEAR A BLACK DRESS TO MATCH MY SPORTSCAR!!" Needless to say, I didn't need to think about it much longer. I don't know what I did that night, but I don't regret not going, and for that I am thankful! Then there is my brother who went to like 3 or 4 proms, one on crutches....!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Happy Birthday to my Aunt Janie. Born April 20th 19XX ! I hope you have a really blessed Birthday!


After reading one of Aunt Janes posts, I felt compelled to add one of the same kind. I cannot think of Spring and not think of my Grandma. I have always wanted to "recreate" this picture with one of my own children, but always seem to forget...perhaps it is not too late with Gayle :) I find that I am missing Grandma so much around this time of year! I can hardly wait to see her again, and indtroduce her to her namesake. At least she knew she was to have one :) Still, all the same I sit here with tears streaming down my cheeks and remember her words of wisdom regarding her passing on before us...Psalm 30...."For sorrow like a pilgrim may tarry all the night, but then a shout of joy comes when dawns the morning light..." I will try my best to look ahead to the day when we meet again....being thankful for the time we shared together, and always taking time to smell the peonies :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Happy Birthday to my Mom. April 19th, 19XX :) Please use caution when lighting the candles for your cake MA. Hope you have a great day...


Yes, it is the last day of Easter Break. Cory and Isaac go back to school was fun while it lasted, and I am sure it was a preview to what summer holds for us. Before I talk about the Happenings of our day, I thought it would be worthy to note that my Mother was busy today as well. It turns out she lit the woods behind our house on fire....see her blog for details and pictures....(the link is to the side...hers is Jemit). It's okay Mom, we still think you are top match...oops, I mean notch!

Well, Corys day started out great. He and his buddy went trout fishing at about 6 a.m. this morning. They brought back their limit, and we shall have fish for supper....this is all kind of new for me, since seafood was not served to me as a child...but I am willing to try because I know that it is good for you (me). Anyways, they caught about 30 that day...I guess they were getting some dirty looks :) Needless to say I am jealous.

While he was playing, I was able to get the kids fed and dressed and outside to play. I hung 2 loads of laundry, and then decided to enjoy the sunshine while pushing Gayle on the swing. Later I took the kids down to the river to throw some rocks...Isaac is getting better at skipping rocks. Cory came back and cleaned the fish, and we are soaking them in milk...that is supposed to take away the "fishy" taste, smell. While we were trying to find out what to have for lunch...I got so tired that I had to lay down. Cory took the kids outside and played with them so that I could relax. Thanks Cory --Youre the best!!! I got up, and the kids were begging Cory to take them fishing~~He's a real off we went. Both kids wore their mudboots...but that didn't seem to help. Isaac stepped in over top of his boots, and Esther tripped on a rock and fell in the water soaking her pants...(that is why she is known as "Ess the Mess") Gayle was happy to sit with her supply of rocks and tossed them in one by one. Isaac caught 2 fish...Way to go Isaac! Esther lost interest fairly quick, especially when she saw that Gayle was having a lot of fun. Next trip....the grocery store...our kids looked like know like the kids that you see with dirt smudges, and you think that the parents dont take very good care of their needs...filthy. That is how I can describe them...FILTHY. We had the best time on this break. This summer should be so enjoyable. Cory needs to get his bike fixed and then we will be set. I have a seat on the back of my bike for Gayle. I have taken her out a few times in it and she has enjoyed it. I have my eye on this pair of shoes in the Bass Pro Shop Magazine. It is actually a tennis shoe?water shoe. It empties the water as fast as it comes in, and the shoe itself will dry within minutes. It is great for water or terrain. I think that will abe a must this summer...We shall see. Well that is enough for now. Our ragamuffins are now just "muffins" they are scrubbed in their jammies and sleeping soundly. It is time for me to follow suit...Goodnight....!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Today was a really fun day, because of course Cory and Isaac don't have school today! The day started out by Cory cleaning the kitchen, and me tidying and vaccuming the livingroom. Later Dad came over and the guys changed the oil and the snow tires(yikes...werent they supposed to be off a number of days ago?) Anyways...Thanks Dad for all of your help! The afternoon was spent watching the kids play outside while we tried to tidy our garage...a big undertaking--but we will do it! I hung a couple of loads of laundry out on the line and it smells soooo good. (note to self...ALWAYS use clothespins...washcloths WILL blow away.) Now it is naptime, and when the kids wake up we will head to Mom and Dads for supper, and then help them to clear away some of thier brush. We love to work outside! Tomorrow Cory is off as well, and after he and his fishing buddy are done with catching (nothing) Then we will finish the garage. Did I say that was a big undertaking? is. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather! Go outside...get some fresh will make you feel soooo good!

Where are the Easter Pictures?

I just cannot seem to win. I downloaded some Easter pictures but they wont let me post them. I will have to wait to get my film delveloped and then I will post them. It might be a while. At any rate I will tell you about it. Saturday was a great day. Cory and I were able to get lots done at the house. We even cleared out some sumac trees behind the house. Mom and Dad plan to plant some trees and lilac bushes in its place. Each of the kids got a turn to use the hand saw...yes even little Gaylie:) Later on we got cleaned up and headed over to Mom and Dads house, where Cliff had hidden some eggs for the kiddos. Poor Chris had some sort of flu...( hope you feel better Chris!) The kids had a ball hunting for their eggs, and finding the treats inside. After this, we had our traditional bbq. Chicken on the was soooooo delicious! We also had ham, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, etc....and lots of hoursdouvres:) We ate this and Cory told me that the next day he lost a pound!....Exactly how he did that I would like to know? After this, we went home because Mom and Dad still had much to prepare for their Easter Service. Sabbath Morning. We opted not to go to Mom and Dads church for the sonrise service because we didnt think it was fair to make the kids sit still through 2 services. So off we went to Crown and Covenant RPCNA where I didnt hear a word of th service because I was in the nursery.....AHHHHHHHH:( Afterwards their was a brief time for fellowship and then we trekked to mom and dads to help them with their leftovers. Cory and Dad took the older kids to the cottage for a short trip to get his fishing poles so he could trout fish in the river behind our house...while mom and I watched Gayle and relaxed watching some tv. It was a very nice day for us...I hope your s was just as pleasant.

The Valentine Family Garden

Cory and I have been brainstorming about our garden this year. The past year we have used big kiddie pools, and grew our tomatoes and tiny little pepper plant in them. They worked great, and we were able to keep them on our deck away from critters...This year, we would like to expand. I think our plan is to put a garden behind our garage. Cory's Dad has a gas powered rototiller, and we plan to ask him for the handy device. I think the soil will be terribly rocky, but if we start now, we can pick out the rocks. The kids can help by filling up their wagons and then depositing them down by the river out back. I also figure that we will need to add some better soil as well...who knows might turn into a raised bed. At any rate, I hope that I can plant lots and lots of tomatoes, peppers, beans, and squash. We also have some containers I will use for onions, parsley, lettuce...etc. The kids decided that they wanted to plant flowers....I think that we can handle that. I am really hoping to get a good start...we shall see! Wish us good luck!

A NEW POST......................

I have been asked when I was going to post on my blog again. It is now. I am finding that with this blogging deal, I am spending entirely too much time on the computer and failing to get more important things accomplished. With that said, I will probably not be posting as frequently as I was before. I am going to try to make the most of my time...and if I have some spare....I will post away:)

Friday, April 14, 2006

To My Child.........Author Unknown

Just for this morning, I am going to smile when I see your face and laugh when I feel like crying. Just for this morning, I will let you choose what you want to wear, and smile and say how perfect it is. Just for this morning, I am going to step over the laundry and pick you up and take you to the park to play. Just for this morning, I will leave the dishes in the sink, and let you teach me how to put that puzzle of yours together. Just for this afternoon, I will unplug the telephone and keep the computer off, and sit with you in the back yard and blow bubbles. Just for this afternoon, I will not yell once, not even a tiny grumble when you scream and whine for the ice cream truck, and I will buy you one if he comes by. Just for this afternoon, I wont worry abouat what you are going to be when you grow up, or second guess every decision I have made where you are concerned. Just for this afternoon, I will let you help me bake cookies, and Iwont stand over you trying to fix them. Just for this afternoon, I will take us to McDonalds and buy us both a Happy Meal so you can have both toys. Just for this evening, I will hold you in my arms and tell you a story abouat how you were born and how much I love you. Just for this evening, I will let you splash in the tub and not get angry. Just for this evening, I will let you stay up late while we sit on the porch and count all the stars. Just for this evening, I will snuggle beside you for hours, and miss my favorite tv shows. Just for this evening, when I run my fingers through your hair as you pray, I will simply be grateful that God has given me the greatest gift ever given. I will think about the mothers and fathers who are searching for their missing children, the mothers and fathers who are visiting their childrens graves instead of their bedrooms, and mothers and fathers who are in the hospital rooms watching their children suffer senselessly, and screaming inside that they cant handle it anymore. And when I kiss you goodnight I will hold you a little tighter, a little longer. It is then I will thank God for you, and ask Him for nothing, except one more day................. Author Unkown

Happy 34th Birthday Paul!

On April 12, it was my brothers birthday...sorry, Paul, it is a little I do everything! Hope you had a Great Day big brother!


It is always a joy to complete a task that you have set before yourself....Cory and I have satisfied our debt! What a Fabulous feeling to be so free! We had anticipated paying it off in June or July, but some other circumstances proved to be better! Hooray for us!!!! Lessons learned, and applied!


Please take some time today to pray for some of our friends. They are expecting their 4th child, and are presently unemployed. Please pray that they will find a job soon. Also, to their horror...have found out that somehow they have NO insurance....through some glitch....they are scheduled to have their baby next Thursday. If that could not be enough stress, the unemployment that they were getting during this time is now being contested...NO money is coming in...PLEASE hold this family up in prayer!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

WHY, I OUGHTA...................

This is one of my favorite photos of Cory and I. We are on Genevas campus. This is how we feel most of the time....HA

A Gaylie Look Alike??????

This is a Photo that I thought looked so much like Gayle. Of Course it is me, I guess that might have something to do with it:)

Sisters in "Longies"

This picture brings back Memories.........HORRIFYING MEMORIES....The bed that we are sitting on is mine. J.J.s bed is the one that you see the footboard. All three of us shared a bedroom. I must explain something before I get into my bad memory...the water at the farm where we lived had stagnant, smelly water. Okay back to the story. While I would lie in bed asleep, dreaming my sweet dreams...My sister J.J., would tip toe to the bathroom and dip her finger in the toilet, and then tip toe back to the room and hold it under my nose!!!!!!!!!! I would startle awake to this rancid smell.....Totally disgusting J.J.! All I can ask is Why?

What Really Happened????

This is a photo of Paul, J.J., and me. In this photo, I have a black eye...compliments of Paul. The real question here is ...What happened on the rocking horse? Did Paul push her off as J.J. her a fat lip....I mean he seems capable evidence of this photo here. Paul innocent? (Im just teasing here Paul...)

Another Day at the Valentines....

Today is a very lazy day here at the Valentines. I was up this morning to pack Corys lunch, and see Isaac off to school, then showered and bathed the girls. Breakfast, and then beds made and rooms picked up....all except for Isaacs. Note to Isaac....What happened to your room? Why is it such an eyesore. We will leave it that way for him to see and to clean up himself. Later, the girls and I got our hair cuts. The other day, we went to Pennys to get a quote for a cut and hi-lights...over $100....NO WAY. Then I met the girl who USED to cut my hair in the mall, and she quoted me and the girls less than half that for all 3!!!! And only $5 for the Boys! I wish I was skilled at doing it myself...but I really butcher it! I will still probably do Corys though, because he doesn't want to pay money for his. In the summer I will buzz the boys and will do that myself...not a big deal. hair is a little ....well, Blonde. A little too light for my taste. I like my hair to look sort of natural...and well...hmmm...I will live with it this time...I should have just left it alone and only got a cut....Whatever. The best part was that she came right to the house!

The rest of the afternoon will be spent tidying up, and reading my book. Then I have to pick Isaac up from school...Since we are there-we might head over to the park....Gayle LOVES to swing...and Esther LOVES to Climb...Isaac loves the slide and the swings! Just being outside will boost my spirits. I think that this weekend or some night after school I will talk to Cory about going to Salt Springs Park...I would like to take the kids hiking. I have never been there, but it is only down the road from us a little ways. When I was young we would always explore the woods behind our house and swing on the grape vines...It was always soooo much fun. I want my kids to love the outdoors as much as I did! This summer we are also hoping to camp some. Cory is experienced at this, I have been about 3 times. I know the kids will have a ball! Summer is going to go so quick with all of our plans!:(

Cory has a ballgame away game. I will most likely not see him until 8:30-9:00...what a long day! I hope he wins! Good Luck Cor!

I would like to ask prayer for Cory. He is up against a difficult situation at school. He is having a hard time with it and we would appreciate your prayers. I can't really go into it exactly, because it is just too long. Hope everyone is having awesome week and are spending it outdoors in this beautiful weather! I will post again when something interesting happens:)

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The next blog entry is not for the faint of contains graphic information.....make sure you are not having chowder for supper:)


Yes, it is true that words cannot truly describe my evening. I was so excited to snuggle up with a book all by myself. Cory was watching "Balto" (a very cool (true) movie by the way!) with the kids. First came Gayle...she climbed up on the bed beside me to snuggle...I put my book down...I snuggled.... then Esther came in and stood at the foot of the bed. Cory appeared somewhere in that time frame right beside me. I don't know what brought it on, but Gayle started chucking everywhere....all I could say was, that is not the space of 10 seconds...Esther is chucking too...simultaneous chucking is going on....chunder is everywhere! Cory took Gayle, and I took Esther...Esther was very calm like this sort of thing happens everyday....I was very horrified and almost lost my own lunch ...Cory cleaned EVERYTHING up...I just can't tell you how bizarre that was! We are not sure if it is a bug or not, but we are going to stay home from church tomorrow...too many little little babys that might be affected...especially the Newmans little Andrew! They don't act like they are sick, and they don't have a fever...I don't know...Everytime I think about what happened I want to laugh and cry at the same time...haaaa....aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! But thank you to my have a wife with a weak stomach...he is really good about that kind of stuff. In fact, when Isaac cut his finger in the heavy door at the highschool...he was calm, cool, and collected....well maybe not cool...lets not go too far...right Cor? Anyways...I just left him stand there while blood was pooling on the ground beneath him...trying to get Corys attention...just to say...Oh no...Cor look what Happened to Isaac...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.....Help help.......Yes ....Cor...for better and worse...Im afraid Worse:( Good Job to you though....I am thankful for you:)

Friday, April 07, 2006

My Crew!!!!

I love this picture so much. Although it is outdated, I keep it on my fridge to remember how blessed I really am! I love staying home with my kids, and am so glad that I wont have to miss a moment of their growing up years, which by the way is happening much too fast. Below is a very simple poem that I wrote about Isaac long ago:

My Little Big Boy January 28th......By Mama
My little big boy is growing up~and right before my eyes! I didn't notice it , until just the other night. I looked away for just a minute and when I turned around~ my little boy was 3 feet tall and 30 big boy pounds! He used to sleep in a little white crib not so long ago! But now hes in a toddler bed, where big boys get to go. No more mashed bananas, rice cereal, and strained green beans~ He's sampling Daddys cola and anything else that's seen! He even plays with play dough and little match box cars-Hey those are toys for big boys~ but I guess that's what you are:) He likes to play piano, though we can't make out the tune~ he never used to reach the keys~ he grew too fast too soon. Although he may be 3 ft tall and 30 big boy pounds hes still is Mamas baby boy~ the sweetest in the town.

One of my deep sadnesses is the fact that they will never be that "little" again...there will come a day, when Isaac will not say...Mom can we snuggle? I try to always make time for little shows of affection like that --even if I am busy...because one day, they will be no more and I don't want to think that if only I would have just left the dishes in the sink...I could have had one last moment! I know there is excitement in the fact that they are gaining new experiences and such...but I really struggle with this area. Being a Mother is one of the most favorite roles I play....I am totally addicted!

An Apple a Day...............

This is one of my favorite pictures of Essie. A special day. This was a field trip to an apple orchard. The kids had a great time. There was a cornfield maze, and an educational puppet show. At the end the kids got to pick an apple from the tree. There is actually a proper way to pick an apple. You can tug on it and it just wont come off...but if you hold the apple and roll it upwards it just snaps right off....what do you know, I learned something too:) These apples were so DELICIOUS...they are Jonamacs...sooooooo good! I think that I will try to buy some this fall. Esther is enjoying preschool to the fullest extent.....the smile here..says it all!


I am so excited that fishing season is here. If you call and we are not here...guess where we are...yeah, if you stop over and we are not here...guess where we are....yeah....thats right...we are fishing. Cory will be catching tiny little shiners, and I will be putting him to shame catching Monster Bass! Bait of don't even need to ask me twice...well, maybe ask me twice, I cant remember the name...shimato???? anyways some japanese name...color...pumpkin...perhaps some salamanders, or power bait in motor oil color...yeah...look for my "fish postings" later on! This photo is taken of Isaac and Cory at the cottage. Isaac won the trophy for (smallest) fish....he was also the only entry for his age category.....ha....go Isaac! This year Esther will be in the same age bracket....battle of the Valentines....I am also looking forward to going to Blacklake this year. This is the annual Valentine Fishing Trip. We Fish, we eat, we fish, we swim, we fish, we read books, we fish, we pull Isaac out of the water from falling in, we FISH...and when we are finished...we get some last minute FISHING in. (We like to Fish)....Bait of Choice in BlackLake? Minnows, spinners, perhaps some buzz baits...and always that Japanese bait...whats it called? We are trying to catch bass, walleye, and hook into a muskie....We just cant wait!!!!!!!! First things first....get fishing liscense!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

TIME OF DEATH..................8:30

Today was a sad day for little Isaac Valentine. His pet hermit crab...affectionately known as "Mr. Crabs" met his demise today. The custom is that before bedtime we feed the fish, and the crab, and give the crab water. Imagine our surprise to see that he had shed his shell!!! A sure sign of was time to get a new shell for our thriving pet...only...wait a minute...he isn't moving, and uh oh.....yep, sure enough...he was curled up in a little ball...Isaac called his family members that he thought might need to be aware, and then headed off to bed. Poor little guy. He is excited on one count...that Cory said he would get him another one...not just one, but two. One for him, and one for Essie. Isaac says that he will miss Mr. Crabs.

Thursday, April 6th...............

Today the girls and I went over to our friends the Zaccardos house. We were helping Anna get ready for the baby she will be having in 2 weeks or less.....we hope less. Anyways, we were able to go through some baby clothes, and get seasonal clothes stored...a task which still needs done at my own house! Anna showed me her ultra sound picture that she had was Amazing. My pictures all sort of looked like x-rays...these are 3 could actually see the features, hair ....even the eyes open....I was so impressed!
I did not get to stay and help out as long as I would have liked to have, since I had to pick Isaac up from school. When I got to the school, Isaac had a HUGE box...full of all the Easter stuff he was selling...Yes it is in, and we will be contacting the happy customers. Also, on a sidenote...Thanks to all who bought Magazines from Isaac...he is proudly wearing his scooby-doo t-shirt today. He really thought it was big stuff, only a couple kids in his class were able to earn thanks for making that happen for him. I can't believe all of these fundraisers they do...they just sent him home with one today....selling flower bulbs!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!
Well, Cory will be home at 6:00 tonight and the girls are I had best make use of this time while I have it! We are going to have Pork Chops tonight (per Corys request) and my homemade canned is so good! I am sure we will have some vegetable and then for dessert(which we rarely ever have) ....sugar free French Vanilla Pudding with Fat Free whipped topping....You have got to try this. We had it at Anna and Matts but they put bananas in it...also really good, but we have no bananas! Can you tell I am hungry...What are you having for supper?


This will be the 2nd (played) game of the season. Corys team won again!!!!! I am a little fuzzy on the score...something like 13-1....OUCH...for the other team of course. His next game is tomorrow...Let's hope he brings in another winner!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No More Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

I woke up this morning to find that there was more snow...I certainly didn't order it! Anyway, it really is not altogether that cold outside, and I suppose if it doesn't stay long that I can deal with it....Cory is another story. Cory has a ballgame might prove to be its undoing...we shall see. His last game was cancelled. Baseball season seems to be going so slowly!
I am excited about all the new births we are hearing about...and ones to come. My cousin Annsley just had her first baby, she named him Brendan...I like that name, and I hope to see pictures soon! Also, one of the ladies at church, her name is Rebecca, she just had a little boy and named him Andrew...I can't wait to see him too! Two other friends at church are pregnant is ready to deliver. Her name is Anna, and she is due in about 2 weeks or less....I just love all these babies!!!!!
Easter is coming soon and I am excited because that is always the first annual BBQ of the year...rain or snow. I love to BBQ...or should I say Cory loves to BBQ....I think that BBQing is a Mans job:) he he he!
Well, the rest of the day is going to be busy...go figure. I have to pick Isaac up from school, Gayle has a Dr's appt., and then I need to rush home if Cory is not going to have a game, because I will need to make supper....before he goes to practice...if he has a game, I will not see him until this evening....I am already tired!
Yesterday night, Cory and I sent the kids off to bed and watched a movie. Wedding Crashers. We laughed really hard. I thought that the language and story line was really offensive, but somehow we just found it really comical...the actors were what made the movie enjoyable to us. I watched Memoirs of a Geisha the other day...I never knew what a geisha was.
Enough of this sitting around...I've got work to do!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Does anybody know how hard it is to pick up a Million Lite Brite pieces off of your hardwood floor!!???????????

Yet Another Question........

This is taken also from the Complete Book of Bible Trivia......... "Who is the only man in the Bible mentioned as being naturally bald?

Lots and Lots of Trivia....

This Question is taken from "The Complete Book of Bible Trivia" ...... "What was the name of Melchizedek's Mother?

More Trivia

This is another question taken from Trivial Pursuit......."What was the first Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal?"

More Trivia

This Question is taken from the Trivial Pursuit Game: "What do huntsman traditionally call out upon sighting a fox? I will post the answer later.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I got this question from the "Battle of the Sexes" game. It is supposed to be for the men...but anyone can answer. I will post the answer later. What is Mascarpone?

Teaching Responsibility

A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences----Denis Waitley


Well, I must say that Mondays are the busiest EVER! Today, I woke up to get Isaac off to school and then get the girls and myself ready for Preschool. That is always a TASK! Anyways -I took Esther to Preschool~ She was having so much fun. They are doing a unit on Farms. Today they were "piggie painting" with their toes of course!!!! She was in her element for sure. It was nice to have a little 1 on 1 time with Gaylie too. When we got home Esther and Gayle both canned out. I had given them Dimeatapp (sp?) for runny makes them drowsy. I did not get much accomplished...I am soooooo lethargic too! It must be the weather! Later on this evening I will be taking Esther to dance class. She takes tap and ballet. The first Monday of the month is "Watch Week" The parents get to come in for the last 15 min of class and watch thier progress. Esther is a sight. She is something to watch...not exactly coordinated, and likes to stick out her tongue when she is trying to concentrate...Very Attractive! Still, she has a great time, and it is good exercise for her! Afterwards, we will head to Corys parents for supper. They have been picking Isaac up at school on Mondays so that he doesn't have to sit through dance class...Isaac is in his glory with the 1 on 1 attention! Cory is taking umpiring classes, which he will finish up the last one tonight. He is a busy guy. He gets up at 5:30 and goes to the gym, comes back to get Isaac, leaves for school at 7:30 (Lets me sleep in till then most of the time...Thanks Babe!) Then after school he has Baseball Practice, or a game, then his umpiring class....he has been getting home at 8:30-9:00....So tired. We will get to see him more now because of going to his games...and because his umpire classes are done tonight....Hooray! We just cant wait till summer until we have him all to ourselves!!!! As you can imagine I am really tired from taking care of the kids by myself...but Corys parents have been a great help, offering to pick up Isaac from school, and watch the kids here and there...Quite a blessing. Though, still I am content...I love being with the kids...and I would never trade this experience of being home with them for ANYTHING! I hope everyone is having a good Monday....I just want to take a nap....but that wont happen:)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Me and My Valentine Formal Dance

This is a photo taken of Isaac and I at the Me and My Valentine Formal Dance at school. There are actually balloons in the picture, but I chopped it off because the name of the school was there as know security reasons. Anyway, we had a really good time at the dance. Isaac won something at the cakewalk...and there was punch and cookies for refreshments...we had a really good time together...just the two of us.

A Busy Weekend

Today will prove to be a very busy day for the Valentines! It will start with Cory making his customary Saturday Morning Pancakes and Eggs for the kids--They Love it! Next it will be hurry and bustle around to get ready for Swim Lessons for Isaac and Esther. They are doing quite well. Isaac seems to swim better underwater than he does on the top...he he he. Esther has a continual smile on her face....The kids love their swim lessons. This will be their second session that we have signed them up for this year. It is really important that they learn how to swim, #1 because Corys parents have a cottage with a lake, and #2 Because I always wish I knew how to swim. I thought about taking the adult learn to swim class too with the kids, but I couldn't fit it in the schedule with baseball season. There is still time for me however.
Later on today, in fact right after lessons, is Corys baseball game at the school. We will take our shovels and pails and play at the big dirt/sandmound at the side of the field...they will be filthy...(note to self...take extra changes of clothes for kids) After their expected victory, we will come home, have supper, and get the kids washed up just in time to go get groceries! It will be a Loooooooonnnnnggggg day for the Valentines. Sunday will be a much needed rest.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Sabers won their first game of the season 11-1. Today we have another game against a really tough opponent. Hopefully the Sabers can pull out another victory.