Friday, February 16, 2007


Dear John, I think it is time for you to post something new. I would LOVE to know how you are both doing...surely you don't want me to start CALLING you on the phone--hehehe. I am sure Manda doesn't want me to pester her either : ) Here are some good ideas for posts: 1.) What I got Manda for Valentines Day. 2.) What Manda got me for Valentines Day. 3.) Here is a list of my favorite things... and if you are really stumped...4.) All of the things I love about my sister-in-law Wendy.... Yes I think that should do it. Have a really fantastic day John!


Well, the kiddos had their class Valentine parties and were excited to show us all of their goodies!! Even little Gaylie got a few herself :) Tonight I have a big date!!! I am going to a Valentine Formal Dance....with Isaac ! We did this last year and had such a good time...he was so excited that we would go on our date again "just the two of us!" Now to find something dressy to wear...hmmm...all of my really dressy maternity clothes are summery...Oh well...I will have to manage somehow :)
ATTENTION---Peter Pan Peanut Butter has been recalled. It is tainted with Salmonella...trash yours if the number on top starts with 2111. We usually only buy JIFF but we had run out, and a friend gave us a jar of Peter Pan...oh yeah...we had the number...and guess what ? The jar was mostly empty...I am thankful that it was not one of the tainted ones. I think that Great Value is another brand...just make sure you check out that number!
Tomorrow the kids have swim lessons, and then we will head off to a Birthday Party...FUN! The time is getting so close for Eli to join us! I am very uncomfortable and at the stage where I just *wish* it would be over! This coming week Cory has off of school. He is running a baseball camp for most of it...but that will only be part of the day. It is our hope that we will be able to finish up cleaning and organizing the house so that this little guy that we will meet soon, can be more comfortable...and Mommy too! A friend of mine is going to come over one or two days over break to help me. I cannot stand for very long, so she can help me do things like clean the items on my bakers know...all of the deep cleaning that doesn't seem to get done. Thank goodness for good friends. Another thought. It was really nice having Esther help me with all of those chores yesterday. So many times I could clean the girls room...make beds...etc. and they would come in and lay on their beds...get under the covers...drag toys from the toy room would exhaust me and frustrate me that all my work seemed to be for naught. It occurred to me that by having her help me, it would be important to her that it "stay" that way...and it did! Hooray for small pleasures!!!! Hope everyone is staying warm!!! Just so you know...I try to check EVERYONES blog when I get the chance to be on the computer. I am limited as to when I can comment however. Sometimes I do not have time, but want to...and sometimes our computer freezes...that is really frustrating. Just know that I think about each and every one of you, and look forward to keeping in touch with you even in this small way!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I know it has been a while since I posted last...but I have been busy...and tired. While our family does not "get sick" very easily...Isaac seems to have caught a bad cough. This is about the extent of our sicknesses usually...(thank goodness). Anyhow...Isaacs lungs were clear...but he always seems to have a hard time making his coughs we all stay awake all night listening to his hacking. I took him to the walk-in to get him checked I said his lungs were clear, but they decided to order us a nebulizer which we now own. The nebulizer made his cough VERY productive, but I still gave him a suppressant as well to slow him down. He is back to school and doing well. We will try to make it to church this week. Last week, I was going to stay home with Isaac so he didn't infect everybody else...but when I woke up, Cory had 15 min to get himself and the girls ready...I told him...there is just NO way you will make we all stayed home.
Today I had the pleasure of staying home in our nice cozy house while Corys Dad took Isaac to school. It is freezing here! I made a list of jobs I wanted to accomplish, and set about doing them right away. Esther was a HUGE help. For Christmas I bought the girls a baking set that came with red and white gingham aprons for each. Whenever we do work around the house, Esther puts her apron on and she knows that it is time to get our hands dirty. I have to has been such a great motivator...just putting it on...and she KNOWS what comes next...and says ...where do we start? I think I might get myself an apron too so that we can be "brainwashed"'s kind of fun! Anyways...we got almost everything done on the list. I ran out of steam and had to take a break...but I felt really good about all that I managed to accomplish...YEAH FOR ME....AND ESTHER TOO!
I had my Drs. appt this last week. It seems that I did not "hear" the nurse correctly when they told me my total weight gain. Last week I could have sworn she said when I asked this week, what was the total gain...she said jaw dropped...and so did Corys...and he said.."you really porked out this week"...and the nurse looked horrified that he would say something like that...but I assured her that YES...I thought the very same thing...5# in two weeks??????? She said were 13# last could I have heard that wrong?...Oh well...the baby seems to be doing well...I did not get my sugar test done because of Isaac, but I didn't spill any in my urine either. In about two and 1/2 weeks I will have my first internal, my strep test, and another 4D ultra sound....I love those! I know that the pregnancy ticker up top says that I have 6 weeks to go....I would not believe that if I were you...I would say more like 4 weeks or just a little over that...and I think that the weight they are quoting for the baby is at least a pound off...the time is soon...and I can't wait!!!
Happy Belated Valentines Day!!! Cory and I woke up and I said..."Sooooo, What did you get me? He said....AHHHH, what did you get me?...I said...I will give it to you as soon as I get mine...He said I think that you will be waiting as long as I will....HA. Needless to say...we did not buy gifts or celebrate in any way...the kids are having Valentines Parties at school...and well...we have been together for 12 years...8 of them married...I suppose we pick our priorities. I would rather spend the money on something I need like Nursing Bras...or Something he needs like Dress Pants...I am always up for going out for supper...but we have other obligations for our money I suppose :) All in all...don't feel bad for us all you romantics at heart...we didn't even bat an eye. I hope all of you had a fabulous Valentines with your spouses and loved ones!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Some of you know that I scored a little high on the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. I have been checking my blood every two weeks...and so far so good...everything is within normal. I have to get another test most likely Saturday...I anticipate the same. I doubt I will make it for another....(I hope I wont.)
So far into this pregnancy I have gained 10 1/2 pounds. This does not sound like much...but be assured my babies are large and healthy...and I seem to have plenty of "stores" for myself. :) This pregnancy I have been carrying much like I did Isaac...right out in front. In fact the other day I was in a school bathroom, and happened to catch myself in the mirror at "just the right angle", and you could not even tell I was prego --HA. Perhaps I will be able to borrow my Mother in laws camera and get some belly I really dont have very many.
Other stuff...blood pressure is protien in my far so good. The baby is head down. I asked the Doc. what he wanted me to do when I knew I was in you want me to stay at home a while, or just come right in...he said absolutely NO laboring at home for you. I tend to go very quickly, so I am glad that he thinks so too.
Some things that I need to get done before Elijah comes: Clean, Clean,Clean. Get baby clothes to Corys Mom for washing. Buy going home outfit for Elijah. Pack a suitcase for myself. Buy gifts for the other kiddos from Eli. And a HOST of other things. Pray for a surge of Energy for me, and that I wont be too uncomfortable. Thanks.


This morning is a particularly good day for me in that I don't have to take the girls out in the frigid cold! BRRRRRRR. My Father in law came and got Isaac for me this morning as he did yesterday, and took him to school. Sunday afternoon I came down with a cough...then at night it turned into a sore throat...then that next afternoon I went to the Drs to see if I had was negative thank goodness! I have been feeling pretty miserable. Today I have much to accomplish. Cory has put a huge dent in the laundry for me...I need to surprise him and finish it...(That would surprise me too by the other promises.) Yesterday for supper I roasted a chicken over red was delicious...Today I will make chicken soup with our leftovers...mmmmmmm. Just the thing for such a frozen day. I also have to tackle the dishes...something I HATE doing.
Tomorrow I get to sleep in...Yahoooo! Cory is taking the day off with his brother and his two little munchkins, and heading to the Sportsman show in Harrisburg. They make this trip every year, but this will be a first for Esther...she'll love it. Yes, the kids are taking a day off of school --but this is very educational too! I think Gayle and I might do something special like get a bagel at Dunkin Donuts, or I will take her to the play land at McD's...or perhaps stay home and snuggle, giving her all my attention. We shall see.
I hope everyone is having a great start to your morning too! Have a great day today!

Friday, February 02, 2007


Actually today is just an ordinary day...with some special times here and there. This afternoon after school, Esther is going to go to her friend Tanners home to eat lunch and play. They love each others company and seem to have a really good time together. Esther seems to get along better with boys than girls for some reason...:) Since Esther was preoccupied for the afternoon, I decided to go and visit Isaac at school during his lunch period. Gayle and I met him there, and made the day a little extra special for him I think. One of the little boys kept staring at my belly, and then finally got the nerve to ask me if I were pregnant...I said ...I sure hope so! Either I am or I have eaten way too much pizza! Isaac always buys ice cream on I had him buy one for Gayle too. He came back and handed one to me as well...apparently you can buy two mini ice cream sandwiches for the cost of a large one, so he was very thoughtful. It made me laugh to see some of the kids promise to be the best friend of another if they would just give them their ice was quite a scene at the lunch room. HA. Later on when I pick up the kiddos, I will be making supper, then later heading out to our church for a "Thank You Service". Cory has to run the clock for the basketball game, so the kids and I will be going alone. Tomorrow is grocery day. I need ice bad. I have a closet confession as I was telling a friend just yesterday. I have an addiction to ice. When I am pregnant I am deficient in iron...the symptom of this is chewing ice. I cannot chew ice when I am NOT pregnant...anyhow...I have been chewing a bag of ice a myself...yes...the big bags you get at the gas station...all of it...CRUNCH CRUNCH. Yes, I will probably break my teeth...but I cannot stop...nor do I want to. So there...

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Happy February indeed! This morning I was very blessed! My husband got up early, took out the garbage, drove my van to town and put gas in it...then came home again. I woke up to a DELICIOUS smell...that guy of mine mixed up a cinnamon struesel loaf for the family for breakfast!!! He was so proud of himself for being such a big help...and I had to concur! Off he went to work...and then I had to get the kiddos ready for the day. While I was packing Isaac a snack for the day, he had sneaked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. I came to wish him a happy February...and found him gone! I checked the bathroom, and he of course was busy getting himself ready...I praised him up and down and all around...which spurred him onto do other things which made me so proud! It truly was a fabulous morning, and it just made my day so much brighter! This is not a regular occurance in our home...but when someone does something so thoughtful for someone else I just have to gush...and it makes me kind of want to do something special for someone else...I already wrote Cory a " youre the best" note via email...perhaps I will write a letter to Isaac...he would love that! Hmmm...I will think of something...hope you are having a great start to your February too!


It seems to me that I do not post enough pictures...or post about Gayle often enough. is two in one. This photo was taken this past June at Corys Grandparents wedding anniversary party. I love this picture, and keep it on the fridge. Gaylie is growing up so fast...and I am afraid that even this picture does not accurately represent her for how she looks today...but it is close. Gayle is very excited about the baby coming, and will kiss my belly and talk to Eli. She has quite a vocabulary, and never ceases to amaze us all. She is a tiny little thing...but wow can she eat! She will be starting Preschool 2 days a week this year.---This is something that she has been waiting for! Esther will be starting Kindergarten and of course Isaac will be in 2nd grade, so I will only have two precious babies at of which gets to be a very big girl and go to school! Gayle is also very involved in playing dress up--she loves to dress up in princess outfits, and then gracelfully flit in like a butterfly and say to Cory "Wanna Marry Me?" all the while batting her eyelashes...who taught her how to do that? I sure don't act like that! Oh well, I am sure I will have more about "Little Gaylie Lou Who" to post at another time...until then...enjoy.