Thursday, November 30, 2006


During our vacation in Western PA...Aunt J.J. took Esther on a special date. To the horse farm!!! First they went and bought carrots for the horses and goats...and then they were off! Esther apparently "earned" her horseride. This is her cleaning stalls...According to Aunt J.J. she was a very hard worker.
This is Esther with Aunt J.J. and some of the many farm animals looking for some attention from a certain little girl.
I love this photo of Esther and "Duke". What a treat for a special little girl! Esther had a blast with Aunt J.J.~~ She is very into animals, of which we have none...(except fish...) So this was really great for her to get a fix with all of these animals. By the way I stole these pix from my sisters blog...JennyV...she has more shots if you care to peek. JJ mentions that being a middle child herself that special one on one time was craved...I don't remember feeling the need for that myself...but I do think that Esther fits that category...when she got back some of her words were...Aunt J.J. took me on a special was just me and other kids were there...we went to McDonalds...Needless to say...this day meant a whole lot more to her than just riding horses...she felt so loved and special. Thanks JJ.

While I am on the gushing subject...I must mention my other sister who dotes on all of her nieces and nephews...while we were in Western Pa...Our niece Joyce planned a shower for her mother who is expecting in December...she brought out a beautiful "prom" dress that someome gave to her that she planned to wear. Amanda and I decided to do her hair up very fancy...Joyce has beautiful LONG blond hair...we put it high atop her head in fancy ringlets, and then curled ribbon and put that in it...she was stunning! Esther was in such awe, and mentioned that she would never be that beautiful..(which broke my heart.) She kept mentioning the dress, that she didn't have one like it...anyways to make a short story even shorter...Aunt Mandy felt so bad for her, that on her way home from dropping Joyce off, she showed up with two frilly dresses from the second hand shop for my girls...we then proceeded to do up their hair...It was such a special gesture...and it makes my heart so glad to know that my sisters love my kids enough to go out of their way to make them feel special...Thanks Manda.


Yes, poor little Gaylie. Gayle woke up last night around 1:00 with an upset stomach. She proceeded to empty it about every 15-20 min...until 5:00 in the morning! Needless to say I got NO sleep. Cory was very kind to throw the sheets in the wash and make jello around 4 a.m. and also to make arrangements for Isaac to get to school. Esther was fed and watching cartoons, and the phone was turned off, so that Gayle and I could get a little sleep. We both woke up around 8:00 with another attempt to empty her far so is around 10:00 and she has successfully kept down some jello...Must be a nasty bug going around...I just hope that the other two don't get it!!! She is very sweet throughout the whole ordeal...not like me when I am sick...she constantly wants me to hold her...and so I do. Poor little Gaylie.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Congratulations to my REDNECK husband. Cory got a 6 point yesterday. I'd like to also thank him for bringing home the tick that I saw in Esthers hair....AAACK! Lucky I caught the "bugger" before he managed to find a permanent home. I imagine that Cory will go out hunting still as he has a doe tag left...He hunts down in Wyalusing at a hunting camp with some buddies. I don't care much for deer meat...but I will make a steak or roast...usually I make stroganhoff with it...(that way it doesn't taste like deer meat..heheheh) At any rate...Good Job Cor!

Monday, November 27, 2006


This is a picture of my Esther. She is growing up way too fast. This was taken at Preschool this year. Esther is such a big help to me...she likes to help with food, laundry, sweeping, making beds, ANYTHING ! Esther also likes to sing...she loves to make up songs too. On days that Isaac has wrestling, we bake together. She is such a joy to me...and I am so happy to have such a beautiful daughter...both inside and out!! How did I get so lucky?

Friday, November 24, 2006

STILL THANKFUL ...........

Well, we are still on vacation at my families home in Western PA. Thanksgiving was a success in terms of the meal. Wednesday I spent all day baking it seems...chocolate chip cookies, lemon cookies , and for my brother in law Keith...chunky chocolate pecan bars...they all turned out great! My sister and I cooked the turkey...the little thermometer doodad popped out and we still had about 4 hours till we turned the heat way down and the meat was delicious!!! We had about 21 or 22 people including was a fabulous time.
Today, which is Friday...we had a shower for my sister in law Amy. She is having a baby girl in Dec. I made Chicken Salad and served it on was so delicious. There was a good many people there, and we had such a nice time visiting.
Tomorrow I hope we can just rest up a little. Most likely we will head to Mom and Dads and let the kids run outside for the day! It is nice because they live on a piece of property that you can just let the kiddos free and every once in a while look out the window...usually they are chasing the chickens or guinneas.
Please keep Corys grandma in prayer. She had a nasty fall a little while ago, and is having some repercussions from it. She has been to the Hospital and they didn't seem to find anything revealing...but she is in pain, and prayer for her healing is the priority.
I hope that everyone is having a great holiday week. It is really going way too quick for me. We will be coming back on Sabbath day~ and then Cory will take the first day of hunting off...I hope that he gets a big one. He has already made plans with his buddies to go back to Ohio next year...they are trying to persuade him to go to Illinois right after that...silly men...they have no idea. They apparently think that it would be no problem for Cory to save up $1000 for this trip, and that it would be best spent on a hunting trip if he had it...or that he should leave me for almost 2 weeks with 4 being very young. Yes...They have no idea...and I am glad for my husband to set them straight.
Wow, I really started rambling didn't I? Oh well, I am tired and want to go to bed...Good Night!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Happy Holidays to you! Today is Cory and Isaacs last day of school. As soon as they get home we will load into the van and head to Western PA. I have been doing loads and loads of laundry in anticipation of packing. The last load is in the dryer, and then I will fetch the suitcases. We will be staying with my Sister J.J. and Brother-in-Law Keith. They are also hosting Thanksgiving at their home, so it will be nice for me to be there to help. Friday, we will be attending a baby shower for my sister-in-law Amy. Amy will be having a girl in December. I am making the most delicious Chicken Salad...and serving it on Croissants....YUM! I can hardly wait to hear about everyone elses holiday!
On a different note...Some friends of ours are having HORRIBLE financial struggles. They have 3 children and have had no source of income for a while. Their house is now into foreclosure. They also have no health insurance. Some of you may actually be surprised that you know these folks. If you would like to send something their way...please comment on my site, and I will give you their address so that you can send it to them. Please also pray for them as the husband has had a job interview, and of course hopes to get the job.
I have not been able to post much on my site or your blogs very much, because when I do, the computer freezes up. So if there is a day you never hear from me again...the computer has officially blown up...hehehe. Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


This is Elijah's 2nd sonar. I really like it because he is positioned on his stomach with his little tiny butt high up...I have never had one taken in that position before. It reminds me of Gayle...she sleeps that way often. At any he is 10 in long and 12 oz....a little outdated--but I was told I needed to post the picture...and so I do :-)
My next guy had his 1st grade picture taken...I think they turned out nice. Isaac is doing well in school, and is enjoying wrestling. They paired him up with a 5th grader who is of similar build, and he seemed to be able to match him for strength. I am very proud of this little "big" guy, and try to tell him as often as I can :-)
Last, but certainly not Main Man...this is his 2006-2007 school picture. I think he took quite a handsome picture this year. Cory has been BUSY. This year he coached football, and kept the score for volleyball. He is going to be scoring for the winter sports as well...then he will be coaching Varsity Baseball in the Spring...that is his baby. In the meantime, he has been able to take a hunting trip to Ohio with some buddies, and plans to do some hunting sometime after Thanksgiving...(will I ever see this guy?) Just kidding...time is going to slow down for him come next week. This week he has had Parent/Teacher conferences. Cory loves teaching in the classroom and is having a fabulous year. We are planning on going to Pittsburgh for our Thanksgiving see my family...and I plan to sleep in almost every day...(haha). It will be a much needed vacation for our family...I am even looking forward to the long car ride, because I will have my husband hostage....:-) far as the men in my life go...I am extremely thankful for each and every one...God had blessed me in countless ways just with the three of the boys...I will try to post a "girls" post at some point too. Hope everyone has had a great week so far:-)

Friday, November 03, 2006


For those of you who are interested in knowing....I had my sonar yesterday, but it wasn't the 4D like I thought it would be. Apparently they don't do that one until 28 looks like I will be having 4 ultra sounds all together!!! Anyway...down to the real reason for this post!!! We are having a boy...and his name is to be Elijah Joshua Valentine~ we will call him Eli for short. The kids are so excited as are Cory and I. Time to dig out all of Isaacs baby clothes :-) I will love having a little tiny boy in the house again :-) God has been so good to us...I just still can't believe I am having another. The baby was not quite a pound yet...12 oz. and 10 in long...Also I guess my placenta is attatched in the front, and up high....high is good...front...I am not so sure about. I must have had my other ones attatched in the back, because I have not felt this baby move very much, and was a little worried at first...but it makes sense now, that my placenta acts like a cushion. Make no mistake, this baby moves around I saw on the monitor...the baby turned over and was laying on his stomach with his little tiny butt up in the air...reminds me of Gayle... that is often how she sleeps. We would appreciate prayers for his continued growth and upcoming delivery...My mother mentioned that it my be tricky to have a Ceasearean if I had to have one...(lets pray not)...due to the nature of my placenta...luckily, I have an OB that is one of the best surgeons in the area...but for the time being...lets just hope that I can have as much success as I have had with my other babies :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hello bloggers! I hope your Halloween was as wonderful as ours...the weather was so nice...a little bit of sprinkles...but not cold! The kids had a lot of fun at their school parties, and then trick or treating with some friends from church.
Today was pajama day at Esthers school...I wish I could have been the snack mom and wore my own pjs...HA. We had actually forgot, but luckily we dont live too far away and could scoot home. Esther chose her Barbie pjs.
Tonight is going to be a fun night. Cory got coverage for the kiddos and he is taking me out to eat for my birthday. After we eat, he is taking me to buy my gift...he has grown a little more practical every year...instead of surprising me with a gift--he has decided it would be a better use of our money for me to pick out what I really want --instead of just being happy with what he picked out. I thought it made a lot of good I think I will be looking at getting some maternity clothes...(maybe...). At any rate, I will be happy to just walk around with Cory and not have to worry about carrying diaper bags or children...just the two of us. We will probably talk about the kids the entire time though :)
Hunting season is coming way too soon. My husband will be leaving me for 5 days ...and go gallavanting with two of his buds....he is so giddy with excitement--and I am so not looking forward to having an empty bed :( Oh, least we will be taking a little vacation together for Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is "NAME THAT GENDER..." hooray!!! I say it is a boy....we shall see! My appt. is in the evening, so I might not get it posted right away! Have a fund day!