Saturday, October 30, 2010


I made these Halloween cupcakes for Isaacs Scout party. I used just what I had on hand so it was nothing fancy. Looking back...I wish I would have made some of the frosting orange. Either way--it was festive enough :-)

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Posted by PicasaMy guy Isaac...


Here is Isaac before his dental work...
The orthodontist said that he was more severe than they usually see...and that even with the work he still might have to have surgery.
With lots and lots of days and nights with a head gear...all of the tiny little rubber bands we found *everywhere*...he persevered....
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All of this has paid off rather well I think. He had his braces taken off in order to allow other teeth to come in. He has to wear a retainer to make sure all of the work that has been done...*stays* that way. If he wears it faithfully...there is a chance he may not have to get them back on again :-)
Well Hellooo Handsome!
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Monday, October 25, 2010


Say a prayer for my hard working honey if you think about he starts his 5th class. It is time consuming work obviously, and he has found the time to fit it in so far. Pray that he can continue this and also keep up his great spirit...its a lot of work to do, and statistics can be pretty boring...unless you are really into that kind of thing :-)

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us...we really appreciate it!


This little guy is so precious...He is now 15 months, and we are finished nursing. He is doing well with it most of the time. He misses it when he is tired. He wakes up at night and asks to nurse...then cries when I snuggle him instead...which is fairly short lived, and gets better each night :-)
Still...a very snuggly mamas boy....who LOVES to play ANYTHING!....He is precious for sure!

This smile says it all....Happiness that "I lost my first tooth" Of course I always feel a little twinge when these things happen. Slowly each little milestone steals away my babies...I know it is silly...but I can't help it...I was born a sap I suppose. I suppose with it....Each milestone allows me small glimpses into the child they will become...and that makes me smile.
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Monday, October 18, 2010


I thought that I would share this site with all of you homeschooling families...or perhaps folks with children needing extra practice. Isaac needed to study the 50 states, and Cory had a website that he has used before with his students. It is at Apparently it is more than just geography...check it out!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Come now to the campus true sons of Geneva; With one accord in song your voices raise. Proclaim loud the glory, those walls old and hoary; The college where I spent such happy days.


Then come Geneva sons; Ne'er let the proud chorus fail, That tell in proud measure how fondly we treasure The college beside the Beaver vale.

It's true sons are jewels, a mother adorning, Resplendent alma mater's brow with light. Her children wide scattered are ev'rywhere loyal to Geneva, our country and the right.
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We had such a great time at Homecoming. The kids were so excited! We gave them the full experience by eating in the dining hall...they loved it! We were able to see some good friends, take in a football game, and eat at the campus favorite--Pizza Joes!

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Our first field trip with Elijah was to the apple farm. It was no hayride...but it was fun to do a little something inside.
The kids learned about apples (obviously)...but more importantly about seeds...germination...pollination...things like that. We got to eat one of their fabulous donuts too...they were great
I love this little guy!
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Cory and I had the pleasure of attending one of his friends from highschools wedding. His friend Brad was actually a groomsman in our wedding. The ceremony was held at his property. We were shuttled up to the property on a bus...and then upon arrival we were driven by horse and carriage up to the field. It was amazingly beautiful! Afterwards they had an outdoor cocktail hour.
One of the highlights of the wedding was the reception was held in the old barn. Yes--thats right..the BARN! They had it all beautifully cleaned out...and had fancy chandeliers hanging. The tables and chairs were white, and had fancy decor. It was catered by Gances...and the food was really amazing. The band was from Philly and they did an amazing was really large too...complete with all the instruments...not dj style at all. We could have danced all night long...but since we had little ones at home with a sitter...we had to come home.
All in all it was such a fabulous time! Every time I attend a wedding I am always reminded of my choice to marry my Im glad I didnt let him get away!Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 01, 2010


I need energy. I am tired. I collapse into bed every night...I don't even remember eating lunch yesterday...oh well...I will strive to do better.

Tomorrow Cory and I get the pleasure of going to a friends wedding...Yippee! That means dressing I really that vain? I don't care...I like dressing up and looking nice :-) Thanks to our friend Terri for watching 5 kiddos for us so that we can enjoy ourselves!

I took the two little boys to Dunkin Donuts for a ...Donut....They enjoyed it...I wanted to get a I enjoyed it too. I like to have special moments with each of the kids...a donut might not be much...but it is the idea of doing something out of the ordinary that makes it special.

I love Fall...the temperature is more bearable...don't get me wrong...I love to go to the pool...but there is an excitement about Fall. Maybe it is the pumpkins, brightly colored leaves, mums....apples...and the smells of the oven again...I love it. Have you ever been to Robas Pumpkin Farm? If not...GO! You wont be sorry.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! I need another cup of coffee...