Thursday, October 26, 2006


After crying myself completely dry yesterday...I have no more left in me. Today I woke up feeling very fresh, and ready for the day!!! No more BLAHS! This morning I got myself and the kiddos ready and took Isaac off to school. The girls and I had made plans to go to the library, but since it did not open until 9:30~ we went to McDonalds for pancakes. It felt like such a treat! The girls were so good, and I even had a lady approach me telling me what well behaved children I have...Now, I know that all the Mothers out there...we cherish these comments because we know how much hard work goes into instilling that into our kids...and all that hard work has paid off...and then we sit back and smile and say...yes they are ...aren't they :-) I shall have to keep my eyes open for young families that I can encourage that way. It was such a small gesture...but here it is just making my day!!! While we were at the library, I of course picked out my books, while Esther did some puzzles. Then I helped Esther and Gayle on the computer. Later, the girls colored some pictures and picked out some books and videos. Esther got GI Joe...hmmmm. Gayle got another Elmo movie....oh boy. I noticed while we checked out, that they were having story hour on Tuesdays...that is one of our "off" days that we sometimes go to the we will plan on attending that!
Tonight the kids have their last soccer practice...which really is just a pizza party...they will be so excited! Cory is planning to take the kids after his practice, and I will keep Gaylie Lou Who home with me :)
Has anyone tried the blue it is really ...REALLY good. I had to make jello jigglers for Essies class, and I chose that color...extra yummy. We will be getting some for ourselves this next shopping trip.
Halloween is right around the corner!!! I have not gotten I-mans costume yet. His school does a "books on parade". This means he has to dress up like a character from a book. Esther is going to be a cowgirl...and Gaylie is a lady bug. Cory has not told me what he plans on dressing up as yet. His school does a Halloween Party too. I think he might dress up as a nerd...(though, he wont have to try hard...hehehe.) and most likely wear a name badge that has another teachers name on it...he has done that one before. Last year for a Halloween Party...Cory and I were both Hippies...He had a giant afro...he wanted to dress up like that at school...I thought that it was not a wise idea. I will not be dressing up this parties to go to.
Here is hoping you all are having a great week...and weekend to come!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today, like I say a day of the BLAHS. I am feeling very down and very tired too. It seems like a number of people are facing hardships at this time, and I am just feeling the anguish of their pain...of course never at their level. 2 folks that have been on my mind are the following: One little girl from Esthers class ~ her father had a brain aneurysm and lived for a while before he passed away within a week of having his surgery...leaving behind his wife and 5 children. I spoke with the Mother and told her I was so sad to hear of her news, and she stared at me rather blankly...this morning she arrived with a paper announcing the benefit that they planned to had the fathers picture on it, and the little girl said "my Daddy died..." and then she went off to was heartbreaking to me. I just can't imagine.
The next family, I don't know the parents, but I know the little boy who used to play with Esther while Isaac was in preschool. The Mother and her little boy came back from the pumpkin farm and found the boys father in bed. They thought he was sleeping, but when the little boy went to wake him up to tell him about his day, he found that his father had shot himself in the mouth. While I may not know these people very well, just their stories are breaking my heart...all I can do is cry and hold my own babies just a little closer to me and make sure that they know that I love them, and that I make every moment a moment that I don't ever have to regret. I suppose in that way it has been good for me...Please pray for these families and their losses...

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Hello everyone! Just thought that I would make a post for the fun of it. I am more likely to read others blogs than I am to make my own posts...mostly there is never enough time!
Today is Sunday. Some of you know that we have been meeting in a borrowed building for church. This week was the first time we were back in our own building for the Worship Service. Many many people put there time and money into making this happen for us today. Our thanks go out to all of those people. After church, we came home and had some lunch. Cory was so good and told me to go ahead and lie down...I went right out...I slept for a while, and when he woke me up I was still so tired! I did not have it in me to make the kids had cereal for supper....and I don't even feel guilty about it!
Tomorrow is Esthers Preschool Snack Day...which means that I will provide the snack and stay and help in the classroom. This is especially fun for Gaylie because she wants to go to preschool so badly. She will get her fix tomorrow :) Later on that day I am planning to make a yummy chicken meal and deliver it to my friends who just had a baby...I had the experience of having meals done for me when I had Gayle, and I never realized how wonderful it was to have that taken off of my hands...especially having other children! I hope that they will enjoy it, it is my absolute favorite recipe !
Some of you know that Cory had moved to a different elementary school with in the same district where he was teaching. He is finding it such a breath of fresh air, and really feels like the administration is supportive of the teachers. He loves teaching in the classroom, and finds it challenging to get some kids to do their homework. I think the 1st week of school he sent 12 kids to dentention!!! I am appalled at the thought that parents don't seem to take an initiative to make sure that their child is excelling in school. Some parents don't even respond to phone calls home...what a sad situation for parent, child, and teacher.
I hope everyone is doing well...and I wish you the best for the week to come. I am looking forward to my full week, and anticipating having my husband home and done with football the beginning of next week! I guess I should mention that Cory was helping a family put a deck on their cabin, and he managed to step on a nail...I thought that he should go to the Dr. and see about a tetanus shot...he told me that he is not sure the last time he had one, but with all that has happened to him over the past couple years that he "HAD" to have had one....I agreed. Oh well...he seems to be walking around rather painlessly...but with a large bandage. Time will tell...lets just hope his jaw doesn't start to lock up...(wait...this could have its advantages...hehehehe.....I was just kidding of course.) Oh well...until next blog entry!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Okay, this is one of the books I got at the Library the other day. I have read maybe one chapter so far...I just can't seem to get into it yet. The title is Its Not About Max Lucado. I love his books, so when I see one I haven't read...I grab it. I think the title is ironic though...its not about me, but yet somehow...its all about me thinking its all about me...HA! Perhaps this weekend I will be able to indulge myself.
Hooray, I was able to change my "name that gender" appt. to November 2nd!! I really wanted Cory to be able to see it...and he really wanted to be there. Corys Mom may come with us, I am not sure if she has made up her mind yet. This is an image I found looking up 4d ultrasounds...AMAZING...I guess this could be what it is like. I wish I could take everyone in with me to see this amazing event. I am also excited because the date is sooner than I anticipated...YEAH!!! Since we are on the subject of Babies...please pray for my friend Leah from church. I think that she is due tomorrow. Leah has her babies at home, so pray for safe arrivals, and healthy Mom and Baby. (And fast labor and delivery...hehehe)
One of our library finds was an Elmo video. This one is the magic cookbook. Gayle LOVES Sesame Street videos. This one plays every day...sometimes twice. Usually at naptime I make the kids a little nest on the couch, and we snuggle down to watch a video like this, or I read a book. The kids are usually out in no time...and its educational too. I like the fact that you have to return these flicks...I don't know if I could stand watching it forever!! You know in the monotony :-)
I wanted to add this to the mix. This was my FAVORITE book when I was little. It is rather a collectors item now. I was able to snag a copy on ebay for not so cheap. I keep this locked away, and every now and then bring it out for a treat for the kids. The book is called Miss Suzy. My Grandmother used to read it to me, and when I read it to the kids, it makes me think of it is very special to me in more ways than one. I think that some of my siblings feel the same way about it. Another book I can't get my hands on was a childrens cookbook called The Little Witches Cookbook...Another childhood favorite, but seemingly lost forever....:-(

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I am writing this post in response to a friends request for the Communion Bread Recipe. Since I have been making it for a while now, I realize that others share the here it is...This recipe was given to me by Heather Panichelle (Manchester RPCNA) who was given it by Madge Adams (Eastvale RPCNA) for those of you who remember how communion bread "used" to taste...this is probably that very same...(simple) recipe!

3 Cups Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 Cup Sugar
Pinch of Salt
1/4 Cup of Butter (softened)
1 Egg
3/4 Cup of Milk

Mix together flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Add butter and bend together. Make a well in center of bowl. In a different bowl, beat egg, then add milk. Pour egg and milk mixture into well, then blend everything together. Roll dough out to 1/2" thick and cut into 3"X5" rectangle pieces (about 3 pieces). With a dinner knife make lines on top of both pieces both vertical and horizontal so that it will be able to be broken apart easily. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 min. You will have leftover dough which you can use for sugar cookies !

** Wendys Notable Notes**
I think that the milk may be a little too much because my dough gets a little sticky. You might just have to play with it like I have done mine. I also know that it is finished baking when the dough does not look can also press down on one of the squares and it should "sponge back"...dont cook them until they get browned, because then they are too dry to chew. Also if making for church...score the squares rather small...I have had to learn all of this just by playing with it...I am sure everyone else will have their own "Notes" to make :-)

Hope this is helpful...and delicious!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Hello all! I don't seem to have as much time to blog least not like I used to! Here is a tiny bit of catch up...
As usual I keep myself busy being a "driver" for my school...from games...etc... The girls and I went to the Library the other day, and I got 3 books...2 read...and one to go...I just can never make them last! Esther tried some games on the Magic School Bus program on the computer. Cory and I don't let the kids on the computer...sometimes Isaac but only once in a blue moon...We just think there are better things to do with their they get introduced to it in school. She did alright, and enjoyed herself. Usually she does puzzles while I look for my own books.
The other day I took the girls to the zoo. It was a field trip for Esthers preschool. We had a great was so much more enjoyable with the weather being cool. I did have one moment when I tried to go into the small aviary...I got to the front and went in and was hit with a blast of really warm animal-bird smelling air...and almost chucked. I had to wait outside for the kids to come thru. I have been doing pretty well with gagging thing lately...but that was just overwhelming. By the way...if you didn't know, the gag reflex is heightened during pregnancy...I had no trouble with Isaac, but with each of the girls it got worse...and this one is by far the worst...In the beginning it was difficult to even brush my teeth! We had a great time at the zoo, and ended it with a picnic...Esther had the time of her life! Gayle enjoyed herself as well!
Yesterday was a long day. I took I-man to school and then killed sometime before I picked up one of the ladies from our church. We headed to a Bible Study at one of the ladies homes...and had a great time. The lesson was such a good one...about prayer. My friend and I took a weekend trip together and did the same lessons for our quiet times...I was really excited to do it over again, but sad that so many women missed it...I hope you ladies all feel better soon! After Bible Study we all lunch together and then talk some, and then home again. Thursdays are nice because Corys Dad picks I-man up so that I don't have to rush. Anyways I dropped off my friend at her house and then headed home, packed the car with the soccer paraphranalia (sp?) and dropped the girls off at the grandparents house. I was off to my OB appt...and very tired. So far so good with the pregnancy...I've gained 2 pounds so far which is very good. Everything seems fine...I did mention that I was noticing some braxton hix but couldn't remember having them this early on with any of the other kids...he said it was most likely round ligament pain...and I said it was was braxton hix...then he said that I probably have a very sensitive uterus..(what does that mean?) but that in any case he would expect that I will have a very quick labor and delivery...Im all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake...of course I just said...that was my plan! any of you other ladies remember having braxton hix in your 4th month? Maybe it is due to this being # 4...hmmmm. Anyways...November 9th is the "name that gender" appointment. Cory will be hunting in I will take the kiddos and his Mom with me. I told him he was going to owe me big time for leaving me alone for 5 days...He said...Hey Baby...I gave you a gift that lasts 9 months...he received a mean glaring stare...he has been way too uppity lately...I feel a prank coming on. My favorite one I did, was I colored a pair of his underwear with a brown marker...after his shower he dried off and collapsed on the I said here let me help you..and helped him into them...HA....I also painted his toenails red while he slept one time...He did not laugh when he woke up (but I did.) I will have to think of something good....(snicker snicker).
Well, I hope everyone is having a fabulous week...enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!!! Tomorrow the kids have a soccer game and afterwards I will take them to Corys parents church for their Harvest Supper...of course Cory will be at a football game and miss it...but we will see him in the evening...and just perhaps...can spend time together. Oh yes, I need to make Communion Bread for Church on Sunday and pack bagged lunches...By the way...For those of you that make the communion bread...(Mom)...It freezes really well and tastes fresh. I usually always make it fresh, but if I have leftover the kids like it as a treat. Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Yesterday was a really nice day for us. Of course it was I had Cory home with me :) It started out with Cory and I waking up before the kiddos...(I am not quite sure how that happened!) We had an enjoyable 1/2 hour at least just the two of us. Later we got dressed for church, and visited Corys Parents Methodist Church. While it was very different from our home church, the kids still seemed to feel comfortable. Afterwards we stayed for Sabbath School...even little Gaylie had her own class, and proudly showed us her papers that she glued, and colored...I was so proud of her! Our church is meeting in another church building in which the only time for our worship service is 12:30...and since we were supposed to meet Cliff and Chris to celebrate Cliffs seemed the best idea to go to church right down our road. Plus, it is always nice for Corys parents to be able to show off their grandkids to their every once in a blue moon...we become Methodist...HA. This is going to be a little out of order...but Saturday we had a busy day. Early in the morning I took the kids to the school Homecoming Parade. Cory had to walk in it with his team. You would not believe the amount of candy these kids got! I swiftly discarded any Reese cups they may have come upon. Alot of Corys players recognized the kids and made a point to make sure that they got perhaps they got more than they should! It was a good time. Later on that day while Cory was working at the football game, I had to take the kiddos to their Soccer game. I love watching them play, and enjoy being an enthusiastic loud parent. Poor Isaac seemed to spend most of his time on the ground with kids toppled on him...Esther had her fair share of falls...but was able to "almost" score a goal. This was especially big stuff since it was the ONLY time during the hour long game that the ball came even remotely close to the opposing team. The kids played hard...but lost...badly. HA. They still had a FABULOUS time!
Okay, back to Sunday. After church, we picked up Mom and Dad and we met Cliff and Chris at Robas Pumpkin Farm. Chris and Cliff take the kids every year, and buy them their Halloween Pumpkins...this year they were allowed to pick out a gourd too! Robas is quite an operation! The place was packed! First they have an animal area where you can feed goats, ride ponies(for a fee) , feed the bunnies and chickens, see reindeer...the list goes on. There is also a mini corn maze which we did last year...and it took us quite a while to get out! We did not opt to do it this was really hot out! There is also a quite large maze that apparently Cliff is interested in going at night with a flashlight!!! Crazy Guy! Maybe when our kids are older that would be fun. After those festivities you ride a hayride up to the top lot...where there are wonderful smells wafting from the food vendors...french fries...perogies...funnel cake...etc... they have a little train for the kids to ride, and a bunch of fire pits. They also have tons of play ground equipment, and a big tunnel made out of hay. They have a pig racing contest which is very fun to watch...and you can feed these huge orange carp. The favorite of the kids, both young and old, is the Pumpkin Launching...That is the best! After this we left and went to Cliff and Chris's for pizza and wings....Yum! The kids gave Cliff the gifts they worked so hard to pick out. Gayle got him a mini duster...Esther got him those foam drawer liners, and Isaac got him a magnifying glass. The lady at the dollar store thought it was cute...I said yeah...last year for Christmas Grandma got Pepto Bismol! At any rate Cliff was a good sport, and really made the kids feel like they got him exactly what he wanted! We got Cliff a vest from Gander Mountain. back to Saturday! After the soccer game, we went to a Fall Fest party of some friends of Cory from Highschool. One owns a quarry and runs a stone business, the other is a Chiropractor...they both invited their clients..which Cory happens to be one of the Chiropractors, but also because he is a friend. It was a great time...They had a pig roast and Beef roast...and it was OH so delicious. They kept us warm with a huge bonfire...and then dazzled us with their fireworks was so much fun, and they plan on doing it every year...we shall be there! (not square!) Well, enough catching up for is lunch time and the natives are restless!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Greetings Bloggers! Today was a fun day for me...I had some friends over for the day...and made my friend Danas Chicken Salad....Dana...this was amazing...I will make this often! Thank you so much for the recipe! The friends have gone home, and two of my babes are asleep. Usually on Thursdays my Father in Law picks I-man up from school and keeps him until helps me out, and it is a little bonding time for them...they love it! Tonight the kiddos have soccer...(note to self and others......NEVER buy white shin guards ). Cory is scoring a Volley ball game tonight, so we wont see him until bedtime...we miss that guy!
The other day I got a real treat! I went to the salon and got my hair cut and high-lighted. I am really excited because it is a new girl and she did exactly what I wanted. I thought that my hair had become too blonde. I really like my natural color which is really a dark brown...I also like natural highlights too...she did great and made it look very natural, and deepened the color a bit...what a luxury....I love to have people wash my just feels so good. I think also I am not used to people fussing over me, and that just felt really nice...what a guilty pleasure! I will definately visit her again!
Sometime next week I am taking Esther and Gayle to the zoo for Esthers field trip at school. She is so excited, and I am too! I am really looking forward to going when the weather is not so hot! Esther is doing really well in school, and just can't wait to be in Kindergarten...I am excited for her too. It will be strange next year...2 in school all day, one in Preschool, and a tiny little babe...I wonder if I will feel like my hands are much fuller or less...we shall see.
Well, I hope that everyone is having a fabulous school for us tomorrow or Monday...yippee...I hope the Library is open tomorrow. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow...another week and I may be able to feel quickening!!!! That is such an awesome feeling to me...and since I am not showing yet...It will be a wonderful reminder of the precious life that I am nurturing inside of me. Some keep asking if we are finding out the sex? When ? Yes, we are finding out, and I would imagine that it will be between 18-20 weeks. I have an appt. next week, so probably my next scheduled visit we will have the sonar. It will be so cool because it is the 4D first one! How cool! I guess you can tell I am excited...anyways... have a good rest of the week everyone!


This is a picture of Cory taken this summer on his "guys trip" to the Adirondacks. He and one of his buddies, and another guy made an outdoors adventure with their sleeping bags and fishing poles :) This is Cory atop of Whitehead Mountain looking over Lake Placid. Beautiful. The lake is nice too :)
Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the kids and the things that I have to get done, that it is so easy for me to overlook Cory. He is so giving and generous...a hard worker...a fabulous husband, and amazing father...just to name a few. I just feel I have to give credit where credit is due...and well...he is by far my greater/better half...and I love him so much. Later next month this loser...I mean great guy (HA) is going to take another "guy trip"...this time to Ohio for hunting...He definately deserves this time! Perhaps I will have some other photos to post of his next adventure...we shall see. Until thankful for your spouse and say a prayer for them today :)