Monday, April 18, 2011


Nothing says Spring to me like the sight of daffodils. I love all flowers, but these might have to be my favorite. The following is some pictures that I took of our Egg Hunt with our niece Ella. I know it is a week early...but this is when we could get together with them. I chased Ella around all day with the camera, and only got a handful of shots...none of them great...that girl is BUSY! It was interesting to me to think about the egg hunt...I never participated in an egg hunt as a kid...I wonder if it has the same feeling as seeing Christmas gifts under the any rate...they had a fabulous time, and it was good to see Ella!Posted by Picasa


What a crew! I took a number of shots, and this is one of the only ones that turned out ok. Oh well...A memory was made...and nobody is perfect, so I guess it is accurate.
Eli knew just what to do...his eggs were orange, but he enjoyed finding Ellas pink ones and getting them for her...what a gentleman!

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Like I said...Ella never stopped moving...I tried my best to get some good shots. I love this top one...her hair is so beautiful. She had a fun time with her cousins, and enjoyed running around outside. She has such a friendly personality with all the kids...what a precious girl!

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Esther had a presentation to present regarding family history. She was required to bring things in to share during this presentation. One of the things that she brought was Scottish Shortbread. This is actually Cherry Chip Scones. They are really easy to make, and quite yummy. These would be served when the English take afternoon tea. The typical practice is to top with clotted cream and then jam. These would be way to rich to do that...Her class liked them, and she was very pleased with herself :-) Good Job Esther!
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some of you may know that Cory has some health issues dealing with digestion, and other stuff. We have been seeing a health specialist who has been amazing! Esther has been bugging me about going to see him since we found out that she has quite a bit of gray hair. I took her to the family Doc. whom we love, and he did not think that it was something to be terribly concerned about. Still...I was concerned. Also...Esther was very self-conscious about her weight. A while back we had her doing 20 min. on the stairmaster a night. Nothing. Our goal was not exactly to lose, but just not to put any more on. She has endured teasing, and having to shop for clothes in an adult section. Yesterday we finally had her appt. They tested her urine, saliva, examined her nails, face, ears, irises, tongue, and had a body response test done. Her results show an extremely low functioning thyroid, and pituitary. She has other deficiencys that are giving her trouble as well. He told her that she would not be able to lose weight if she tried, and that there is a reason that she keeps gaining. We have ordered her the items needed to put her in the right direction, and have a list of food sensitivities that we need to follow. One being gluten...dairy...cane what does that leave? Cardboard or something? is going to be a process and an adventure for sure. I dont think that the food issues will always be that way...she does not have celiac...but they will put her in the right direction. It really pains me to know that she has been dealing with these things for so long...I am glad we have finally gotten some of these things figured out for recovery:-) Pray for us to figure out how to do this diet...we will make mistakes and have to learn along the seems totally overwhelming, but I have already had a number of responses from folks willing to give me their insight and tips...a support really! If you have any information that you would like to give us re: gluten free sites, recipes, etc... we wont turn anything down, and will be grateful for whatever we can glean from you! In the meantime, I am smiling because my 8 year old may not feel different from everyone else for ever....and that will make it worth it!

Thursday, April 07, 2011


Well...first of all...apparently it is time to change my picture on my blog, because some folks think it is not being proactive towards the warmer Spring weather...hehehe (Elizabeth !) hehe! really *IS* that time...time for casting a line, feeling that tug, and pulling out the prize! Gotta love it! This photo says it cares...absolute relaxation...lose yourself in the water...I love it. Enjoy...and bring on Spring~!