Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some of you may know that Cory has some health issues dealing with digestion, and other stuff. We have been seeing a health specialist who has been amazing! Esther has been bugging me about going to see him since we found out that she has quite a bit of gray hair. I took her to the family Doc. whom we love, and he did not think that it was something to be terribly concerned about. Still...I was concerned. Also...Esther was very self-conscious about her weight. A while back we had her doing 20 min. on the stairmaster a night. Nothing. Our goal was not exactly to lose, but just not to put any more on. She has endured teasing, and having to shop for clothes in an adult section. Yesterday we finally had her appt. They tested her urine, saliva, examined her nails, face, ears, irises, tongue, and had a body response test done. Her results show an extremely low functioning thyroid, and pituitary. She has other deficiencys that are giving her trouble as well. He told her that she would not be able to lose weight if she tried, and that there is a reason that she keeps gaining. We have ordered her the items needed to put her in the right direction, and have a list of food sensitivities that we need to follow. One being gluten...dairy...cane sugar...so what does that leave? Cardboard or something? Hmmm....it is going to be a process and an adventure for sure. I dont think that the food issues will always be that way...she does not have celiac...but they will put her in the right direction. It really pains me to know that she has been dealing with these things for so long...I am glad we have finally gotten some of these things figured out for her...now...onto recovery:-) Pray for us to figure out how to do this diet...we will make mistakes and have to learn along the way...it seems totally overwhelming, but I have already had a number of responses from folks willing to give me their insight and tips...a support really! If you have any information that you would like to give us re: gluten free sites, recipes, etc... we wont turn anything down, and will be grateful for whatever we can glean from you! In the meantime, I am smiling because my 8 year old may not feel different from everyone else for ever....and that will make it worth it!


Rebecca said...

Wow. I hate that we just got together and never had time to hear about this! Guess that means we need to get together more often so we don't have to cram EVERYTHING into a few hours (because clearly THAT doesn't work! hehehe)

I am SO sorry for you guys and poor Esther! A lot of changes are in store for you but as you said, it will be worth it. Quite a few families are celiac at our church so I have been learning more and more the types of food they can have. I make a really yummt chicken enchilada lasagna that is celiac-worthy and while Esther isn't celiac, she could still EAT it. And it is YUMMY. Let me know if you are interested.

Gray hairs at pre-teen and no WORRIES?! Crazy. So is the diet change the only change or is she going to have to do some things for the pituitary/thyroid stuff too?

So glad you are finding the answers and have the resources necessary to overcome this.

PS. I am SO mad at myself because I have a pile of stuff I have been meaning to give to you for AGES, one of which is a dress that I think would look Smashing on Esther-maybe even an Easter dress?! Must get that to you. SOON. I coulda scratched my eyes out when I saw it on the chair when I got back home from our get together. erg.

Full of Grace said...

You have some answers- that's a big step! :) The only thing I know about gluten free diets is load up on the fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and meats. The good news is it's almost grilling season..Perfect for grilled foods, grilled corn, and amazing salads (not your typical tossed, but spinach with strawberries, dried cranberries in a sweet or balsamic vinegrette) I wish I could help more but I'm so glad you are getting a hold of her medical issues while she is young!!! :)