Friday, March 31, 2006

The Agenda for Today

Today I am again home with the girls, and will finish up the last of the laundry! I hope to be able to read a bit today too. That is my favorite pasttime...snuggling up with a good magazine or book and a cup of tea. Heaven.
Later on in the day we will go to Corys first baseball game of the season! He was walking around the house with a big grin this morning...what a kid! Let's hope he wins!
Well, loading all those pictures took more time than I had planned, I need to get busy and make beds, wash dishes, get my chores done so we can spend some time outside--it is BEAUTIFUL out! Enjoying the Sunshine!

Little Gaylie Lou Who

This is our little Gaylie Lou who..who is no more than 2. I don't know why this photo came out this way. I think it may have to do with the fact that it is digital, and on digital photo paper...but I don't know. I will have more of Gayle when I get my film developed!

Welcome to Preschool

Back to the 80's. I thought I was doing her a favor by curling her hair...Next time I will do better. She is still a cutie though. Esther is enjoying school so much. Next year she goes 3X a week. She is a very busy child so this will be just perfect for her!

Welcome to Kindergarten

This is my son the jokester. I was so excited for the first day of school pictures...I dressed him in a crisp white shirt. His Father allowed him to play with markers. Another teacher gave him an orange lollipop. Needless to say I brought a different shirt to school~a RED one. Isaac brought the picture home, and I thought he could have taken a better one, so I opted for the re-take. We practiced smiling...I thought we had it right. He brought home the picture nearly in tears...both Cory and his Mom told Isaac that I would not be pleased, so he was afraid to give it to me. I was having a stressful day, so when I saw it all I could do was laugh. Isaac said I knew you would laugh Mommy, Nicholas said his Mommy laughed too! Apparently Nicholas told Isaac to sport the "popeye" smile as we like to call it...we told him not to do it again. Better luck next year.

My "Deer" Son Isaac

This was one of Isaacs favorite things to do at the Sportsman Show...Look at all of the taxidermy animals. It must be fascinating for someone so young to see these animals looking so alive, and right before your eyes!

Isaac at the Sportsman Show in Harrisburg

This is a photo of Isaac taken at the Harrisburg Sportsman Show. The guys take this trip every year and have such a good time. I am glad I was not there to see this!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's Up for Today?

Today is going to be an eventful day. The girls and I are home today, and I am getting much done around the house. I am in the midst of laundry. I seem to get it clean and then leave it in baskets...then one night, Cory and I rent a movie, or watch something on TV and we have a Folding night. There is always so much to do. But this morning, the beds are made, the living room is picked up, the kitchen is tidy, and I am working on my second load of laundry. I need to get a shower though...that is always my real goal of the day...when will the shower happen. I feel like I need to get all of my chores done first...and then that is my REWARD!!!
Later on today we are going to have our livingroom painted by Matt Zaccardo. It is a really pretty pale yellow creme with white trim. He and Cory did a great job! While they are working on the living room, I will be at their house helping Anna with supper where we will all feast on spaghetti and meatballs---Annas a really good cook! That is about it...I will be busy most of the day...but then I always am!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We Did It!

Well, I must admit, that was pretty easy! Now I have to figure out how to post pictures...I might need Cory for that...we shall see!

Am I Doing This Right?

Well, this will be our first attempt at blogging, and I am not sure that I am doing this entirely correct...we shall see...Lets hope this turns out okay.