Friday, February 29, 2008

In Case You Are Interested.....

My Mom told me that WBNG's website is playing Corys interview for Teacher of the if you would like to see this for yourself you can visit that site. Apparently they have been playing it over and over since there was a break last week...he gets lots of heckling about it...why not join in the fun!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pre-Retirement Party

This photo was taken right before we left for Mom and Dads retirement party. It was held at the Runway Restaraunt. The food was delicious, and it was fun for the kiddos to see the planes taking off.

Some say she looks like me....HA!

My Little Gaylie Lou Who

Amusing....but also a little painful --HA!

A Prayer For Those Growing Older ~ Author Unknown

Lord, Thou knowest that I am growing older. Keep me from growing talkative and possessed with the idea that I must express myself on every subject. Release me from the craving to straighten our everyones affairs. Keep me from the recital of endless details. Give me wings to get to the point. Seal my lips when I am inclined to tell of my aches and pains. They are increasing with the years and my love to speak of them grows sweeter as time goes by. Make me thoughtful but not nosey; helpful but not bossy. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I may be wrong. With the vast store of wisdom and experience, it does seem a pity not to use it all. But Thou knowest, Lord, that I want a few friends in the end.

Monday, February 18, 2008


We are on vacation right now in Western PA. I just woke up. I have been battling a nasty sinus cold so I asked Cory if he would get up with the kids and let me sleep longer, and then I would return the favor the next day. So he did. The next thing I know there was a loud banging sound, and I thought someone had run into our car...dont worry it was just the garbage truck....whew. Then Cory had come upstairs to wake me up...only to find me up...he told the kiddos to keep an eye on Eli while he talked to me to find out the plans for the were talking ...and we hear Eli...that is no big deal...he is always making noise....and then Cory says we have to watch Elijah and the stairs...Esther says he can climb up them...I said ok we will watch out. Cory goes to leave and Eli is at the TOP of the stairs and when he sees Cory he starts to stand up....Cory lets out a YELP...and grabs the chubby bundle and hands him to me...and we smother him with all kinds of kisses because we were so terrified...and he is eating it all up because he is sooooo proud of himself and well, he thinks that we are fussing all over him for his good work....QUITE a scare. We are keeping a closer eye now.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been trying to post this for days...lets see if it works this time...

A while back I was checking out some peoples blogs and I found something interesting. A lot of people were talking about creating routines, developing handy household skills, and general just must be in the air. I love this kind of information and in fact crave it. JJ you have addicted me to the "correct way to crack an egg"...after smashing it to pieces the first time, I have consistently gotten better, and can do it no other way! Also , the handy way to fold sheets....another JJ fun fact...thanks.

Isaac had to make a chore chart and follow it for one month for one of his scout requirements. So we made up a good chart and are all reaping the good benefits of that! Even little Gayle drys the dishes! On this chart the kids work for 6 days and on the 7th they just make their bed and they get a prize for all of their time and effort. Now when I say prize, I mean like a pack of gum, or a trip to the dollar store or something like that. I will admit it. Cory and I hardly ever buy the kids anything. I would say that we spend our money on letting them take swim lessons, being in t- ball, soccer...things that will keep them active and social. We buy them toys at Christmas and Birthdays. In doing this Cory and I have found that our children are more thankful for the things that they recieve. For instance...a trip to the dollar store may not seem like much...but for those that dont "get " something every time they go shopping it is a delight! Cory and I decided also long ago that we would not buy them something every time we went to the because we did not have the money, and two because we did not want them to think that they were going to get something. Prizes are small and cheap at our house...but no less exciting for them. stickers were the reward for potty training...not candy. I feel bad for some parents who have set the standard so high. Isaac asked me the other day if he could have a prize for doing so well at swim lessons...I said your prize is that you get to take swim lessons. Believe it or not we had the best prize for when Isaac brought home 100s on his spelling test. Spankings. Yes you read that right. He would bring it to us with a big smile on his face, and we would act angry and say " What is this? You had better not let this happen again" and then we would chase him down and then Cory would hold him while I spanked him with the spoon....he LOVED it. Later on someone told him what they got for good grades and he told him that he got spankings...and then the reaction he got embarassed him...sooo no more spankings...HA. At any rate...I guess all I am saying is that when you dont make your child expect that he deserves something...he will be thankful for whatever he gets...even if it is just a stick of gum.

A Nice Surprise!!!

Happy Valentines Day belatedly. While I did not get anything for my husband he decided to get something for me. When I got up that morning all bleary-eyed...I noticed that there was a gift for me on the table with a nice note. There was a bottle of black currant/vanilla massage oil...(and I had to this for me or you?) and a pink heart shaped box full of yankee candle votives....thank you to my thoughtful husband...I love you so.


Congratulations to my Cory!!!! Cory was Educator of the Week this week. He was interviewed by Channel 12, and he did a really great job!! Well Done Cor!

The Sweetheart Dance

About a month ago I told Esther that her school was going to be having a "Sweetheart Dance". I told her that she should ask Daddy if he wanted to go on a date with her...she was soooo excited and asked him right away. She then proceeded to go straight to her closet and pick out her fanciest dress...(which by the way is not really all that fancy.) She has been so excited about this day, and it has finally come! Esther is in for a big surprise though! It is official...Esther will never marry I am sure because I am convinced she wont find anyone who can live up to her Father--HA. As soon as Cory found out about the dance he went out and bought her a BEAUTIFUL dress. It is red and black with sparkly flowers on it. It also has a shiny red bow too. The bottom of it has that filmy kind of material...She is going to be beautiful. (As if she needs a dress to be beautiful says the Mother.) Anyways, Cory also bought her a wrist corsage, and each of the girls a half dozen carnations...I have been waiting for this moment too...I really think it is important that a Father make his daughte(s) feel beautiful and special...after all, isnt that how you would want your daughters husband to treat them? Esther really eats this kind of attention up, so I am really proud of Cory for picking something out so beautiful for her...and treating her like such a little lady. I will take pictures :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Forget about the beef...wheres the Mayo?

Alright...I suppose I am feeling a little antagonistic today. You see, I noticed that my husband did not take lunch today, so being the good wifey that I try to be, I took it to him. On the way home I stopped at Wendys for a $1 menu chicken sandwich with extra mayo...I was soooo anticipating this sandwich, which would be such a treat for me...I ate it as I drove down the road...and was sadly dissappointed...Where in the world was the MAYO???? It seems so trivial doesn't it? You might think that I am getting a little too out of control regarding Mayo...perhaps. This is my situation....every time (and I do mean EVERY time ) I get something from this particular establishment...they get it I decided to write this letter:

To the Manager of Wendys (in our particular location),
Hello. My name is Wendy and I am writing this letter as a result of the poor service that I have found at this Wendys location. It has become somewhat of a joke in our family that whenever we order from your store there is ALWAY something missing or the order is wrong. By and by it has lost its humor, thus the reason for this letter. It is a luxury or perhaps a treat for my family to eat out. I am a stay at home mother of 4 and live on once income. While it may seem like a petty reason it really makes a big deal to the kids. Imagine their surprise to find that they are going to get treated to a kids meal. They unwrap their burger with such anticipation and are let down to find that there is pickles and mustard all over it, when it was ordered to be with out. This child will not eat this either my husband gives his up and has nothing...or my money is wasted ....either way someone gets jipped! I realize I could take it back, but we are well on our way down the road and well it just is not convienient.. My husband bought a jr. bacon cheeseburger one time and I a regular cheeseburger. We did not know which one was which. I had to take the tops off and find that the one with the piece of bacon less than a 1/2 in long was the jr bacon cheeseburger...we decided to laugh at was just our luck...or so we thought. I enjoy the crispy chicken sandwich with extra mayo...only there NEVER is extra mayo...and I have to begin to wonder if perhaps your workers are instructed to deny such requests? Tomatoes find their way onto sandwiches that have been special ordered to have been left off. Does it seem like a cooincidence to you that EVERY time we order it is ALWAYS wrong? Please know that I am not angry, but only bringing it to your attention. As the manager of the store I am sure that you would want to address the matter. I am sure we are not the only recipients of such service. Thank you for reading and good luck with your establishment. Respectfully, Wendy honest and I going completely over the top? I just cant stand to pay for something and have it the opposite of what I anticipate! The Mayo just pushed me over quite frankly. oh well. I have not decided if I am going to send this or not...I really think I might. Well see.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The baby is taking his nap...Gayle is laying down...(but not sleeping) and the older two are in school. I am sitting here with a cup of hot tea and blogging because #1 I like to...and #2 I have lots of stuff that I don't WANT to do (stomp foot for drama).

Did you know in order to sell live bait that you have to have an agricultural license (that is to sell legally)? Yes you do. Cory and I have decided that we are going to sell live bait...WHY? you ask. Well, not for the money if that is what you are thinking. Plain and simple we love to fish. We also live along a trout stream, and next to a number of lakes. In order to get bait...we and other fishers of fish have to go a little ways to get our is not really THAT long...but long enough for us to wish that there was something just a little closer. Soooo we will mostly likely set up our fridge shop perhaps a month earlier than the trout opening. We will sell Night Crawlers, Meal Worms, Wax Worms, and also Little Red Worms. I was also thinking that this would make a really great scout project for Isaac at some point. I can just hear you all saying THAT IS SOOOO GROSS!!!! I actually am really excited about it though...we are in a really good location...and well when you run out of bait...location is important:) SOooo the next time you go get your bait...maybe you should ask to see their license? HA!

Another matter to keep in prayer for us is that we would really like to buy our own home at some point. We have been faithfully socking away in order to have a sizeable downpayment. We have it electronically drawn out of our account so there is no temptations. Next summer we will begin our quest. Just for informations sake, we looked into see what we would be pre-approved for. I was sure they were going to say something like 30-40 but it was much higher. Be really careful when you talk to these people. They pre approved us for more than we could EVER pay back--it was nice to see that people thought we were lendworthy...but it also scared me a little because folks will go right out and mortagage the full amount and have to forclose. The whole house business scares me because well...there is no turning back...and a lot of responsibility. I know that God has a plan for our family and a home in mind...just pray that Cory and I will have wisdom in the whole process.

Isn't Dunkin Donut Coffee the best in the world? OOOpps sorry Keith. JJ I have been enjoying the coffee you sent our way...Thank you sooooooo much!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Okay...apparently I do not know how old I will be this dear husband was kind enough to remind me --I shall be 33...yes...thanks alot Cor.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! I am so excited for 2008! So many changes to come...Eli will turn 1, Isaac 8, Esther 6, Gayle 4, and Cory and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage...not to mention turn 32 (yikes!) I love "fresh new starts"...its just like Spring to me. I do not have any "resolutions" exactly, but I always try to strive to do everything just a little bit better.

Christmas was delightful! We decorated, baked cookies, ate cookies, went to parties, ate more cookies...then Christmas Eve we went to Corys Dads Church for their Christmas Eve service. I love going to that...The last song they sing is Silent Night, and they light candles and turn out the lights...of course the kids are in awe that they can hold fire...Ha! Esther had a sore throat..and in the middle of the service she was coughing, and then made a gagging chucking sound...that was pretty embarrassing as we were in the very front. After the service we came home and made our traditional hoagies, and then we put cookies out for Santa (Yes, the kids know he is a Fake...but they and I love to pretend). Cory read the Night before Christmas, and then we stayed up until 4 am wrapping the presents I never wrapped...and making everything easier for the next setting the table...making the cookies I wanted to make but didn't...somehow I got lost in the hubub of the festivities....I guess I am just a kid at heart :) We had Corys family for Christmas at our house and had a really great time. The kids shopped at the dollar store for their gift giving...they are getting better...Cory got styrafoam that you put fake flowers in (from Gayle) The first year we did this...Isaac got him paper plates with poinsettias on them , and Esther got him a glow in the dark "I (heart) love richard " can imagine the mechanics at the garage where we get our car fixed had a field day with that one :) As for gifts for Cory and I ...well last year, I think I got some pjs...and he got little hand squeezers for his desk...we had a five dollar limit. This year our limit was a little bigger $30 ...this is big stuff for us as we dont buy "things " for ourselves . So I went to my redneck husbands favorite store...Gander Mountain. I bought him a red light that attaches to his scope for coyote hunting. It was more than thirty, but I figured that he would truly use it, rather than get him another pair of dress slacks...he was extremely pleased. My gift was a puzzle to me...he made it sound as if I was getting a jewelry box...instead it was a digital camera!!!! I said I think this is a little more than $30, and he asked if I wanted him to take it back...I said No. He had been saving up for it...thank you dear husband. Pictures will come when I get them made into a cd! I hope your Christmas was awesome!

Presently we are at Corys Mom and Dads for New Years. We had the traditional Pork and Sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes, and Applesauce....I look forward to that :) This morning I woke up and went sled riding with the kiddos. Yes I admit it...I have never grown up, and love to sled ride!! I did not get to last year as i was Prego with Eli. I think I went down once, and Cory told me to go inside. This year we got tubes for the kiddos to use. I was riding with Esther, and some how managed to ride over Isaacs was quite funny. That brings to mind a few other sled riding stories to tell.

One of my favorite memories is about JJ. We were riding on the big tractor tire intertube...the neighbors were over, and Paul had hooked it up to the gravely somehow...well he was pulling us all around the yard...and everyone was shouting and laughing, and i realized that JJ was missing...and happened to look down to find that she had fallen in the middle, and the tube had run her over, but the weight of us all would not let her head she was literally snowplowing with her was so funny.

Amanda and I had gone sled riding where our Dads farm used to be. We found a hill and decided to try it. The problem was the hill was steep and it had about a 3 foot drop. In our minds we would have flown through the air and kept going...of course that did not happen. We flew off of the hill and landed with a thud...knocking the wind out of both of us...I truly thought I was going to die...I even told Amanda to tell Mom and Dad that I died. When we finally could breathe we cried all the way home . Also Amanda got to stay home from school the next day because she "crushed " her toes. She wanted me to ride in the front of the sled...I said no way, I will break my she had to ride in front...she crushed her toes because I ran into her...ha.

I am really enjoying these trips down memory lane. Another time we were at a sled riding party and the family had a GIANT toboggan. I said I would ride down with Mr McBurney...they said ok get in the front, I said no way I will break my he had to ride in front...we crashed at the bottom of the hill, and he broke his leg.

Last one I promise...Ok Corys and my friends from College Lisa, Sparky, and Sarah...we all spent New Years together one year...we decided to go sled riding. Lisa took us to this "GREAT" hill. On the trek to get there...Lisa fell in a ground hog hole...HA. Anyways, the hill was positively frightening to was like Straight up and down...I would not sled ride because I did not enjoy sledding accidents. So Sparky was first...let me just add that the snow had a crust of ice on the top which added to the sledders enjoyment. Okay Sparky went no ...he FLEW down. He was really humming...but when he came back his face was all bloody, with lots and lots of scratches...apparently Lisas really great hill had briar bushes all over was really comical. Sparky tried again to avoid the briars...and ended up going so fast that he was doing cartwheels all the way down the mountain...only he wasnt using his hands ...he was using his FACE!...once again...lots of scratches and blood. Thanks Lisa...those were the days!!

Next time I ll tell you about my skiing experience :) Happy New Year All!