Monday, January 14, 2008

The baby is taking his nap...Gayle is laying down...(but not sleeping) and the older two are in school. I am sitting here with a cup of hot tea and blogging because #1 I like to...and #2 I have lots of stuff that I don't WANT to do (stomp foot for drama).

Did you know in order to sell live bait that you have to have an agricultural license (that is to sell legally)? Yes you do. Cory and I have decided that we are going to sell live bait...WHY? you ask. Well, not for the money if that is what you are thinking. Plain and simple we love to fish. We also live along a trout stream, and next to a number of lakes. In order to get bait...we and other fishers of fish have to go a little ways to get our is not really THAT long...but long enough for us to wish that there was something just a little closer. Soooo we will mostly likely set up our fridge shop perhaps a month earlier than the trout opening. We will sell Night Crawlers, Meal Worms, Wax Worms, and also Little Red Worms. I was also thinking that this would make a really great scout project for Isaac at some point. I can just hear you all saying THAT IS SOOOO GROSS!!!! I actually am really excited about it though...we are in a really good location...and well when you run out of bait...location is important:) SOooo the next time you go get your bait...maybe you should ask to see their license? HA!

Another matter to keep in prayer for us is that we would really like to buy our own home at some point. We have been faithfully socking away in order to have a sizeable downpayment. We have it electronically drawn out of our account so there is no temptations. Next summer we will begin our quest. Just for informations sake, we looked into see what we would be pre-approved for. I was sure they were going to say something like 30-40 but it was much higher. Be really careful when you talk to these people. They pre approved us for more than we could EVER pay back--it was nice to see that people thought we were lendworthy...but it also scared me a little because folks will go right out and mortagage the full amount and have to forclose. The whole house business scares me because well...there is no turning back...and a lot of responsibility. I know that God has a plan for our family and a home in mind...just pray that Cory and I will have wisdom in the whole process.

Isn't Dunkin Donut Coffee the best in the world? OOOpps sorry Keith. JJ I have been enjoying the coffee you sent our way...Thank you sooooooo much!


Jane said...

Did you really hear me saying, "That is so gross?"

Jthemilker said...

Thanks for ratting me out! Keith has no idea that I sent you competitor coffee!!! HA!!! Shhhh... (I like it too)

Elizabeth said...

Makes sense to me- you guys love to fish, why not sell bait too? That way, anytime you have an itchin' to go fishin' you can use some of your own bait (if there is any left from being sold of course) :) Some time this summer, maybe we could get together and go fishing? Boy, I miss those days...ahh the memories :)

I just saw a commercial for Milky Way Hot Chocolate at Dunkin Donuts that sounds terribly tempting....One of these days soon I might have to cheat and get one!!! :)

Wendy said...

Aunt Jane~ I heard you loud and clear!

JJ~ I wrote that statement without even thinking--HA...DD is coffee for the layperson...Starbucks is well you know for Coffee Snobs...I like to pretend I am sometimes...but I am just a regular at heart!

Elizabeth~ You don't know how many times Cory and I have said...We should see if the Browns want to go fishing, because we get a NY liscence every year too...but you know seems like thinking and doing are so different...but yes!!! Lets DO IT...this year!! We'll bring the bait! HA!

Rebecca said...

Hey-that's a GREAT idea! I bet you'll be swarming with business! I think it is clever and entreprenuerial...and gross. But hey-I think FISHING is gross-so there ya go. More power to ya! ;-)

Jumping into a house purchase IS scary-but you guys are SMART and you both have the inside track on it all, since Cory DID that for a while! Still waiting for that on our end...but we are like 99.9999999% sure THIS is the year for it. Let's hope so...I am SO ready!