Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Congratulations to my tenderhearted Isaac for earning his Tenderfoot in the Boy Scouts! He recieved it at his Scout Court of Honor, and I am so proud of him for a job well done! His goal is to achieve Eagle Scout, and he is motivated! Well done son!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


You can have a lot of fun when your big brother stays home from school! Oh what an opportunity! .....(and what a guy!)Posted by Picasa


Beautiful Esther. We had to look long and hard for a "dressy" dress that didn't expose her. I rather liked this one. The shoulders were a little big..so I had to get fancy with a safety pin...so don't look too close!

I am always in awe of Esther and her look. She has so many nice features that I can play with....and she lets me do it! I keep imagining the day we go to look for her wedding gown and do Mother/Daughter girly things. It made my heart glad when she thought about those things too, and told me without knowing my thoughts! What a moment!

Cory told me she wanted to dance with him all evening long...of course she did! He made her feel so special...just like a Daddy should!

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Gorgeous Gayle! She was quite the beauty in her sparkly gown. Who doesn't like sparkles?

She is looking quite grown up....and SOUNDING grown up! Her Grandmother gave her some money to get something to go with her dress...she thought I would forget...so she kept saying ..."Mommy...when are we going to get the accessories!?" She is a girl after my own heart! So here she is with her earrings and Sparkly flower accessories!

Do you love to dress up? I do...and I imagine how they must feel...sort of like the first picture with her flitting her dress....spinning around...okay...maybe I am over the top...I think I am just as excited as they are! It makes me happy that they enjoy the same things that I do.

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Yes...I think it is safe to assume they were just as excited as I was...
...and they were back before the van turned into a pumpkin!

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