Saturday, February 11, 2012


Beautiful Esther. We had to look long and hard for a "dressy" dress that didn't expose her. I rather liked this one. The shoulders were a little I had to get fancy with a safety don't look too close!

I am always in awe of Esther and her look. She has so many nice features that I can play with....and she lets me do it! I keep imagining the day we go to look for her wedding gown and do Mother/Daughter girly things. It made my heart glad when she thought about those things too, and told me without knowing my thoughts! What a moment!

Cory told me she wanted to dance with him all evening long...of course she did! He made her feel so special...just like a Daddy should!

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Full of Grace said...

Everytime I see Esther dolled up I can see that girl Grown Up! She looked so pretty! :) Tell her Mrs. Brown loved her hair and makeup!! :) Sounds like she had a wonderful time with her daddy :)