Tuesday, November 01, 2011


This was an exciting year...I did not have to buy ANY costumes...or make any! I was able to recycle what we had from previous years...and thanks to my sister Amanda for buying the after Halloween sale stuff! We were very happy! Esther decided to be a Jailbird. She was just really not feeling well this year..and I thought that she was not going to be able to go Trick or Treating....but she decided that she was not going to miss out.
This was the before picture....I should have kept her home...but I am glad that she got to go since she was looking so forward to it.Posted by Picasa


Optimus Prime....This is Eli...and he is very proud to be a Transformer! He was excited to have a Halloween Party at his school as well...He has far too much candy!

Gayle used the witch costume...she wanted a green face.....she still looks like a pretty witch.

Okay...I did break down and buy her a pair of purple and black striped tights...but I justified it with saying that she could wear it all year long...so it really doesnt count :-)
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Asher was difficult to get a shot of..he did not like the hood on....as you can see it was a little large..so he trick or treated with it off..

He was not sure what to think when people met him at the door.....and then held out a basket of candy to him..he took one..then looked back at the candy....for about 2 houses...then he got it. He was SO excited to go and get the candy and then he would say "thank you for the canny" in his baby voice....he was very cute... the other kids had run on ahead of us...so Cory and I got to really enjoy his antics, and take our time with him.....it was very enjoyable.

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Handsome Isaac.

Goofy Isaac...I wonder how long it will last. How many more years will I have with him dressing up? This is an Aunt Manda special....we sure had fun this year!

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