Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Your prayers would be appreciated...they are needed badly! First off...we have had sickness in our house one person at a is as if it lies in wait and then pounces...and knocks you down....HARD. It starts with a cough...a sore throat...sinus *think* you can use meds and treat it...but then it knocks you over and you literally use an entire box of tissues in one day. First Gayle, then Eli, then Asher, then Esther, then may be starting with Isaac, but I *think* he is ok...Cory has been pounding oranges and seems to have escaped it...Please pray that he doesnt get it...that THEY dont get it.

Other requests are that a friend of ours caught his hand in a snow blower and quite possibly might have lost 2-3 fingers. He is in so much pain, and this family is going through quite a trial....which brings me to the next concern....their son has a growth in his brain in an inoperable spot and the situation is very scary! They prayed over him at church this past Sunday~ I am convinced that this family is under attack in a big way. So if you think about it...add them to your prayer list...and pray for their strength and support, and for encouragement, and healing, and for blessings in abundance!

Please pray for Cory if you think of it...he has much to accomplish in the next couple of days...he has been very tired...I was no help to him over the weekend due to being so sick! He has a workload ahead of him and needs to find some extra portion of that is what I am praying for! I am proud of him for working so hard, and it is at these times that I cant help him because they arent something I can his school work and grading essays...etc...I feel helpless. ....but I will pray...and that *is* something...very powerful.

Just a quick note to say thank-you to all of you who love us and pray for us...challenge us...follow up with know who you are...and it means a great deal to us! I feel like such a sap today...but it really is true...the effort you make is evident of your love to us--thanks!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


He is growing so fast...I know I say it all the time...but it is true! I am trying frantically to get some shots before it all passes by...I am not one to take shots of myself...but he is soooooo lovey and snuggly that I just want to remember it!

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He worked hard cutting and sanding...and painting...he was so proud!
It is always a time to look forward to...this was his last year...becuase it is on to boy scouts for this guy!
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Trout fishing...indoors!
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This is Esther with a couple from the hunting tv show The Crush. Cory thought it would be fun to get her a hat with their autographs...
There are so many fun things to see and learn about...They come back with a bag filled with memorabilia, and different brochures.
This was Gayles first year. She loved it!
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Every year I have the same date...the first year...he was a little embarrassed to be seen holding my hand...didn't want to be seen dancing with his ...Mother!
Last year he invited me...and then decided it might be more fun to go to a birthday party he was invited to...
This year was different...he didn't care what anyone thought...he just wanted to make me happy...I think he had a good time too :-)
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Valentines...excited for the Valentine dance...hehe.
One snuck in. (I know that is not a word...I like it.)
This year, Isaac was very intent on making this a special day for me since it is his last Valentines Dance, due to him going to middle school next year. He made a very sentimental card and bought me a "love bug" to ask me formally to the dance. He wanted to hold my hand everywhere we went, and was really such a gentleman. He presented me with a pink carnation when we arrived, and made sure that he danced with me. He is a tender heart for sure...paying such close attention to detail...I wonder about the lucky woman who will steal his heart :-)
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Oh he getting tall! Yowzer! (And handsome too!)

Being silly....I like Gayles face in the bottom one...she looks so serious :-)
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Gayle suprised me this year. She tried on a number of dresses ....very princessy dresses...and then chose this one...not my first choice...but then when she wore it, it was really very much her personality...she looked beautiful!

Esther looked beautiful in her was difficult finding one for her. She is not the size of an average 8 year none of those dresses fit her. We had to sort through adult themed dresses to find something that wouldnt look too! This one was a good pick for her since it had a rather straight bust line...One of the boys came up to her at the dance and asked if she would dance with him...and later gave her a flower...I am thinking next year she can wear a potato sack. hehe.
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Anytime Cory and I dress up, we try to take a picture...which isn't very often...but a good time to make a memory:-)

This is a quirky picture...but it is just how Eli is...very spontaneous...I love him so much!
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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Isaac has been coming home telling me about things he has learned in school...and quite frankly...I dont ever remember learning! I don't know if I was not a particularly good student...if it was my school...or what...but I do feel like I have lacked a good education in a lot of subjects. So...Cory scored me an a textbook called America...History of our Nation. It is absolutely GIANT! It is nice because it is a Teachers book so it has more food for thought...So instead of reading the nice new trilogy that Cory bought me the other day...I am going to be learning about civilizations...wars...and ...eras.... I hope to be a better student this time around. While I want my kids to be smarter than me...I dont want that to happen in 5th grade! Sheesh!

Speaking of learning...we watched an old 7th Heaven video the other day with the kids. Cory was doing a book with his students called Number the Stars, so he decided to show this particular episode that dealt with the holocaust. It was a very good lesson for the kids to learn...and at the same time very scary. It can be very easy to skip over lessons like these because they are too painful...but I think that is one reason that it should not be that it will never be forgotten.

Hope everyone is warm and toasty....I am finally thawing out after having to pick up tons of newspaper flyers that blew all over our yard...driveway...neighbors driveway...what a mess!


"Live like no one else you can live like no one else later." This is a great quote for when I get to feeling like things move too slowly in this fast paced world. Keep the focus...and stay on time you will reap a rich harvest. I love when God speaks to my heart through things like this.