Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Vacation has been wonderful so far! Our journey to Ohio was great! We took Breakfast and Lunch with us and ate at the rest stops...the kids did great with those stops...I am so glad that they are such good travellers. When we got to Ohio, we checked into a great Hotel with a hot tub and swimming pool...we spent as much time in it as we could...the kids were loving were Cory and I! Later on was Corys Grandma and Grandpa Jacks Surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary...We set up for that, and then had a fabulous time with them...we got to meet family that Cory hasnt seen for 15 or more years, and that I hadn't met at all...a really lovely time. Grandma and Jack were very surprised...but I think very touched as well!
After the party, we journeyed down to Corys Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Harrys Place. They live on 56 beautiful wooded acres. The driveway is a long winding one and at the top sits a beautiful house overlooking a pond. It is all too beautiful for words. I was able to get some pictures of the scenery, and will post some when I get it developed. It was all such a pleasant and refreshing time spent. Uncle Harry spoiled the kids by letting them play with his "toys". Both Isaac and Esther got to drive his Kubota, and Mule...of course they were in their glory...and lets not forget Cory...a big kid at heart...Uncle Harry took him in the Mule to look around the property ...showing him where the good hunting spots were...he is planning a trip to go hunting with his buddy from school...I am trying to figure out how I can come to go visit too...but I dont really think I am invited..HA. Anyways...We of course spent time fishing in the pond...Esther even caught a catfish!!! Good Job Esther ! Aunt Sherrie showed us all of the beautiful landscaping she has done, and the projects she plans on doing...I will post pictures of those too. Inside the house was so beautiful...I wish I had taken pictures inside as well...I did get one of the sun room...I hope it comes out! We went to visit Corys cousin Shelly and Scott and their son Chase. They run a campground. Their house sits in the way way back of the campground and is just as beautiful. They have a huge pond as well!
Before we left for Aunt Sherrie and Uncle Harrys, we went to visit our friends the Somas. They have been remodeling their house, and it is looking so nice! Paul is quite a carpenter! We didnt get to stay long, but we did have lunch with their crew and got to see the Bumps and Mrs. McDonald too! I hope we get to see each other again just wasn't a long enough visit!
On the way home we cut through the corner of West Virgina. By home, I mean Butler. We pulled in the Driveway just as Dad was getting out of his car! I made spaghetti for supper and John and Amanda and I went to get salad and Garlic Bread...yummy! JJ and Keith joined us for supper too. We are staying at their house. JJ and Keith are busy remodeling their place as well. We hope to be able to help them while we are here. While we are here, we plan to go see my Dad at work, which is Raccoon State Park, and maybe go fishing, buy a load of birthday gifts, see our niece and nephews, golf, go to starbucks, and much much more!
Yesterday I walked through the Garden with my Uncle Charlie. It was huge!!!! He had such a lot planted. Also quite a lot of red raspberry bushes...they were red, but bitter....he said I was a week early...they come out around the 4th and so do the Japanese beetles. When I was a kid I got a penny for every japanese beetle that I caught in a can. I took pictures of the garden and will post some when I get the chance. The kids took some bread outside to feed the chickens...Gayle I dont think got the hang of it...she kept eating the bread...HA
Well, I had best get this day started! We have so much we want to do before we have to leave....hope you all have a good day! And Rebecca, if you are reading the comments!

Friday, June 23, 2006

HOORAY....IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

The other day I picked out this book at the library by Beverly is called The Preachers Daughter. I read her other series called Abrahms (sp?) Daughters and found it really hard to put down. I will most likely not get a chance to read this for a couple of weeks ...has anyone read it? Was it any good? Don't give anything away though!
Today we will be shopping for things that we need for our trip. I plan to go to the dollar store and buy a number of small items for traveling and wrap them breaks up the trip for the kids, and gives them something to do different. Usually it is like a coloring book or sticker book, a small toy....NOTE to anyone who might try this....DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT give kids dollar store silly putty , especially never....NEVER comes out, and they ruin their clothes....I tried to scrape it off with a knife...most of it is off, but it really is a lost cause! Anyways...I like to get gifts that they can "use" like little doodle should be fun!
I also will be doing shopping for the family back home who have had birthdays...It is easier to do that shopping in Pittsburgh as it leaves room for us in our car to pack, move around,, I like to shop at the stores back home to see how they have changed! It wont be long before we will have to come back and put a birthday party together for the girls!
My day will be pretty packed. I am doing the last of the laundry...and if I can, I would like to throw the sheets and blankets in before we leave...that way they will be all fresh for when we get back...(this may not happen though :( ) I am planning on taking the kids out for lunch today...mainly because we have no food in the house...we are trying to keep it that way because of our trip...I am going to go grocery shop for lunch tommorrow...we will pack lunchmeat, and whatnot in the cooler and then stop at a rest area and let the kids run around and eat. Mom and Dad are going to bring breakfast for everyone, and we will do the same thing...this way it cuts back on cost...and it is fun too! Later on we will get our suitcases packed, and get our last minute items from Wal*Mart...yep...busy busy busy! But I am looking forward to this trip so much! I guess I had better get busy...

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Congratulations to my Cory!!! Cory is the newest Modified Football Coach! Hooray! I just can't believe he got the job! We are so excited. As soon as I heard him say he got it...I just thought to myself...I guess the Lord really does have something in store for us :) Modified will start the first day of school and the last game will be near the end of October...the plan is that the money will be set aside in our house fund! How Awesome is that!!! Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully praying for us...and for this job opportunity! What a blessing!


Today is the last day of School for I-man. After today my little big boy is officially a "big kid first grader"...he had the time of his life at school and did really well. As far as we know he will be going to the same school next year. There is a possibility that he could be moved to the school that Cory is going to go, but we prefer that he stays where he is presently. I am so proud of Isaac and all that he has accomplished! He has worked so hard at school, and at home with Cory and I...I hope his first grade year is just as Fabulous! Well done I-man!
With the last day of school, comes the first day of summer vacation! Yippeee! Actually Corys last day does not start till Friday. He will end the day by going golfing with some of the teachers. Tonight there is a party to say farewell to some of the staff who are going to other buildings (Cory) and for those who are being let go due to seniority is sure to be a good time!
I will be doing wash, and making lists, packing, and getting last minute scheduling in order today and Friday. Saturday at 4a.m. we leave for our vacation. We will end up in a little Further into Ohio on Monday to see our Friends the Somas, McDonalds, and Bumps...then we will trek back to Pittsburgh later that evening and stay with my sister J.J. and her husband Keith. My family is from that area, so we will be visiting with them while we are there, and then on our way back thru...we plan to stop at the Newman Homestead in the State College area. Then it will be back home for us..........
The middle of July brings the girls B-day. Esther will be 4~ Gayle will be 2! A birthday party will be planned, and executed!
The 4th of July takes us to the cottage for Moms B-day and also for a fireworks display from Cliff...each year it gets bigger and better! Thanks Cliff!
The end of July we head to Black Lake NY for some fishing! Cory and I will cut the trip short by a day and come back for a wedding...(I love weddings....sigh) We also have a wedding in August to go to too! (yippee!)
Our summer is going to be jammed packed already...and I have even more things planned! I feel like it will be a Fabulous time and I am so glad that we can get started! Hope you all have a Great Summer!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yesterday was our anniversary fishing trip. Cory and I and our friend Steve headed out to beautiful Otisco Lake. Otisco is one of the Finger Lakes. The water was was so clear! I hooked into some large mouth luck was not great yesterday...But Cory and Steve....they were on fire! Cory pulled a 33inch Muskie into the a fight! Steve and Cory were so giddy like little kids...We will post pictures as soon as I get them. For those of you that don't know ....Muskies have great big sharp teeth...Cory thinks he might have caught a tooth off of his thumb...since it was bleeding...Oh Well....He also hooked into a tiger muskie and some sizeable bass! I was using a spinner bait and since the water was so clear I could see any fish that followed it...I had a huge muskie following it, but it didn't take the bait...I am not sure I wanted it too...they are ugly creatures. Steve also hooked into a monster muskie, but we could not net it and it spit the lure out...I think they hooked into at least five muskie/tiger muskie within an hour...I think that is pretty unheard of...We had a fabulous time...Same time same place next year guys! Steve has a great boat...and it made the fishing that much more enjoyable...what a fabulous time!


Tommorrow is my Dad and Moms 35th Wedding Anniversary. I don't have any photos of Dad...Mom will have to post one of those I hope. Her blog is ...I love their wedding photos...they are so beautiful. These flowers that Mom is holding are so beautiful...they look like miniature pink roses inside of white roses...what are they Mom? I hope that you both have many more years together...I Love You.


These are two candid shots of me before our wedding. I was wondering why I did not have any of Cory ...because I did not see him before the wedding....hmmm...yep thats the ticket! of the shots is with my Dad. Dad was pretty quiet throughout the whole planning of the wedding...he just did not say a whole lot...until it was time for his tux. I picked out a beautiful black and white paisly vest and bowtie for him...and he huffed that "I wasn't giving him anything...I said what do you want?...He said that he wanted striped pants with it...I said "no" it was...Dad had the better deal...the tuxedo place got Corys vest all wrong...he looked like all of the groomsmen...which didnt look bad...but he was supposed to have a white patterned vest and least he had his tails...which set him apart. Sorry still looked dashing anyways...even without your stripes!


Today is June 20th. Today is also Cory and my 8th Wedding Anniversary. It truly feels like so much longer...we were dating for 4 years in college so maybe that is why it seems like so long. We were married on Geneva College Campus. College Hill RPCNA. It was a beautiful (HOT) June day...We had a Fabulous Photographer that took our pictures outside on the campus. After the Wedding, we went to Big Bear Lake in Michigan. We enjoyed boating and Fishing...and other things he he he. Anyways...we also traveled over to Macinac Island. This is a beautiful place if you ever get the chance to go. There are no cars allowed on the island, only bikes and horse drawn carriages. We took the ferry over, and rented a Tandem Bicycle. They have a bike trail around the entire perimeter of the you are literally riding right beside the water! Our Tandem bike excursion did not last long however...Cory was in front, and every time we peddaled my knees would kick him in the butt...HA! We did go to a butterfly museum...that was pretty neat..they would just come and land on you if you stood still . All in all a great honeymoon! We also went to Cedar Point in was way too hot!
Here is to 8 Fabulous Years with my Best Friend in the whole world...I Love You Cory.

Friday, June 16, 2006


I liked the last question in this series so I thought I would post another. The question is name 2 embarrassing moments.


Today feels like it is going to be such a great day! I love when the sun is shining so bright early in the morning : )
Yesterday was Isaac's last T-Ball game....we had a good time. Isaacs friend Jacob plays on the "green" team. Isaac is on the "red" team. When Isaac was up to bat he hit the ball and it bounced on the ground and then off of Jacobs forehead...Ouch. The sad thing was...we were sitting by Jacobs parents and as soon as it happened we just couldnt help ourselves..we laughed and laughed...we said we were sorry...and they were really good sports...but it really was so funny! I am laughing now thinking about it. The season ended with a was really nice. We got into our car...Isaac was the last one so he shut the van side door. I put my hand back and made a fist and when he shut it I started screaming like he had shut my fingers in the door...he was soooo frazzled...he started crying and opened the door immediately...Poor Isaac--I didn't think he would cry~ but again we just couldnt help ourselves from laughing! HA.
Today I am going to take the girls to the mall and look for a Fathers Day gift for Cory. I already know what I want to get~ but I can't tell cause that nosey guy reads my blog! I will be browsing for Corys Dad as well...I am not sure what to get him yet.
Yesterday we went to Corys Mom and Dads and went Dumpster Diving. They are turning their garage into a dining room so the contractor is throwing out all kinds of wood and such...we picked up quite a bit of it. If anything, Isaac can use it to make something with his tools he got for his wont go unused.
Today is Field Days at school....I guess it is all sorts of the end they get doused with water. Isaac wore his swimsuit to school today...along with this lizard shirt...he looked so ready for summer! He is very excited about today. Cory was excited too. He got to wear shorts. Not dress shorts...real shorts. He is in charge of the soccer station. Sounds like a fun day to me!
Later on today we are going to head down to the cottage for supper. Cory is going to weed wack for one of the older ladies that has a cottage beside us. Afterwards he will most likely swim with the kiddos in the lake...the kids will be so excited! I hope there will be time for even a little fishing. We shall see.
I hope everyone has a Fabulous Weekend!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Cory has been busily working on his 2nd Annual Golf Tournament...which happens to be a baseball fundraiser. They did really well last year. They went to lots of the area businesses and got donations of door prizes and some gave "hole sponsors" . Hole sponsors cost $100.00 They are an advertisement write off for your get a sign put up at one of the holes with your name and contact info...teams are made up of 4 people and the cost is $65.00 I think. I think that he has about 70 people already for this Saturday. You can leave a comment Cor...and correct all of my mistakes :) Anyways ~ I am really proud of him for working so hard at this and making it an enjoyable time. They will end it with a meal put on by the Golf Course. Last year they had so many door prizes that everyone got one! I hope this year is just as good if not better than last year!

Today is I-mans last day of T-ball. They are going to play a game and then end it with a picnic. I am going to make my linguini salad is just too easy, and it seems that everyone enjoys it is wonderful picnic food:) I think that the next activities they will be involved in is swim lessons again--But not till this summer...I need a break.

Yesterday, we girls and Isaac got our hair cut. The girl that does my hair comes to the house and she does a fabulous job. $10 cut for me, and I think it is $5 for the kids. My friend Anna and her daughter also got their hair cut as well...I think it was time well spent for my hairdresser. The reason for our cuts...other than needing it badly...was that we would like to get a family picture taken...Can you believe that we have never had a professional family picture taken ....Ever? I hope that will change soon!

Have you tried Diet Dr. Pepper....? It is the absolute best Diet Pop around! It doesn't even taste Diet to me. I suppose you have to like regular Dr. Pepper to enjoy this. We don't often get pop, Cory doesn't like to drink it...but he will get this every now and then for me...what a treat!!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Would some kind soul be good enough to tell me "WHY" I have to write a whole bunch of letters when I post a comment to someones blog?


Today is Flag Day. The girls and I went to I-mans school today for a Flag Day Parade and BBQ. It was rainy outside so we didn't dine outdoors, but it was a pleasant afternoon. The kids all wore red, white, and blue. Some made signs of flags for the occasion. The band and chorus sang/played songs...all in all it was very patriotic :)
A really cool site to look at is this site gives all sorts of facts about our US Flag. Examples are : Why is the Flag patch on U.S. Armed Forces Uniforms "backwards"? Or What do the colors and gold fringe on the flag mean? Also there is a place that tells you the proper way to dispose of , hang, fold a flag....lots of info. Very interesting I might add. I think that if the school would have looked at this site before they would not have let the kids make these pictures of flags...very neat site. You can also see when the President has ordered the flag to be hung half mast.
I hope you all have a pleasant Flag Day......we did.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Little hands make great big messes
wiping dirt on jeans and dresses,
handling yucky slimy things
toads and worms and grasshopper wings.
They leave their prints on glass and walls
and Mom and Dad must clean it all.

But little hands give great big hugs
who cares if they've been touching bugs?
They fit in Dad's pocket when they're cold,
and warm Moms heart when she's feeling old.
Little hands deserve to be kissed
wont be long until they're missed.

TUESDAY MORNING POST.......................!

Psalm 118 vs 24 ~ "This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Good Morning Bloggers! I always like to start my day out with this verse from Psalm 118. Every morning I say to Esther..."What's Today?" And she sings it as well :) Even Gayle has begun to sing it as well, though you can't really make up the words. She likes to sing solo if Esther chimes in she squawks!
The other day I was listening to a song on the radio. It was a country song....(sorry Mom). Anyways...I think it is by Tim McGraw and I believe it is called "Live Like You Were Dying" The whole gist of the song is that if you knew that you were going to die within a matter of time, what would you do? The guy in the song does all kinds of things for himself one being skydiving. intrigued me, so I wrote a list down of things that I would like to accomplish if I were to pass away soon. I was truly amazed that the things I would do really had nothing to do with myself! (I am not tooting my horn here...) I really thought going into it that I would write down things like learn to play the piano...take a trip to see the Grand Canyon...etc...But the one thing that was huge on my list was to finish my Scrapbooks. I think that was the most important way of leaving something of myself behind for my kids/family. So...I am going to be working hard this summer to finish these memories...(well, I dont know about FINISH...but at least make a dent.) Perhaps I will finally get our Wedding Scrapbook done after 8 years HA! The other thing that was really big on my list was to incorporate the children more into my daily activities. It is really easy for me to shoo them off to go play while I make supper, sweep the floor...whatever. The kids want to be with me and love when I ask them to help...I just need to let them. The other day there was a pile of towels sitting on the sofa to be folded, and Esther just went right over and folded all of the wash cloths and dish towels and then brought them over to me for putting away...I was so proud of her for taking the initiative to do this on her own, and do it well. I am starting to ramble...The whole point of my story was that my initial ideas were not what turned out to be important, and I was pleasantly surprised by about that...I surprised myself! Good Job Wendy!
I hope everyone has a fantastic day! I am hoping to get lots of laundry done....How very boring! I would rather take the kids to the park and ride bikes....but I wont.-I will do the laundry. Maybe Tomorrow.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I was reading an excerpt from my sister J.J.s blog...see sidebar ( I dont know how to do links yet.) Anyways...there was a questionnaire for someone to fill out and see how well you know someone...I am going to try to do sort of the same thing. The question is: Name 3 things about yourself that most people would not know. Post your answers in the comment box.


This is a photo of beautiful Otisco Lake. It is one of the Fingerlakes. It is also the destination of Corys and my Anniversary celebration. It will be 8 years this year...(it sure feels a lot longer than that!!! HA) Anyways, I was thinking to myself...I wonder if Cory wants to celebrate it...? Usually we just go out for supper somewhere...but I thought that we could use some time away from the kids...just a little while I told him that I wanted to go fishing at Otisco Lake...It will be Cory, Me, and his friend Steve from school...(Steve has the boat, trailer..etc...) I don't really care who goes...I just want to fish without having to run after kids...soooooo Corys Mom and Dad have arranged to watch the kiddos for us on Monday...and we hope to catch some large fish! We never really "celebrate" our anniversary anyways...the first year, Cory was in Grad School, and well, I guess we really don't get into the gift giving part...we just want to spend time together...and fishing is our favorite!
Can you believe the kids have Pink Eye again? Oh well, they were all taken to the Dr today whether they needed it or not. Isaac and Gayle both had it...Esther did not...They should be ready to head back to school by Wednesday!
I found this humorous. The 8th Anniversary is the "pottery year". I was thinking more like "the rubbermaid year" for all of the junk that you accumulate in those years...YES...the year of plastics....if anyone is looking for a gift idea for us...Glad garbage bags will do the trick...HA!

Friday, June 09, 2006


Today is payday...and I will need to get my list together and attempt to fill our bare cupboards :) We usually go to Wal*Mart for all of our dry and paper goods, and then a local grocery for our meat and produce. I don't like to be in Wal*Mart any longer than I have to Cory usually comes with me for that trip...He gets the Diapers while I get something else...Tag Team Style. I have been finding lately that the kids are facinated with bathrooms at stores. They have to go every time we are there. I make them go at home so we wont have to stop and use those filthy bathrooms...but still amazingly they have to go! I tell them NO. But Cory thinks that is not a good idea so I get over ruled...and they get to go to "disease city". Yuck. Maybe I will change my mind when there is a puddle on the floor and no change of clothes for my child? Until then...Say NO to public restrooms!

Tomorrow is Esther's Dance recital. A short little number...playing some nursery rhymes. She will look cute though...isn't that really what it is all about at this age...they don't seem to have real skill here. The program is going to be held at the is a great place because every seat in the house is a good one. (Cory and I had front row seats for Collin Raye at this place...!!!) Anyways, we went for a rehearsal...and Esther apparently knew exactly where she was supposed to stand, right in the middle. Some girl next to her was obviously in the space that was hers...due to half of the girls not giving her enough Esther was preoccupied with moving this girl out of the way with her feet...the girl was beside herself not knowing how to move down...but Esther kept pushing and pushing with her feet until they had to stop the whole rehearsal to figure it out. When they finally did practice, Esther had her tongue sticking out in concentration...(she gets this from her Father..she really does)...We will be so proud of our Esther...who is smack dab right in the middle for all to see the concentrating tongue performance...Good Luck Essie! just never ends. Put that on the list of things to done...and to be done at a later time....I just can't seem to get ahead! Isaac comes home from school and changes his clothes right away...Esther will change her clothes at least once a day...and well Gayle cant seem to keep her clothes on...Corys Mom has nicknamed her Miss Tequila Sunrise. You would think that would help the laundry situation...but no it doesn't. Oh well, enough belly aching...time to put a load in...1 down...99 to go! AAHHHH!

Yesterday, the Pastors wife gave me some leftover Better Boy tomato plants...I need to get them in the ground this weekend. I love fresh tomatoes. There is nothing like a toasted tomato sandwich for lunch! I wont have enough for canning this year...but I do so enjoy fresh tomatoes on my salads. I hope to get some additional soil this weekend, because our soil is not rich by any means!


Yesterday was a milestone. Isaac lost his first tooth. (tear). We went out for ice cream yesterday because T-Ball was cancelled. During our consumption he bit down on his tooth apparently and he started crying with a mouth full of ice cream...I had no idea what happened~so I jumped up and said whats wrong Isaac...he said...I hurt my wiggly tooth. HA. Anyways...I was determined that he would get it out that I tied some dental floss to it...and gave him the strings, and he pulled it out after a few trys. He put it under his pillow and wouldnt you know that the tooth fairy ALMOST forgot! She was almost asleep in bed...but Cory ran up and replaced tooth for dollar. (Next time it will just be a half dollar I think.) There it is...another growing up big boy leave you forever moment. WAAAAAAAA! He still assures me he will be my baby for 170 years until Heaven...(dont ask, I dont know.) I guess that will have to do.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Congratulations to my Brother-in-law John. John just got promoted to permanent full time at the United States Postal Service. Both he and my sister Amanda are now Permanent Full Time! What an excellent way to start out their newly married life! Great Job John...we are so proud of you!

THURSDAY MORNING POST.............................!

The other day the kids and I went to the library and picked up this movie. War of the Worlds. I am not really expecting much...but I am hoping when Cory and I have some alone time we can indulge in a movie. The last time I got a movie...neither one of us got to watch it because we were so busy. I am optomistic this time...Baseball season is over, and I am no longer a baseball widow :) Hooray!

This is the book I started reading a while ago. Cure for the Common in your sweet spot. I got this at the library as well. I read a couple chapters and then got preoccupied in the hustle and bustle of daily life. I was pleasantly suprised at this book so far. I thought it was going to be much different! The gist of the book so far, is that everyone is given talents, things they are adept just have to uncover them. These gifts that you have been given should give you delight when you use them to Gods Glory. We should be using that gift as a basis for our careers...(so many people hate their jobs) Also, he points out that every one SHOULD find out what their gift is--I guess he is sort of is like a slap in the face to be given a gift and turn a blind eye to it. He has a guide in the book to help you determine what your gifts are...I haven't really gotten into it...I had a really hard time trying to figure out things that I thought I was good at. Growing up with ADD made it quite difficult to obtain good grades without my I always give the medication credit...I have always wondered about this sort of thing--I think I am going to enjoy the rest of this book.
Another book I am going to be reading shortly is Parenting Children with ADHD. No- none of my kids have it, but I saw it lying around my Mother in Laws house and I joked that she was trying to "figure me out"..and asked her if I could borrow it and see what they have to say. I have my own ideas about ADD-but I don't know much about the ADHD variety other than some external manifestations. Anyways...totally boring to someone without the disorder I am I will end this entry:)

Yesterday, Cory had an interview with the Varsity Football Coach for a modified Football position. He told him that he did not have much experience beyond 8th grade because their highschool did not have Football. The coach did not seem to think that was an issue, and was just concerned that Cory had the same philosophy that he had...which appeared to be true. On the other hand, the other applicant has played in both highschool and college. I told Cory not to get his hopes up...(what an encourager!) I can not see how they could give the position to Cory when this guy obviously has more experience...but he assured me that the applicant has to fit with the style of the program being built. Who knows...he might have a chance.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


After the regular school pictures, the PTA had a photographer come and take "spring pictures" of the children. These are the two poses of Isaac. I love the color, and black and white all together...they did a great job. (And Isaac didn't sport the Popeye smile)
Isaac in Kindergarten of 2006...(My little big boy (tear) )

CONGRATULATIONS CORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to my Cory. Yesterday, Cory received his assignment for teaching. They had to close one of the Elementary schools down, and are moving people to the other two schools. Cory is going to the other Elementary school and is going to be teaching 3rd grade. He has been wanting a classroom for so long and now he has it. He is happy to be away from the current building, but sad that he is leaving friends behind. Here is to a great new year Cor!
2nd Congratulations to Cory...he has an interview with the Head Football Coach on Monday. He would like to take on a Fall Sport to make some extra money. He is thinking maybe modified or JV football--he has also put in for the Girls Volley Ball Coach...which he has more experience for ....he is hoping to get one of them. Please pray that he would be able to get one of would really be helpful to our is hard to live in a world based on two incomes when you only generate one.

Tuesday Morning Post...................................

Okay....You have got to try these. Well, not these ones exactly...they are called "Plackers Engage-right angle flossers" They look like these only you can bend the head down and snap it into place...the dental floss is tuffloss (it wont break). It is great for those hard to reach teeth too! The bottom is said to have a flexible pik and gum stimulator...(what is a gum stimulator? That sounds painful. Anyways...I am going to put a few in the car for when I am running errands or something...i use it when I watch TV...yes I sound very attractive...but you've really got to try them. They are blue and you can get them at wallmart. They aren't the small kind...they are about as long as a pencil.

I was thinking it might be time to potty train Gayle. The other day I ran the bath water for her, and she told me she needed to go I put her on the toilet...and she did! I have been waiting until school lets out...and didn't want to rush it...but now I think I should get the potty seat out....hmmmmm where is it?

This picture is for my sister J.J. s benefit. There is a story behind it...but I will let her tell it, if she so chooses...HA .

Sunday, June 04, 2006

HELLO AGAIN..........

I have not had much time to blog this past week. My mother came to visit us for several days and we had a very nice time. It seemed to me that all we did was run here and there and everywhere!--Mom assures me she enjoyed it....We are missing Mom however. She left little notes all over the house for the kids to find...each time they find one it is sheer delight...they feel so special :) We plan to visit Western Pa the end of the month. Mom and Dad also plan to come this way for Thanksgiving...and we are only too excited!
Today Isaac and Gayle are not going to church....they have Pink Eye. I am staying home with the little crew minus 1. Cory is taking Esther to his Parents church today. Every now and then we like to bring the kids there so that they can show off their grandkids...and disrupt THEIR service...ha ha...just kidding Mom and Dad. The two kiddos should be up to par quickly with all of the ointment I put in their eyes.

This Wednesday will be Esthers last day of Preschool...I am sad for that to end for her...but glad of no more running around for that on my part. She will be attending Preschool next year 3X a week instead of 2...and having a FABULOUS time as usual! This Wednesday will be her last day...but also her school picnic...I will be making linguini is soooooo yummy!
Yesterday, I spent some time on the computer searching the multiple listing system...and being really discouraged. I thought I would have some fun and research Modular homes. They are different from regular manufactured homes in a lot of is that they appreciate in their value. Anyways ....I found this one that I really like. It is called the Mongomery 1. It has 2860 square feet. 4 Bedrooms, and 3 Baths. The floor plan is exactly what I want...It seems that if you can "be your own builder" you can save thousands of dollars! I can't believe that house is a would never guess it. Of course we would have to buy land, dig a well, septic, and put in a basement...It may help to know a few people who know a few any rate...this is a nice dream...who knows maybe someday. First we need to talk to some of our construction friends and see what the REAL cost factors are. (BTW...this wont happen for at least a year and a 1/2....we are just gathering info.)