Thursday, November 29, 2007


You can never be too young to read.
Partners in Crime.
A more Mature look. He drooled off his goatee.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving ! I am writing in bright orange in honor of all of those PA hunters going out tomorrow...good luck! And for those of you that don't care about hunting...well...I also made a tribute to the 80's by wearing my hair all wild and crazy today...(Who doesn't like the 80's?)

Well, on alittle different note. I have been doing some pondering, mostly about my boys...probably because they are the oldest and the youngest. Anyway...anyone who knows me knows that I am a really (really) big sap when it comes to my kids. I am sad because Isaac is growing way too sounds really (really) cliche...but also true. Just the other day Cory decided he was big enough to ride in the front seat...I say who cares if he is big enough...he still fits in the back. First of all, I found out about it by Isaac saying...Hey mom...I rode in the front seat...You did what? Then Cory with a guilty look (giving Isaac a shut your trap look) Cory says...there are just some things you don't tell Mommy....grrrrr. I lost that battle. (He still fits in the back seat). Then Isaac said I am going hunting with Daddy....Me saying...We'll see about that...obviously if you scroll down you will see who won that battle...the child is 7. I understand that it is only squirrels....but ...hes only 7. True --he may be the size of a small adult, but that is not the point. Just so you know he did not carry or shoot a gun...Cory did...only he didnt shoot it, cause he didnt see I guess in some small way I kind of won...maybe. Isaac has also started cub scouts in which I am a den mother ( how exactly that came to be DO NOT ask.) This Tuesday he is getting his wolf or bear badge...I am not sure which...some den mother I am. At any rate he is entering the "big kid stage" in which I have to stop little boys in the toy store and say is this cool? Would a little boy like yourself like a toy like this? My sister says that is also not a cool thing to do. And so I mourn the loss of his childhood, and come into the era of what Isaac used to call the "big graders".

Now about Eli. He is so in love with me. He could care less if I just rolled out of bed and have sweats with paint all over them on me, he thinks I am so beautiful...I marvel at the fact that he could want to spend that much time with me...and so I make time just to hold and snuggle laugh with him and play games, to drown him in my kisses, and just feel good that he loves me sooo unconditionally :) I am taking that extra time with him, just enjoying everything about a baby that everyone loves...and praying that God will not let him be the last. Oh well, that is my thoughts for now...I love being a mother...and like I said I can be a real sap when it comes to my kids. I am blessed.

MY BOYS.......

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another Attempt....

This is another attempt to post on my blog. I have tried so many times before ...but it just freezes up...ahhhh....sooooo if this works...yay for me!
I have not forgotten about you all...I just cant seem to make this dinosaur of a computer work. I shall post again (when it lets me) for now, I have to pick up the little Valentines from school...Hooray NO FREEZING!

This apparently says it all.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Guten Tag ! I think I spelled that right. I suppose if you don't know German then you wont really know or care! HA. Well, it has been rather busy at the Valentines. Elijah is now over a month old!!! That went quick!! Having 4 children does not seem all that different from 3...however, I have been finding it more difficult to find time to get myself ready and out the door. Must be lack of sleep, and Elijahs habit of spitting up on his or my clothes right before it is time to leave...Ugh!

A few of you have sent gifts to Eli and myself. I appreciate you all so much! Please don't think that I forgot about your thoughtfulness, I intend to write the rest of my thank-yous as I am able. I appreciate your patience as well as your thoughtfulness :)

Cory has started up baseball. Practice is everyday after school and on Saturdays. Games seem to be every night these days. Usually I do not see Cory until 7:00 pm, or sometimes 9:00pm. This has been hard for me, as I need a break now and then. A light is at the end of the tunnel though. With this beautiful Spring weather I shall get to go to the home games and let the older kids attack the dirt pile in the far field...while I snuggle Eli. As long as I do not feel cooped up inside, then I will survive!

Yesterday the girls and I were invited over to a friends house that we know from Preschool. We had a BBQ, and then sat in the gazebo while the kids played in the yard. It was such a fabulous time. She had such a beautiful home...a giant log home, and beautifully landscaped! I scoped it out for good ideas for the Valentine abode.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the fabulous weather we are having...see you all later!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Essie McGuessie
A frozen Gaylie Lou Who
Mr. I-man
A happy (frozen) Gaylie Lou Who (who is no more than two...)


The kiddos were sooooo excited to get packages from Aunt JJ and Uncle Keith...AND Aunt Manda and Uncle John...all on the same day!!!! We had tons of candy and egg coloring kits, and Easter Purses...all kinds of goodies! The kids had a ball! Thanks guys!

Happy Easter 2007


Elijah is growing so quickly...although still quite newborn...he definately is coming into his own look.
I love Eli in blue...especially navy. For now he has blue eyes...just like Esther did. I wonder if they will turn brown like hers? Such a handsome little man.
Esther is in love. Plain and simple--head over heels in love with her little brother. One can't hold this little child in peace without a little someone asking for a turn...or giving advice. Esther is QUITE instinctive nurturer...and I hope that her bond with him lasts and lasts. I also hope to help her hone her skills...she is such a little homemaker....I love it!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Something is wrong with the color on this photo...but this is how I looked pre-delivery. I can't believe he fit inside me! Following is some of my favorite shots from post delivery...enjoy!



Wednesday, March 28, 2007




MY MOM............MORPHED.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


For an enjoyable visit...trek over to my cousin Jeremy Stockwells blog...the link is on the sidebar. He is quite the photographer. This time he has taken his own picture and used online tools to morph his was really amusing...and somewhat shocking that some looked so real. I love to visit his site when I can...he truly has a gift!

Monday, March 26, 2007


This is one of my nieces...Annabelle Louise. This was her baptism day. I would have liked to have been there...I have not been able to see her as of yet and am looking forward to the day that I can hold her!


Well, some of you have been asking about details about Eli's birth. This is the scoop. Thursday I had my OB appt. I packed a suitcase in hopes that he would say...Hey why don't we just head over to the Hospital right now!! I asked him if he was interested...he said.."Wendy, you are ONLY going to be 38 weeks tomorrow...I said...come on Doc...Ive been having contractions ALL week long. So he checked my cervix...only a 3??? DRAT!! He are doing very well. Why dont you go to the hospital around 10 or 11 tomorrow, and tell them how you are feeling...they will check you, then call me, I will tell them to keep you, then I will come in, break your water, and you will have your baby in about 4 hours. Sounds good to me I said...see you there! So that was the plan...I went to the hospital...and the nurse said that I was still posterior, and hard...she did not think he would keep me...she did not know our arrangement however (snicker snicker...the joke was on her.) She called Doc anyway and he said for her to monitor she came back and sounds as if he might keep you...Oh goodie...I said. (snicker, snicker). At any rate, I got a room, and Doc came in and attempted to break my water...he said that the head was still floating, and that if he broke my water...the cord could come through wanted to start me on Pitocin to engage his head first. As the nurses hooked me up, they warned me that it might take hours for me to really begin labor...I said...Oh no body smells Pitocin and I am in hard labor...they snickered to themselves and said Well see. Just like I said Contractions started immediately and strongly. I asked to have the epidural before things got terribly uncomfortable...I got it, and shortly after that Doc broke my water. I asked him how long he thought it would take before I had the baby. He said an hour. was actually about 50 min. The sad part was that my epidural did not work on my right side near the end. Soooo...I felt a "pocket" of contractions...HOW aggravating!!! At the same time it really was rather short lived compared to having the entire labor like that. Doc said that he thought it must be helping me some because if not, he thought that I would be in some serious pain...apparently my contractions were very high. Shortly after that Eli was born. I pushed him out in 7 min...and he gave a good hearty cry. Apgars were 9.9....the next day he looked pretty banged up and bruised...a bumpy trip I imagine. I got to deliver my own placenta again...very cool...I asked Doc what they did with it...he said they cook it up and eat it...I said...oh yummy...the hospital meatloaf I imagine..HA! Anyways...that is about it...I felt very glad for it all to be over and to get to hold my little guy...he has been such a good baby, and I am enjoying snuggling that is the story of Eli...Cory taped the birth again. He always does such a tasteful job...he tapes from up by my shoulder, so you are not able to see anything you would not want someone to see...HA. Hope everyone is doing well...I will post more pix when I can!


Here are some photos to enjoy until I can get my others up. Sorry it has taken so long!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Meet the newest member of our family...Elijah Joshua Valentine. He was born on March 16th 2007. He was 9lbs 8oz ...22inches long...and looks like Esther. He is our biggest baby so far...and is doing well. I will plan to post the "birth story" and some pictures of our little er...big guy. I am tired, but doing well. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement. This photo was taken today right before I left the hospital. In a few days you can look on the hospital website for his photo...I don't know if it is up yet or what it looks like. The website is
I hope you all are doing well, and I look forward to posting all about our adventure as soon as I am able.