Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving ! I am writing in bright orange in honor of all of those PA hunters going out tomorrow...good luck! And for those of you that don't care about hunting...well...I also made a tribute to the 80's by wearing my hair all wild and crazy today...(Who doesn't like the 80's?)

Well, on alittle different note. I have been doing some pondering, mostly about my boys...probably because they are the oldest and the youngest. Anyway...anyone who knows me knows that I am a really (really) big sap when it comes to my kids. I am sad because Isaac is growing way too sounds really (really) cliche...but also true. Just the other day Cory decided he was big enough to ride in the front seat...I say who cares if he is big enough...he still fits in the back. First of all, I found out about it by Isaac saying...Hey mom...I rode in the front seat...You did what? Then Cory with a guilty look (giving Isaac a shut your trap look) Cory says...there are just some things you don't tell Mommy....grrrrr. I lost that battle. (He still fits in the back seat). Then Isaac said I am going hunting with Daddy....Me saying...We'll see about that...obviously if you scroll down you will see who won that battle...the child is 7. I understand that it is only squirrels....but ...hes only 7. True --he may be the size of a small adult, but that is not the point. Just so you know he did not carry or shoot a gun...Cory did...only he didnt shoot it, cause he didnt see I guess in some small way I kind of won...maybe. Isaac has also started cub scouts in which I am a den mother ( how exactly that came to be DO NOT ask.) This Tuesday he is getting his wolf or bear badge...I am not sure which...some den mother I am. At any rate he is entering the "big kid stage" in which I have to stop little boys in the toy store and say is this cool? Would a little boy like yourself like a toy like this? My sister says that is also not a cool thing to do. And so I mourn the loss of his childhood, and come into the era of what Isaac used to call the "big graders".

Now about Eli. He is so in love with me. He could care less if I just rolled out of bed and have sweats with paint all over them on me, he thinks I am so beautiful...I marvel at the fact that he could want to spend that much time with me...and so I make time just to hold and snuggle laugh with him and play games, to drown him in my kisses, and just feel good that he loves me sooo unconditionally :) I am taking that extra time with him, just enjoying everything about a baby that everyone loves...and praying that God will not let him be the last. Oh well, that is my thoughts for now...I love being a mother...and like I said I can be a real sap when it comes to my kids. I am blessed.


Jthemilker said...

Hey, doesn't he have to shoot a wolf or a bear to get that patch? HA!

Rebecca said...

I loved this post! From the 80's hairstyle to the dripping with sappiness. IT was great!

Wow though. Isaac is SEVEN. That hardly seems possible. Matt and I have talked quite a few times before about "What's Corynn going to be like when she is SEVEN? TEN?!?

I can't even THINK of it-it seems so far away. Funny thing, though. We said the same thing when she was a baby about being four. And here she is.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, a bit belated.

Glad for the 'visit'. ;-)

Wendy said...

Yes J.J. he has many requirements to doubt one of them is shooting a large tooth animal with sharp claws (: HA. I still don't like the fact that Cory wants a bear. (shudder).

Rebecca~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I too can't believe how big your little ones are getting. Life just seems to go so much faster when that happens (I am SUCH a downer..sorry!) I hope all is well with the Newman Clan!

Michelle said...

A happy very belated Thanksgiving to you all!

I know the feeling of the "babies" getting bigger. While Matthew has yet to sit in the front seat, he HAS shot an air rifle at a target on the tree! When he was FOUR! (He did really well and Dave was there all the time, but still mama was a bit nervous)

Wendy said...

Hi Michelle! It must be the men...they are determined to turn them into hunters and whatnot at the earliest age possible...even the girls have camo suits! I prefer them to stay young...I would still dress Isaac in overalls if he would let me.