Thursday, January 28, 2010


This was Cory and I trying out our new little camera tripod...I guess I was a little off center, huh? Esther totally snuck (I know that is not a word, but I like it.) in, and we had no idea. What a ham!

Our womens group is doing a book study on Boundaries. It is interesting because my evaluation of myself says that I dont have any boundary issues...which I am finding not to be exactly true. I like when that happens, I really enjoy working on my is kind of like a game with me. I have always known Ive had personal space issues...I dont like anyone in mine! I especially dont like when other men kiss me as a greeting...and sometimes hug...I like to reserve that for my husband alone. I dont feel like it is wrong...I just dont want others to touch ME. I may be wierd I suppose. Anyways...with that strange and uncomfortable info...I am sure you will sleep better.

It has been busy this week, and I need to set myself up for success this evening, so I am going to try to cook supper early so that we just have to heat it up later. hope you are all having a great week!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I hope you all are having a restful day today! I am tired already thinking about all the running around I have to do this week...but if I set myself up for success, I will do well!
My last post I guess was kind of gushy...and I suppose that I DO make it seem like he is a perfect me...he is NOT perfect...(he has really freaky feet) hehehe. Anyhow...I guess I was truly just lucky to marry my best friend...I think that is it-in a nutshell. He is just an all around nice guy, and truth be told we did all of our fighting before we got married. Can you believe it? We actually went to the college chaplain for counseling!!!! That same chaplain witnessed Corys proposal, and married us too! Who goes to counseling while they date? Oh well...just so you know that it seems like he is perfect...and sometimes I think it...but hes not...and he would laugh if anyone thought as much.
On a different note...I am now feeding Asher rice cereal...once a day. My little baby is growing up. I truly have pain in my heart. I know that some of you think that my secret is that we are pregnant (Cliffy)....hehehe...that is the million dollar question...but no we are not. It is of a different nature...and I still would appreciate your prayers concerning this...I am not keeping it a secret just to taunt anyone...I truly just can't tell anyone yet....but it sure is fun to find out what others think it might be :-)
Have a great week all!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Just not mine...haha!





I am feeling very THANKFUL today....especially towards my hard working husband! I am really blessed to be able to stay home and take care of our chitlins! He has a lot more discipline than I do. This man gets up early to go and work out before school...(at the school)...and a lot of times before he leaves...he throws a load of towels in the load of clothes is done before I even wake up! He works at school, then has a lifting program for his student athletes...comes home...plays with the kids...helps out with the things I couldnt manage that day...eats supper...and on some days...cooks it!--and then sometimes heads out to his winter baseball leaugue he put together for his players, and the schools surrounding...he is the first to get up, and the last to go to bed. He is an extremely hard worker, and yet seems to have enough energy to make everyone in the family feel special :-) I am happy to be his wife...and will try really hard today to find a way to help make his routine a little easier :-) Today is Friday...he will be coming home straight from school....I LOVE those days. SO.....I will proclaim it from my kitchen table on my computer---I LOVE THIS MAN!--

By the way ....I am STILL waiting...and it is STILL hard....!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


WAITING....I find it difficult to wait. I like to be "in the know". Sometimes the best things happen when you wait patiently. Just so you know...I am talking to myself mostly. Reminding myself that God is in control of ALL things, and HE knows best. HE knows the perfect timing for EVERYTHING! Of course I would screw it up big time if it were up to me!

Oh look...a bluebird out the window!!

Back to my rambling!....I have a secret. And I am waiting on God to reveal it. I will let you know ......when I know :-)

On a different hard working husband has a baseball camp going on this month....128 people signed up so far! I am very proud of him, as is the company that is hosting it through him :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have another item for prayer....Our niece Ella spent a few days in the hospital due to Pneumonia. Number one...pray that she recovers well--and quickly. Number two...Pray for her parents--it is a hard thing to see your child go through something that you really can't DO anything about...and equally difficult to work and stay at the hospital amidst all of it! All of our updates so far are very encouraging--they want her oxygen levels up before she can be released. I appreciate it already!

Another matter for prayer...(Lets face it ...we are needy people, and we dont mind asking:)-- This is for an unspoken prayer request--if God lays it on your heart to pray for us--then we would be thrilled!

We are still trying to figure out our car/van situation. All in good time...I am amazed at how calm I am :-) It might actually be because Corys mom and dad are vacationing in Myrtle Beach, and left a perfectly good vehicle behind for my hard working husband to drive in their absence! God always works things out for the best! Who would have thought it would happen at that very time! God is good to us! And we are thankful! Thank you to all of you out there who are looking for us!

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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This Christmas was extra special because there were two new people to add to the mix :) One is of course Asher, and the other is our niece Ella. Ella seemed to know just what to do...she opened her gifts with Moms help...and then then proceeded to taste taste them! Just like Asher! In these photos she is being very affectionate with her Uncle Cory...and of course he ate it all up...

A week apart are these two cousins...what fun they will have growing up together!

Oops...sorry Chris...I didn't know you had your eyes closed in this...This was the scene at Christmas...she was such a sweet little thing, and I think at quite a full day!

A proud Uncle...with his sweet niece !

A Matter of Prayer...

Hi . Sometimes things happen...that really stink! If you are so inclined...please pray for Cory and I. He called me yesterday to say that his transmission died. We knew this was going to happen eventually...HOPING that it would happen in the summer...who are we kidding...we would have ran that thing into the ground until it now. had the nerve to do it when we weren't ready or expecting it! SOOOooooo....Cory and I are thinking of ways to go about the situation...This is where you come in...Please pray that God will give us wisdom in our decisions, that we wont do something financially unwise. Pray that God will provide the car for us...and thank Him for His care of us already. Thanks.

I am on facebook, and have noticed that there is a lot of friends out there struggling along with different just feels like everyone is getting it at once...even with folks who aren't on facebook...just noticing.

First Eli broke his leg. Next Cory had Knee Esther is on crutches for trying to "SURF" down the sledding hill...she sprained her ankle pretty bad. I hope that she is having a good day will be a lot of walking around, and she will need some stamina. Nobody else is interested in taking their turn in "injuries of the Valentines" we want to pass.

Hope everyone is having a great week...Amidst the chaos...God has been good to us!

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Congratulations to the following women and their families:

~Rachel Beers

~Rebecca Newman

~Leah Terry

~Heidi Roberts

~Lydia Bosch (*Double Congrats*)

All of these lovely ladies are expecting a child (*or two*). Please let me know if you are expecting and I missed putting you on my list (leave me a comment)

Please pray for safe and healthy pregnancys...God is good.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome 2010...

~Welcome 2010~
What a year 2009 was! My most memorable time was Ashers birth for sure! I was SO surprised to have him come so early...and felt SO VERY blessed that God would give me a 5th child. I still reflect on it all even now. I wonder what 2010 has in store for our family....I definately know that I have some things that I would like to change for the New Year! One is that I would like to hear Cory play the piano really relaxes him, and he works so hard. The kids really enjoy hearing it too. Esther has started taking lessons, and plays small duets with her Daddy...I am sure she will teach me a thing or two!
I know that it has only been 5 months since I gave birth to Asher...but I am feeling sluggish, and carrying extra baggage...finding time for myself to work on this area will be tricky...but I will find it!
The last one but certainly not least is setting myself up for success. This is going to become more or less of a motto for me this year. I am trying to engrain it into the kids too...have your things ready the night before...clothes laid out (with shoes!)...library books in bags...snacks packed...shower the night before! So far so good...this has always sort of been how we have done it...but now just with a little more discipline. It is a tool for them growing up too. Someday I wont be here to do it for them...they need to take it on for themselves and they do. People always say to me that I must be so organized because of all the kids...HA...anyone who knows me knows that is not true...BUT I think that the little things like these are musts for big families, and that is how I can manage...not perfectly mind you...just easier. I have been trying to think of ways to make life easier...Saturday I would like to have all of my cooking ready or done for Sunday...all my shopping done Friday or Saturday...its a work in progress...ALWAYS a work in progress! You can always get better...that is the fun of it!
I made my first lemon meringue pie this last year...and wondered why I didnt do it before? hmmm....more in store for 2010 for sure! Hope you have some good goals set for yourselves...goals dont have to be just for the new should always be striving for something! Happy New Year!


This is my new JOBY Gorilla Pad gift from Cliff. Why is this so cool? Because it is like a mini tripod for my camera! You can set it up just like in the picture up top...or say you are on vacation with your fam...and you want a family picture but nobody is there to take one...and lets face dont want to ask! ...Simple...find a fence...a branch. or something that you can wrap the legs around and you are set!!!! I could take this to the park and wrap it around playground equipment and get a shot with my kids!!! Hooray! A really VERY thoughtful gift Cliff--thanks so much! I also got a cd of digital photography tips that I have not had time to look at...but will soon! I am excited about this...Somehow Cliff gets all the best gadgety gifts :)