Tuesday, January 12, 2010


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Rebecca said...

oh golly he is PRECIOUS. And his hat/sweater are beyond cute Wendy! Good job!

Rebecca said...

Want a tip?

See how gorgeous Asher's skin tone is in that last picture? That is because the natural light is totally working for him. When I do photoshoots- I take my babies or children to the window (just like you did) but I face them TOWARD the window instead of setting them in front of it. That way-the natural light goes on their face.

Pull a chair over face it toward the window at a slight angle. Drape a solid colored blanket over it. White is awesome-dark would be great too. Pull the blinds up so all the light that can come in WILL come in and then squish yourself as close to the glass as you can and stap from that vantage point.

All your photos are sweet but I think if you try that, you will be impressed with how much fancier they look and how flattering the light is.

Just a thought. ;-)

Wendy said...

Thanks Rebecca! I did notice that I got better quality by the window...will try that next time for sure!