Thursday, May 27, 2010


Look! I was there too! I am the main picture taker in the I try and make sure that we have at least one picture with the birthday kid...its a nice tradition :-)

Whats new here? Hmmm....Asher is crawling. (there goes my baby ....*sniff*) In less than two short months he will be one....(*sniff*)(*sob*) really is true...I grieve...and am totally pathetic.

Elijah...starts preschool this next year. I dropped the big kids off at school and he was waving to them as they walked in, and he yelled "bye my hero!" I asked him who his hero was...and he said "Esther"...It was a special moment. getting ready for a special Fathers Day party in her classroom...she is very excited for Cory to come :-)

Esther...has a piano recital in June. She is playing softball and having a simply fabulous time!

Isaac...just finished a project on Mary Lou Retton...He did it all by himself, and did a great job! He is still playing baseball too. Tomorrow we are heading to the B-Mets for scout night...FUN! busy. is tired. Just got her hair one luxury :-) I made a little runner for the cedar chest with some matching pillows. I got my first "when you die....can I have that?" I was surprised and a little worried that they might want to help it along...I said "yes" anyhow. haha. also busy. His team won their game yesterday, so they play is supposed to rain. He also got 100% on one of his assignments for his doctoral class...Way to go!!! He works really hard in his "free" time...I am so proud of him! I am enjoying this class too...I get to be the "editor"...This specific class is about Spiritual Leadership and Ethics.

That is it in a nutshell...not anything new...just more of the same. Now....where did the baby crawl off too?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Unfortunately my camera was on its side...but you can still get the main idea.....almost a year of piano, and here are some good fruits of her cool is it to play a duet with her Dad! Awesome job Esther...I am jealous. She is truly enjoying her lessons, and upon coming in the door from school, sits down to play...I am glad. I always dreamed of taking lessons! It is my hope that she will have such a talent for it, that if she wants to earn some money for her family, that she can give lessons herself! How I wish, I had some talent that I could any rate...Im proud.

Monday, May 24, 2010

For my first baby...who is not so little anymore...*sniff*

This is a little video that I put together of Isaac...I just can't believe how much he has grown...I still remember being pregnant with him! I can't believe what a blessing he has been in our lives...God is so good to us!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I can't believe sweet baby is almost 10.....DOUBLE DIGITS people!!!! This is a milestone moment...I know it is cliche to say...but went SO fast...(it did!)
There are so many things that come to mind when I think of Isaac...but the words that I always use to describe him are "Tender Heart"...I love this boy of mine...and can't believe how blessed I am to have him.

I will have to do a Birthday Post after his celebration...stay tuned :-)

Monday, May 17, 2010


I thought this was so funny. During Isaacs concert, Eli was so interested in all of the music...I figured he would be bored...I caught him directing the music a few times too..wish I would have captured that!

My Drummer Boy

Isaac...the boy NEVER practices...ever. I told just wait until the concert and everyone will'll see...I don't know why I didn't really push him to practice...maybe because I didn't want to hear the banging...or perhaps because we actually pay for Esther to take piano, and well, if he wants to play an instrument at school--he needs to be responsible...whatever...anyhow...I just assumed that he wouldnt have a clue.
Imagine my surprise when it actually *sounded* like it should! I really couldn't believe it..."Hey thats MY son up there...haha! " I kept looking to see if some other kid was playing the snare drum...nope...thats my boy...and when he was finished...I told him...all of that not practicing paid off...I was kidding of course...but imagine what you could do if you *practiced*!
Not to take away from Isaacs moment...but Esther is doing so well at Piano...Im so proud of her. She has surpassed me in all that I know...which is not much...(no snide remarks!) I always wished that I could play...and am glad that she will have that chance. Meanwhile, I have been able to teach myself playing in chords, and that is very rewarding...instead of me playing Christmas carols for the kids I think it will be Esther this year :-)Posted by Picasa


Elijah has been quite the helper...hes quick to lend a hand that is for sure. Here he is with Cory fixing the leg to the table...and he is equally eager to help me with laundry, and carrying loads to designated rooms to be put away...he is a dear heart for sure.

Even little guys can learn to use power tools as long as they have a patient poppy to help them :)
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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was invited to Gayles classroom for a special Mothers Day Spa...she was so excited..."Mom, theres going to be a special song, and a special snack, Im going to paint your tonails and finger nails, and you even get a massage...WOW!
I was really excited to share this special day with Gayle...The special song was nice, the snack was yummy, and she did a great job on my nails...but I kept wondering about that massage...
On our way out, she was showing everyone her handiwork...and pointed at my homemade corsage, and said...Look...I even gave her a massage...I had to smile :-)
A song she sung with sign language. Posted by Picasa



here is the finished product.....Actually Gayle did my toes and some other little girl did my was sad...she said that her Nanna was coming but she never showed up, so I told her that I needed someone to paint my the little girl stopped crying and went straight to work...using gobs and gobs of nail polish :-) We also were given juice and a cookie snack :-)
Our friend Terri visited the classroom and Gayle did her nails as well...Looking good Terri!Posted by Picasa


Two of my guys....I'm so lucky :-)
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Cory went out this morning with his buddy Steve and brought home this 20 # Turkey with a 10 inch beard and 1 inch spurs...apparently all of the extras are important...all I need to know is the poundage...the kids were SO excited...they stayed for all the "extra" parts...I decided to take Asher in the house :-)

Cory and his pal Steve...a good sportsman team.

Below...My proud husband...or perhaps...*TWO* turkeys :-) Great Job Cor...Now guess whats for supper?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Im not quite sure how it someone missed this 6 foot 1 large guy standing 6 feet in front of them...but they did...well I guess they *didnt* miss him...they got him good! Yesterday Cory got hit in the back of the head by a baseball thrown by one of his players. He kept complaining that his head I need to go get that checked out. He said... I dont want to wait in the ER forever...I said...what would you tell one of your players in this situation?...he said thats different...I said...just answer the question...he said I would tell them to go get it checked out...I smiled my sneaky Im right smile :-) He still didnt go :-( ......until evening, when he felt like he couldnt find his words easily...he had to tell himself which buttons to push on his until he started getting loopy did he go to the ER! So we stayed for 4 or 5 hours and didnt get home until after 1:30....He got his head checked...they found nothing..(exactly as I suspected..hehehe) he got a shot of Fentinol for the pain, and they told him he had a small concussion. One funny thing...( least to me)...he was drifting off somewhere between sleep and reality...and I said "What?" and he woke up and said what? I started laughing and just asked me for Turkey and Gravy! He said I did not...I argued and laughed and laughed and said ...youre gonna have to tell the doc about this! He was convinced that he didnt say it...I said it is so are talking incoherent, but are so convinced youre when the Doc came in he told her, and I laughed and laughed, and told them it was a joke, he thought it was funny but was a little embarassed...he was like...whats wrong with you? was me. (it was!) So Cory got a little slip that said...hey take two days off of work for that egg on top of your dome...but no...he went to work...whats wrong with HIM? He is okay though in case anyone thinks I am harsh...I just have to tease :-)

Monday, May 03, 2010


Saturday was opening day for baseball/softball for Isaac and Esther. It was a hot and long day, but a fun one! Isaac did really well, and played skillfully at 2nd base --getting lots of people well as hitting solidly. Esther caught a pop fly and got the last out of the inning--everyone cheered for her and made her feel so special :-)

Well Helloooooo Handsome! I just had to put this shot in of Cory...I really married a handsome guy didn't I ?