Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Unfortunately my camera was on its side...but you can still get the main idea.....almost a year of piano, and here are some good fruits of her cool is it to play a duet with her Dad! Awesome job Esther...I am jealous. She is truly enjoying her lessons, and upon coming in the door from school, sits down to play...I am glad. I always dreamed of taking lessons! It is my hope that she will have such a talent for it, that if she wants to earn some money for her family, that she can give lessons herself! How I wish, I had some talent that I could any rate...Im proud.


Rebecca said...

I am so impressed! (and jealous too!)


That is too too sweet!

Theresa said...

Wendy....Watching this video brought a smile and a tear to me. I love reading your blog and all the wonderful and loving things your family does together. Sometimes I wish I could start over ....but I guess that was not His plans for me.
Anyway...great piano playing Esther (you go girl) and were good too!