Saturday, May 15, 2010


I was invited to Gayles classroom for a special Mothers Day Spa...she was so excited..."Mom, theres going to be a special song, and a special snack, Im going to paint your tonails and finger nails, and you even get a massage...WOW!
I was really excited to share this special day with Gayle...The special song was nice, the snack was yummy, and she did a great job on my nails...but I kept wondering about that massage...
On our way out, she was showing everyone her handiwork...and pointed at my homemade corsage, and said...Look...I even gave her a massage...I had to smile :-)
A song she sung with sign language. Posted by Picasa

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Rebecca said...

She looks so stinkin' HAPPY. Love that.

What a fun day for you, too!