Thursday, May 27, 2010


Look! I was there too! I am the main picture taker in the I try and make sure that we have at least one picture with the birthday kid...its a nice tradition :-)

Whats new here? Hmmm....Asher is crawling. (there goes my baby ....*sniff*) In less than two short months he will be one....(*sniff*)(*sob*) really is true...I grieve...and am totally pathetic.

Elijah...starts preschool this next year. I dropped the big kids off at school and he was waving to them as they walked in, and he yelled "bye my hero!" I asked him who his hero was...and he said "Esther"...It was a special moment. getting ready for a special Fathers Day party in her classroom...she is very excited for Cory to come :-)

Esther...has a piano recital in June. She is playing softball and having a simply fabulous time!

Isaac...just finished a project on Mary Lou Retton...He did it all by himself, and did a great job! He is still playing baseball too. Tomorrow we are heading to the B-Mets for scout night...FUN! busy. is tired. Just got her hair one luxury :-) I made a little runner for the cedar chest with some matching pillows. I got my first "when you die....can I have that?" I was surprised and a little worried that they might want to help it along...I said "yes" anyhow. haha. also busy. His team won their game yesterday, so they play is supposed to rain. He also got 100% on one of his assignments for his doctoral class...Way to go!!! He works really hard in his "free" time...I am so proud of him! I am enjoying this class too...I get to be the "editor"...This specific class is about Spiritual Leadership and Ethics.

That is it in a nutshell...not anything new...just more of the same. Now....where did the baby crawl off too?

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