Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hi everyone. I have to say that my week has not started out as I would have liked it too. Yesterday, while at a friends birthday celebration...Esther chucked. I felt so bad because I was not able to take care of the mess...less I chuck myself. I have been so sensitive to that kind of stuff with this pregnancy. Thankfully our good friend took care of that for me...but not without describing all the chunder...just to make me wretch...disgusting...sorry.
Today when we all woke up, Esther said she had a headache...I had been having really bad head aches too...but I just chalked it up to being prego...I gave her some Tylenol...and she just preceeded to look miserable. Isaac is very picky about his clothes...not about "looking nice", but about comfort. Since today was library day, I chose something "churchish"...khaki shorts and a nice collared short sleeve shirt...rather baggy too..so it is comfy. The girls and I kind of just rolled out of bed, and I dressed us all in sweats and t-shirts...our agenda was the Library and doing some Laundry...no need to dress up. Isaac looked so handsome and we looked so frumpy...yet he glared at me and said..."why do you guys get to wear the good stuff?" I just had to laugh, I felt so unkempt...and yet here I was being envied....Another reason I love my son so. :)
Today at the library I got some books and videos for the kiddos and myself...and then I noticed a rack of books all 50 cents a piece...I picked up a John Grisham book for my Dad called The Summons. I hope you have not read it yet...have you Dad? I was excited about it because he really likes to read his books, and this book looked brand new!
The kiddos have soccer practice tonight. I hope Essie is okay to go...she will be so upset if she has to miss it. Cory has a scrimage at one of the highschools...he will meet up with us at soccer practice. Supper tonight is only for the gourmets....ala sloppy joes...garnished with chips and dip...this is the only meal we buy chips and dip for...so you can imagine how excited we are...oh yeah! It is hard for me to get "real meals" on soccer days...unless it is from the crockpot...so we try to make it fast and easy, and easy for Cory to make when he gets home. I bought a box meal called supper bakes...it is for Lemon chicken...you just add the chicken, I think there is rice with it too...I had a dollar off coupon..and chicken in the fridge...soooo I thought I might give it a try and see how we like it.
Hope your week is going better than mine :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Yesterday I was on my way to go get fuel, and then pick up I-man....Dad had stopped over and noticed as I was pulling out that I had a low tire....DRAT! After I inspected it, I found the culprit...a nail in my tire! I marked the side with some chalk and then drove down to the auto garage and asked them to repair it for me. Thankfully Dad was around to save the day or I would have been stranded somewhere needing to change a tire...If I really LOOKED prego it might have attracted someone to help me, but I don't yet. I am not sure if I could change that tire anyways...or if it would have been safe for me to be wrenching around like that...hmmm. When I got my learners permit my Dad made me read the ENTIRE owners manuel before I could take the car out by myself. I also had to change the tire in front of him...I can't recall how I did...maybe Dad knows. I must admit, I haven't read this vans owners manuel Dad!
Also on the agenda yesterday, was to go pick up some friends of my kids and take them to I-mans school movie night. I picked them up, and treated everyone to Happy Meals...they loved it! Next we met Cory at the school and then the kids got settled in. Everyone usually brings a pillow and blanket, or beanbag to sit on...quite comfy for the kids...the place was packed for the first night. Afterwards we took the friends home...I just was not feeling up to a sleepover.
Today is Isaac and Esthers 1st Soccer Game....the kids are so excited. We went out and got Esther her shinguards and cleats and we got Isaac some shinguards too. Somebody gave us some cleats yesterday that fit him...I LOVE hand-me-downs!!!! They also gave us a couple bags of clothes for the kiddos too....LOVE IT! Today it is raining, and I think that soccer plays despite the rain...I don't appreciate standing in the rain...I am sure the kids will think it is fantastic! After the game today I have to run straight over to our church. Delegates from Synod are going to be there, and they would like to meet with individual families. Cory will be off scouting a football game somewhere. At the moment he is having football practice. Football will all be over next month...I will get him back for a while before Baseball season starts :)

I hope everyone is having a good week. I am feeling a little better. I am excited because yesterday started my second trimester!!! I can barely stand it...I just have to know who this baby is...I want to buy something to make it seem more real to myself. I have a feeling it is a boy...but it is not really a strong feeling. We would be happy with a girl too...I can just imagine...if it is a girl, the 4 of us could go on a spa trip together when we are older...or some girly thing like that...and if it is a boy...well, I am sure Cory will have a Yankee Ballgame Trip planned for the 3 of them...I can't imagine he would be able to leave us behind from a ballgame though..we all love them! Just thinking about it all makes me so excited!!!! Oh well, enough of that...have a good upcoming week everyone!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Taken from the Trivial Pursuit Game.

What are the only two perennial vegetables ?


I always seem to be on some birds hit list. This is a Kildeer. When I was in Kindergarten, I had to walk out our long driveway to catch the bus...I met a Kildeer in the middle and that stinkin bird would not let me past!! Finally I cried and my Mom or Dad had to walk me out...it seems that they had put a nest right in the middle of the driveway and they were protecting it. They would always be flying near the tractor whenever Dad would plow the garden...perhaps another strange place for a nest? Anyways...the other day...the only nice day we had...I took Esther and Gayle on a picnic in the back yard. Up over head I could see a hawk making wide circles around us...and then it was making small circles...really freaking me out....so of course I took the girls inside...I just cant stand birds. Once when Cory and I were Pre children...we were fishing at the cottage and a robin attacked the little knob on the top of his ball cap...he had to swat it off and then it just stood on the ground squawking at him like it was yelling at him...I've never seen anything like it before...it was so funny...I am just glad that it didn't try to come near me....
Major sinus pain today. Yesterday too. Thankfully Corys Dad came and took I-man to school for me to give me a break. I have so much to do...and never enough time. Feeling lousy is not going to make things any easier either. This happens with every pregnancy I have. Usually I end up going to my Doc, then he tells me to call the OB instead...who sends me back to the Doc...I cry and say somebody help me...and then they do...and life gets a little better. Perhaps I will just cry first this time around :)
This morning was a nice start to the day. I usually drink a cup of tea to start off my morning. Today I made one for Esther in a fancy tea cup and we drank our tea together. This pattern is called Old Country Roses...that is my china pattern. It has been packed away in bubble wrap and boxes for I would say...10 years...just waiting for a china cupboard to display its beauty. Someday. The cup Esther used was different of course...you know, they actually make a kids plastic set of the Old Country Roses...Someday I will get that for my girls. Anyways, I had a good time with Esther. She practiced her memory verses with me, and was just happy to feel "grown up". It was a nice way to start my day.
Tonight I-man has soccer practice. Esther too. All I can imagine is that I am going to freeze standing out there! I know that they will both have a lot of fun. Cory has football practice after school so he will meet us there.
Tomorrow night the school is having a movie night. We have invited some friends to come and join us. Originally the plan was to have a sleep over, but I just can't manage it feeling so lousy. The kids will be excited though. I am going to take them all to McDonalds and buy them Happy Meals. They just think that is the BEST! Sometimes the girls and I might splurge there on a library day, but since Isaac has not been home because of school, he misses out on the special outings.

Hope everyone has a great day today! I have so much to do--so I had better get a move on! Talk to you all later!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Okay, Well I didn't know what to write again...so I thought I would journal some of the things that remind me of my childhood. #1...Penny Loafers....I love these. I would wear mine with my rugby shirt and pegged jeans...or perhaps a white shirt with jeans and slouchy white socks....Ladies...we can bring this back..(not the pegging pants though!) Mine of course had shiny copper pennies in them...and I wore them proudly with my mile high hair....those were the days :-)
Scratch and Sniff stickers were very big...I had a sticker book that I traded with other ...sticker people. The Fried Chicken sticker was my favorite...HA. You were really something if you had the kind that were filled with oil, or were fuzzy, or had the gold embossed pegasus stickers....all of which I had little of...I guess no one was really knocking down my door for scratch and sniff fried chicken stickers...hmmm.
Jelly shoes. Mine were purple with an open toe. These must NEVER make a comeback. I am sure I made some sort of statement while wearing them with socks...you see the holes hurt your feet, and socks made that feel so much better. I think I had a pair of high heeled jelly shoes which I proudly wore with my bright yellow lace madonna socks...Oh yeah...Look out!
Mr. Yuck stickers....they were all over our house....I liked these cute stickers, and couldn't imagine anything that they were on being quite so bad. You really don't see them anymore...I think they are replaced by the skull and crossbones...a little more daunting I suppose...at any rate...I liked these :)

This is it for now...that was a fun trip down memory lane...until my next entry....

Monday, September 18, 2006


Hi everyone! How was the weekend? Ours was very nice...Cory went to football practice while the kids and I attempted to sleep in...then since it was Corys first payday...we went grocery shopping :) I was pretty excited because I had a coupon for Yankee Candle for buy one get one....I was all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake :) I only really said that because the scent I got was "vanilla cupcake"...it smelled so yummy! Then, we were off to Pennys...Cory had a gift card for $30 and I had just gotten a coupon in the mail for $10 off....Oh yeah...we made out like bandits!!!! Later on that day, I visited Motherhood Maternity...I saw a Pea Coat that was so sweet looking...I tried it on, and I think I could wear it even when I am not prego...some of you know that I dont EVER wear a coat...especially when prego...my girth is just too wide :( This will do nicely...I told Cory it could be a Birthday gift or something.
I like being pregnant...I know some women don't...but I love it. I love maternity clothes too...they are so comfy. Maybe it is because I am not exactly slim, and being prego is so forgiving...anyways...whatever it is...I just like it. What I dont like is the prego hormones that go along with it. Yesterday I was driving back from the store all by myself and a song was playing on the radio...I don't know what it is called, maybe "I held her first" or "I loved her first" But, I was okay until they mentioned the freckles on the girl...and then I just lost it and bawled and bawled...Of course, I had to tell Cory about it...and I broke into tears...He always says the same thing..."oh Wenner"....Then the kids look at me funny, and I have to explaiu myself...what a mess.
I have no more books to read...I may have to make an emergency trip to the library after I take I-man to school tomorrow....I am going thru withdrawal...Rebecca, I have not forgotten about those books I was going to send you...I will...you'll see...but you know how I work...you didn't get your wedding gift for over a year :)
Oh, well...that is it for now...Mom...you asked about ultra sound? I will probably have one around 16-20 weeks...so it wont be long...and let us hope the kiddo will cooperate...I too would like to know who this little tyke is :) Still am not sure about the names....I suppose we have time however :)
Have a fabulous day everyone.....guten tag! (I think that is German for good day!) (Why the German? I dont know)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I decided that I really had nothing to "blog", but I can't seem to make myself stop journaling anyways....oh well. I guess I will start with my day...the usual...get everyone ready and out the door for school. Both kiddos had a great time at school today. I got home with the girls, we ate some lunch, and then I laid them down for a nap...which neither one went to sleep...very odd. Anyways, I had to pick Isaac up not long after that, and I couldn't very well have them fall asleep only to move them to the car...that's just mean. So I figured they would can out in the car...it didn't happen...very odd. So now they are very tired and in desperate need of rest...this time it shall come :)
Cory has open house tonight. I miss that guy. I am happy that next week I wont be a widow any longer :)
I got a cool book at the library...I think it is called "The One Minute Organizer"...I read it through today and thought it sounded great. Basically it is encouraging you to organize things 15 minutes at a time...or even less than that. She says if you have 5 minutes, organize a drawer in your house...do it while you watch tv...but just do it. That is the jist anyways...not to overwhelm, but to gain consistency to develop a habit. There was lots of good things to try and ideas that had merit...I enjoy trying to make my life a little smoother, and also feel like I accomplished something :)
I have been dreaming about food lately. Yes, I love to eat, and have a good appetite, but I have never just daydreamed about it. First it is the pastors wifes Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, then her chicken and rice, then her meatloaf. Then I was dreaming about the applesauce, and also my girlfriends chicken salad recipe...which she just gave me...thanks a bunch. The odd thing is, is that I have to remind myself to eat...sometimes I will start to feel sick, and then Cory will say "what have you eaten?" I am shocked to find that sometimes I just forget! I have a real craving for ice cream cones...but I am not gung ho about ice cream...Cory is very much enjoying this food craving, and offers to go get some whenever I feel like I simply must have it. I also have been craving salty red meat...like the meatloaf...I only have chicken in my fridge...aaahhhh. Anyways, it is nice to know that I am only dreaming of it and not really consuming it all...talk about fat kids on cupcakes!
The kids are in timeout in their rooms...all is quiet...I am sure they are sleeping. I always feel so bad when they fall asleep during timeout...Oh well, apparently not too badly about it.
Oh well, I wont bore you with anymore...I told you I really had nothing to say...until next time....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hi everyone! Just wondering if any of you fellow alumni are planning on going back to the old Alma Mater for homecoming? Cory and I think we are going to make the trip out! Hey Sparky...are you and the Mrs. going to make the trip? Give us a call or leave us a message!
Well, today started off pretty routinely...I got the gang ready, and took I-man to school...when I came back the furnace people were here putting in our..furnace! Needless to say it works :) I did a little cleaning up, am doing some laundry, and I think that sometime after lunch the girls and I will trek to the library. After that, I will probably let them play at the park for a while, and then it will be home again...just in time to turn around and pick I-man up from school. Cory wont be home for supper again. Tonight he has a "grade parent tea". I guess the parents come in and collaborate with the teacher on celebrations, and who will do what...So pretty much Cory will sit back and let the ladies figure it out...HA! He also has football practice after school, sooo we wont see him for too long tonight. Also on the agenda...what to make for supper? Chicken or Chicken? Hmmmmm.
Now is the time for me to start getting ready for making applesauce. I really enjoy this treat! Cortland apples give it the pink color that I like, and Macs give it the smooth creamy consistency that makes it so yummy, we might have to mix them! I have two quarts left, and two pints....pickens are getting slim...so we've got to get a move on! Mom, let me know if you want me to make you some...I'd love to exchange for some of Mandas Red Raspberry Jelly...I have one jar left that I have hoarded in the pantry...but am going to give it up for a birthday gift...maybe. HA!
Tomorrow Cory has open house at his school. Tomorrow is I-mans open house...I can't wait to see his classroom, and see how he is doing! He is so excited about school, and is greatly enjoying himself. We are hoping to take him to Geneva Colleges homecoming again this year. He is old enough to be in the "Geneva Gang" which is 5-12 year olds...they do all kinds of activities, give them a t-shirt, lunch , and they ride in the parade...it's never too early to start him off thinking that Geneva is HIS college...yes, he knows where he's going! We will try to see if they will allow Esther to join in too!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I had my second OB appointment the other day. Everything was good. All of my bloodwork came back in and was in good shape. I asked specifically about my sugar...it was fine...hip hip hooray! I haven't gained any weight since my 1st appointment...which is kind of curious...the waistline on my pants are getting quite tight, and I was thinking I would have to resort to maternity fairly soon. Odd...no weight gain...but the clothes fit tighter...hmmmm. Usually I only start to show in my 4th month, but I suppose that after birthing 3 that it has taken its toll on my body. I am not really "showing" yet, but I think it will probably be shortly before or right after my 4th month starts. No matter, I love to wear maternity clothes :) I am going to be in definate need of maternity clothes at the end of pregnancy...I am all off season wise...usually I am wearing shorts and t-shirts...but not in March I wont be...I will hit the thrift stores.
Today we are taking the kids to the fair. We didn't think that we would be able to afford it since the rides are so expensive, but Cory said that the rides were free from 1-4...Like Cory says..."Im on that like a fat kid on a cupcake!" To the Fair we shall go!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! The weather is great, and I hope we can be outside most of the day! Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Good Morning Bloggers! Today is Thursday, and I am waiting to take Isaac to school. Later on in the early afternoon, I will be taking both girls to the doctors...for ....shots! Anyways, after we get home, I will clean up around the house, do some laundry...yes, it just never goes away you know. Later after that I will drop the kiddos off at Grandma and Poppys and then I will go to my OB appt. I will then go to pick the kiddos up...so happy because my kids have already eaten supper...and some is waiting there for me...Hooray for small blessings! Then, I might whisk the kids over to the volleyball game where Cory is scoring...I will play that one by ear...I bet I will be exhausted with all the running around today. So that is it for today...busy, busy.
Yesterday I was eating lunch with the girls. Esther has a nasty habit of making a choking sound while she eats...just to get a reaction. We have been through the Peter and the Wolf story. She hadn't done it in eons, and when she did I was angry, and I said...don't do that Esther...she said Why? I said cause someday you might really be choking and we will think you are fooling with us, and you will choke and die (for emphasis.) Then she said ...and go to heaven? And somehow it turned into ...that wouldnt be so terrible would it Mom? Anyways...I had to smile a little with her logic...but it did open good doors of conversation.
The kids have been practicing their memory verses from Sabbath school for the past two weeks, and have done really well. Even Gayle is doing very very well. I was sort of surprised that she could recite at such an early age, but she likes to do everything the others do, so I cant be terribly surprised.
Cory has been really enjoying his first two days of school. He told me that one of the other teachers across the hall came and closed his door because he was way too loud...I said ...why didnt she just close her own door? He said she did...and I was still too loud...and then he giggled. HA. Football practice has been going well. He really enjoys what he is doing. On Friday he is going to go scout some games. I hope that we will be able to go to a few games ourselves.
Some of you have been asking me about the flooding situation beside our home. As we speak, there is heavy equipment pushing the rocks down the stream to re-route it. I dont think that we will have anymore problem. They worked all day yesterday as well. We will of course always get water in the basement...that happens whenever we run the garden hose...HA!
Well, the kiddos are ancy to get going, so I had better end this for now...now you are up to date with the Valentines!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The other day I was thinking about my Grandpas old farm, and whenever I think of it, I think of barns with the Mail Pouch advertisement. Now, I am pretty sure his barn didn't have an advertisement on it, but he chewed Mail Pouch just the same. I remember loving the smell of it...but hating the taste! I always love those trips down memory lane :)
Our Labor Day picnic this year was at Corys brothers house. Cliff and Chris just put in a very beautiful inground pool, and despite the chill to the air...the kids and Cory went for a dip. I sat on a lounge chair soaking up what sun there was...it was truly a delightful day. Cliff grilled some traditional picnic fare of hamburgers, hotdogs, and spiedies...yum! It was also Chris's birthday so we had ice cream cake for dessert! The kids searched long and hard for the perfect gift for Chris from the dollar store! Cory and I got her a candle that smells like Pecan Pie...I must admit...I wanted it for myself...HA!
The other day I was trying to start our furnace to take the chill out of the air...it would not work...so Dad came over and fiddled with it...it didn't work! So the furnace guy came over and said that it was rusted out...(from the flood)....so it has to be replaced...he quoted Dad $2800.00 I felt so sick about it...Cory and I are hoping to add a little extra money to help offset the cost of the furnace...it might take us awhile, but I hope we can do it!
Today was Isaacs first day of school. He was so excited, he came in and woke me up asking when he could get ready...I said just give me 15 min. It was good he woke us up though, because Cory turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. Anyways we got ready and I took him to school early and got some pictures of him with his teacher, and me, and his Grandma who works at the school. I am very proud of him, and know that he will be a good boy! It sure is quiet here today though.
What is on the agenda for today? Laundry of course. The dishes are stacked to the ceiling...but everytime I go to the sink...I am so overwhelmed...I just can't do it! Cory was going to do them last night for me, but was too busy preparing for students today. So he said he was sure I would be able to improvise...I said " you mean you want me to go out and buy plates?"...he laughed anyways. HA. Tonight he has football practice, and I look forward to seeing him around suppertime.
Hope everyone is having a great week...

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Today Cory left early for football practice...in the rain. Perhaps I should make a Dr.s appointment now. He has to go back later on for the Varsity game. He is going to announce it...I asked him if he knew how to do it? He said we'll find out. HA. At any rate--he gets paid $30 to announce it. That always helps. Pretty soon he will be having practice for his own football team which is Modified. I hope we will be able to make some of the games...I don't do rain though...especially with kiddos.
Cory is on his way home right now for lunch. What to make --what to make. Hmmm. I suppose Macaroni and Cheese would be good. I really like to make hot lunches for my family. Soup, Noodles, stuff like that. I am not sure what to even make for supper...The other night we had Apricot Chicken over egg noodles....oh, it was soooo good. Cory was good to me the other day and brought the kiddos a pizza. He bought me a sub. ( I dont really care for pizza a whole lot.) That was a nice treat. It is sort of cold and rainy...it might have to be a baking day. We shall see.
I got some books at the library yesterday. Nothing spectacular...just some easy reading. I am hoping to start Esther on the computers when school starts. I dont know why, but we never let our kids on the computer...well, not never...sometimes Isaac...but very limited at that...
Cory is home, so I will end for now...hope everyone is having a great weekend!


A happy 6th anniversary to my sister J.J. and my brother in law Keith! We hope you have a many more. Hope you also have a great evening planned to spend together!


This is my absolute favorite Pregnancy Book. It is called Your Pregnancy Week by Week. I have numbers of others too, but this is one I look at on an almost daily basis. I was really dissappointed with What to Expect When Youre Expecting...most of the info in that book I felt was irrelevant to me. I also love my Mayo Clinic Book. I have always enjoyed books like that. When I was little I would find my Moms Nursing Books and search things out...and then come with my list of questions for her to answer...strange child I am sure. Still strange :) According to the book...at the end of this week my baby should be the size of a large lime...
While I have my most recent baby the size of a lime...My oldest child Isaac is slowly surpassing me. (or perhaps rather quickly) We all know that at some point our children will be bigger than us...you just never imagine that it could happen in Kindergarten or 1st grade. Isaac got brand new shoes for school...and they fit me. 6yrs old... I just can't believe it. He is almost as big as his 1st grade teacher too. It just wont be long before he is taller than me too...probably next year--HA! My little big boy has almost passed me up...feet wise !