Wednesday, March 28, 2007




MY MOM............MORPHED.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007


For an enjoyable visit...trek over to my cousin Jeremy Stockwells blog...the link is on the sidebar. He is quite the photographer. This time he has taken his own picture and used online tools to morph his was really amusing...and somewhat shocking that some looked so real. I love to visit his site when I can...he truly has a gift!

Monday, March 26, 2007


This is one of my nieces...Annabelle Louise. This was her baptism day. I would have liked to have been there...I have not been able to see her as of yet and am looking forward to the day that I can hold her!


Well, some of you have been asking about details about Eli's birth. This is the scoop. Thursday I had my OB appt. I packed a suitcase in hopes that he would say...Hey why don't we just head over to the Hospital right now!! I asked him if he was interested...he said.."Wendy, you are ONLY going to be 38 weeks tomorrow...I said...come on Doc...Ive been having contractions ALL week long. So he checked my cervix...only a 3??? DRAT!! He are doing very well. Why dont you go to the hospital around 10 or 11 tomorrow, and tell them how you are feeling...they will check you, then call me, I will tell them to keep you, then I will come in, break your water, and you will have your baby in about 4 hours. Sounds good to me I said...see you there! So that was the plan...I went to the hospital...and the nurse said that I was still posterior, and hard...she did not think he would keep me...she did not know our arrangement however (snicker snicker...the joke was on her.) She called Doc anyway and he said for her to monitor she came back and sounds as if he might keep you...Oh goodie...I said. (snicker, snicker). At any rate, I got a room, and Doc came in and attempted to break my water...he said that the head was still floating, and that if he broke my water...the cord could come through wanted to start me on Pitocin to engage his head first. As the nurses hooked me up, they warned me that it might take hours for me to really begin labor...I said...Oh no body smells Pitocin and I am in hard labor...they snickered to themselves and said Well see. Just like I said Contractions started immediately and strongly. I asked to have the epidural before things got terribly uncomfortable...I got it, and shortly after that Doc broke my water. I asked him how long he thought it would take before I had the baby. He said an hour. was actually about 50 min. The sad part was that my epidural did not work on my right side near the end. Soooo...I felt a "pocket" of contractions...HOW aggravating!!! At the same time it really was rather short lived compared to having the entire labor like that. Doc said that he thought it must be helping me some because if not, he thought that I would be in some serious pain...apparently my contractions were very high. Shortly after that Eli was born. I pushed him out in 7 min...and he gave a good hearty cry. Apgars were 9.9....the next day he looked pretty banged up and bruised...a bumpy trip I imagine. I got to deliver my own placenta again...very cool...I asked Doc what they did with it...he said they cook it up and eat it...I said...oh yummy...the hospital meatloaf I imagine..HA! Anyways...that is about it...I felt very glad for it all to be over and to get to hold my little guy...he has been such a good baby, and I am enjoying snuggling that is the story of Eli...Cory taped the birth again. He always does such a tasteful job...he tapes from up by my shoulder, so you are not able to see anything you would not want someone to see...HA. Hope everyone is doing well...I will post more pix when I can!


Here are some photos to enjoy until I can get my others up. Sorry it has taken so long!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Meet the newest member of our family...Elijah Joshua Valentine. He was born on March 16th 2007. He was 9lbs 8oz ...22inches long...and looks like Esther. He is our biggest baby so far...and is doing well. I will plan to post the "birth story" and some pictures of our little er...big guy. I am tired, but doing well. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement. This photo was taken today right before I left the hospital. In a few days you can look on the hospital website for his photo...I don't know if it is up yet or what it looks like. The website is
I hope you all are doing well, and I look forward to posting all about our adventure as soon as I am able.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


...Off of my Moms blog. I love their Wedding Photos...Today she posted these, and I just thought I would share them.
Mom and Dad had a fabulous photographer, and are so lucky to have such nice shots. I think I fit into moms dress when I was around 12...after that it was way tooooo small. I love the veil also, but imagine it would look silly on me.


...I am still here. I have been having contractions since Saturday. Each morning I awake either insanely early, or just plain early with anticipation that today will be the day. Today was no different...I just decided to ignore it, because after all I am beginning to think that this is some cruel joke...I wont EVER have this child...I shall be eternally pregnant...(Can you imagine?--YIKES) At any rate, I woke up feeling really good, so I got to work...Laundry is being done, and at the moment all others are put away. You know how Dreft and Downy smell soooo amazingly good? Well, the other day I had to wash some of Elis clothes and I did not have enough for a full I threw in some of mine...they smelled sooooo good all day long, and were sooooo soft. I have decided (if it is ok with my husband) That I would like to buy some just for sheets and blankets possibly towells too. What guest would not want to sleep in a bed that smelled so good? It is pretty expensive, but I would not be using it for the rest of our laundry...we shall see.

Today I have my OB appt. I imagine if I am not in labor he will make plans to induce me...I will of course beg for it to be as soon as possible. I am hoping that all of these contractions I have been having have done something to my cervix!!! Maybe we will have a St. Patricks Day baby!!! Hooray!

Hope you all have a great and FABULOUS day!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Nope. Unfortunately no joy here. I woke up at 3 AM with contractions...I tried rocking in a rocking chair to speed things up a bit...they never really seemed to change......this is getting really old. Even so...I never give up hope that this will be the BIG day...until I see it pass away. Okay...everyone raise your orange juice or coffee cups...Here is to a day FULL of contractions with a purpose, a call to hubby, and delight in snuggling a newborn! CHEERS!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay, so you would think that after 3 kids that I would not make a silly mistake of thinking I am in labor when I am not. Well, I suppose I was on Saturday...I had contractions ALL day long. Finally there was a 3 hour stretch where they were very consistent...not hard...not getting stronger...just consistent. Since Mom and Dad had Church the next morning, I wanted to be we went and checked it out. My contractions were good and long --but not doing anything for my cervix...Pretty much what I thought, but just needed that reassurance. Also, I had never experienced back labor...OUCH. I am trying some different stretching exercises to get Eli to turn himself the right way. Time will tell I suppose.

I was very excited on Saturday to go get our first family picture EVER! While I was at the Docs office they had a photo done where everyone was in black and white except for one of the girls that was pregnant..she was in color and everyone was looking at her belly...I fell in love, so my husband...being the fine guy that he is got us an appt at the same place and quickly. The photographer was FABULOUS. He took a number of different shots and we were done with that in 10 min....can you believe it...and they look GREAT! We are purchasing two pictures. One is a family shot...very beautiful in black and white. Then the other is black and white except for me, and the girls are touching my belly and the boys are looking over my shoulder is so sweet. After Elijah is born we will have one taken where he is the only one in color and everyone else is in black and white...I am very excited about it...I hope when we get them back you will all be able to come and see sort of marks a milestone in my know pregnancy and motherhood. :)

Alright, Sabbath we did not make it to church because I was having contractions that were more painful and more consistent...we thought it wise to stay close to Mon and Dad. They managed to fizzle out, and make me irritated...I was really ready to go to the hospital and meet this little fella. I guess it was a good thing though. Cory tried to get his plans in order for the sub that will take over for him for a week, and realized he had left ALL of his material at school...YIKES! God knows what he is doing, and I just have to be thankful that he is in charge and not me...But...I suppose that praying that it will happen VERY soon is not forbidden!!

One last thing. This might be a shock...but I keep thinking that Elijahs name is wrong. Cory picked it out, and it is not that I don't like it...I just like Gideon better. Hmmm. I really don't feel like I can change it at this point...I mean for the childrens sake...even little Gaylie talks to "Eli". I just love the sound of "Isaac, Esther, Gayle and Gideon" has a certain ring to it. Just a thought. Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Cory called me yesterday from school to let me know that the principals husband was taken to the hospital. He had been experiencing bronchitis and just couldn't seem to shake it. Finally, they took him to the hospital and found that he was in shock. He has Strep, and it was affecting all of his organs. They told her that he would most likely pass that evening. He died this morning at 4:30. It is so sad to me that it happened so quickly. They had grandkids, and he was a 6th grade teacher...those poor students! My heart goes out to their family. This was also particularly a scary time for me due to the fact that I tested positive for the same kind of strep as you will see in the next post. I was lucky to have found it early enough and have it taken care of...

This is just a little side note, which has nothing to do with the man who died. Please don't be a "hero". If you are sick or your children are ill...get them medical care immediately. You know who you are...(Amanda...for one.) Chances may be slim that something like this would happen to you...but when it does happen--you only hurt the ones around you who will be mourning your loss. So don't try to be a "hero" and wait it out...and furthermore...don't spread it around to the rest of us! I love you all and wish you all good health...I mean it Manda...nobody is going to want to hear your croaky voice anyways--HA.


Hooray!!! I am 37 weeks today!!!! I had my OB appt. yesterday...altogether I have gained 19 lbs. This sounds like a lot since I only gained 13 with both of the girls ...I gained 25 with Isaac. I think it is well within the range of normal and healthy...especially for a girl with a little extra padding :) So far my sugar has been good...However...I did test positive for the strep I hurried as fast as I could to pick up my antibiotic to give this little guy as good a start as I can. I read up on it and was a little intimidated about the whole thing...VERY bad things can happen if it goes untreated. I am blessed to have such good medical care. Doc wants me to have another ultra sound to check the weight of the baby and perhaps the status of strep I suppose. This will be next Thursday...if I make it. Everything else is status quo...still 2 cms...but like I said --any help is good help! Ive got my bags packed and ready to go. I am looking forward to meeting this squirmy guy!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

STILL HERE.........

Yes, I am still here. Very uncomfortable. Very rotund... I have my week 37 appt tomorrow...lets hope for big changes!!!

Yesterday I tried to blog but it froze up on me. My reason for blogging was just to gloat. (Serves me right I am sure). I was so happy because I have ALL of my laundry done...EVERYTHING...all is hung, folded, put away...and everyones clothes were gone through and put away for appropriate seasons, or for the salvation army...And yet...I woke up today to find a bunch of towels from our showers, clothes from yesterday...and would you believe...I had enough for a load of each? It does seem neverending...but that little reprieve felt SO good!! I guess that gloat did not last too long.

Baseball season started on Monday. While this means I will barely see my husband (What else is new?) It does mean that Spring is on its way and I will be living outside as much as I can :) I try to take the kids to all of the home games I can. There is a HUGE dirt pile behind the outfield...I bring shovels and buckets and the kids go wild...I also bring a change of clothes...this lets me watch the game in peace and get a little fresh air...I LOVE it!

Be sure to check out my cousin Jeremy Stockwells Blog. He is an excellent Photographer, and is extremely skilled! It is fun to see what he comes up with...I think one of the programs he does is called Photo which he has to take a picture of whatever the theme is...and then he has another that is a personal photo is all really cool and I hope you all take a look! Be sure to look at past archives!

Well that is about it for tonight...I hope you all are having a great week...I hope there will be a time that I can catch up with my blogging more often. Oh, by the way...Thanks for blogging John!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

TROUBLE (with a capital T and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool...)

Hi Everyone...Just a quick note to let you know that I am experiencing computer troubles. Every time I try to post the computer is SOOOO aggravating...especially since I have had good things to report. I am using Corys parents computer right now...Thanks Mom and Dad. I don't know the next time I will get to post sooooo...oh well. I will try to look at everyones blog...but it freezes so frequently that I sometimes can't get to them....DRAT! Hope all is well with you and yours!


Yes indeed, I have had many unexpected pleasures in the past month or so. I just have to list some of them. Many of you know that I had been stressing out about getting everything organized for Elijahs arrival...well, I finally broke down and asked for a little help. Our good friend Terri came immediately and helped me in such a big way! I just have to say thank you to her for being so supportive.

Another pleasure that I had was that the ladies at church planned a shower for me and Eli. It was originally planned for Valentines Day, but we got quite an accumulation of snow then. On the following Sabbath, we were having a Fellowship Meal, and everyone brought the food intended for the shower, and gifts. I did not know that I would be opening gifts in front of EVERYONE in the congregation! Everyone was extrememly generous, and I am thankful to be so blessed by such thoughtful people!

And yet...ANOTHER shower!!! My girlfriends from the Preschool surprised me with a shower. They told me that I was going out for supper with them, and that one of them would pick me up. They took me to a really nice Italian restaurant...I had herbed lemon was really delicious! I also got a Margarita since it was a special occasion...We had such a good time, we are going to plan on having a girls night out every month! The girls were so thoughtful, they had fresh flowers on the table, favors, a cake with little rubber duckies on it, and they all brought such nice gifts...I was truly touched! *PLUS* I got to dress up!!!! I knew something was up when they told me that I could wear something a little dressier...meaning dont come in your preschool sweats attire and baseball cap...HA.

Ive just got to list this surprise...which is sort of a double surprise! On Sabbath day I was on the list to be in the nursery. I had the door open so that I could be a part of the service, and I saw a couple walk in with a baby. The woman turned her head so I got her profile, and I thought...Hey I think that is my college roommate Lydia...but she never fully turned SHAME ON ME...I spent most of the service trying to capture a peek...which I never got. I did think that I recognized the baby from his photo in the Covenanter Witness. SOOOOO....after the service, the pastor always has visitors introduce themselves...and as soon as she said "College Hill" I knew it was her...So I yelled out..."Thats my college Roommate" "hi roomie!!!". It was a surprise for both of us since she did not know that we attended that church, and I did not know that she would be in town. Ethans sisters live in Ithaca, so I am hoping that when they make another trip this way that we could steal them away for a while!!! Ethans sister was getting married so we could not steal them away this time...but we had a nice chat during the coffee hour...and I must say...Lydia looks more beautiful than I've ever seen her...and her little boy has the most AMAZING eyes I think I have ever seen. They are light blue outlined in deep navy...WOW! It was soooo great to see Lydia and Ethan again...I hope we don't wait that long before our next meeting!

So that concludes my unexpected pleasures lecture...Thanks to all who have been so thoughtful to me and my are appreciated, and a blessing to us!


Well, I had my OB appt today, and was excited to be able to get ultrasound pix to share as well. The sonographer said that she thought the baby was about 7 lb. 9oz. so far...(lucky me). It was more difficult to see the shots of him because he was running out of room and my amniotic fluid was smashing his face--HA. At any of the shots is of his ear, and you can see a little hair on the back of his head...the other non head one was of his pudgy little I said it is a little difficult to see. When I saw my OB doc he estimated that I would have a high 8 or low 9 lb baby...we shall see. He told me that he was going to check my cervix, and I said we are hoping for changes...any little bit helps. He said...don't get to are only 36 weeks...I am 2 cm dilated...I said...I told you so. HA. We are thinking sometime in the next two weeks...wish me luck. All tests are good...we are cleared for take-off. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery of Elijah Joshua.

Elijah 36 week sonar ....