Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, some of you have been asking about details about Eli's birth. This is the scoop. Thursday I had my OB appt. I packed a suitcase in hopes that he would say...Hey why don't we just head over to the Hospital right now!! I asked him if he was interested...he said.."Wendy, you are ONLY going to be 38 weeks tomorrow...I said...come on Doc...Ive been having contractions ALL week long. So he checked my cervix...only a 3??? DRAT!! He are doing very well. Why dont you go to the hospital around 10 or 11 tomorrow, and tell them how you are feeling...they will check you, then call me, I will tell them to keep you, then I will come in, break your water, and you will have your baby in about 4 hours. Sounds good to me I said...see you there! So that was the plan...I went to the hospital...and the nurse said that I was still posterior, and hard...she did not think he would keep me...she did not know our arrangement however (snicker snicker...the joke was on her.) She called Doc anyway and he said for her to monitor she came back and sounds as if he might keep you...Oh goodie...I said. (snicker, snicker). At any rate, I got a room, and Doc came in and attempted to break my water...he said that the head was still floating, and that if he broke my water...the cord could come through wanted to start me on Pitocin to engage his head first. As the nurses hooked me up, they warned me that it might take hours for me to really begin labor...I said...Oh no body smells Pitocin and I am in hard labor...they snickered to themselves and said Well see. Just like I said Contractions started immediately and strongly. I asked to have the epidural before things got terribly uncomfortable...I got it, and shortly after that Doc broke my water. I asked him how long he thought it would take before I had the baby. He said an hour. was actually about 50 min. The sad part was that my epidural did not work on my right side near the end. Soooo...I felt a "pocket" of contractions...HOW aggravating!!! At the same time it really was rather short lived compared to having the entire labor like that. Doc said that he thought it must be helping me some because if not, he thought that I would be in some serious pain...apparently my contractions were very high. Shortly after that Eli was born. I pushed him out in 7 min...and he gave a good hearty cry. Apgars were 9.9....the next day he looked pretty banged up and bruised...a bumpy trip I imagine. I got to deliver my own placenta again...very cool...I asked Doc what they did with it...he said they cook it up and eat it...I said...oh yummy...the hospital meatloaf I imagine..HA! Anyways...that is about it...I felt very glad for it all to be over and to get to hold my little guy...he has been such a good baby, and I am enjoying snuggling that is the story of Eli...Cory taped the birth again. He always does such a tasteful job...he tapes from up by my shoulder, so you are not able to see anything you would not want someone to see...HA. Hope everyone is doing well...I will post more pix when I can!

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