Friday, June 07, 2013


Since Cory stopped coaching, and we decided to take the kids out of sports for the spring/summer...we have been able to have much more family time.  We have gone hiking, stayed at the cottage, and various misc. things.  It has been so nice, and it feels SO good.
I think this was the first overnight we had at the cottage this year.  This was breakfast-time.  Chocolate Chip pancakes!
Wiffle Ball!
The cottage with the new front addition! 
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Asher enjoying taking a boat ride with Cory.

It has been really nice...since the kids are a bit older now, and have some more experience, they have been able to take the boats out by themselves to go fishing.  They are enjoying this freedom!  Here Gayle and Esther are in the Clippity Clip.  They *found* this dead sucker, and brought it back to Cory to find out what it was.  Gross!
Isaac and Eli taking a ride in the paddle boat.

And plenty of fishing!
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I love this photo of Cory.  I think he is such a handsome fellow.  *sigh*

Another handsome fellow!  Isaac!
Cory seemed to have a good day fishing.  A pretty large pickeral and a large mouth bass!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


 Better late than never.  The school Valentine dance... Cory and I with our sweet dates. 

Friday, May 10, 2013


Asher has such a sweet heart.  I thought I would capture just a little bit of his world. 

I am so glad I get to spend my day with such a thoughtful little guy!
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Monday, March 11, 2013


 Oh the possibilities.....I was amazed at the drastic differences and how well she was able to pull them off.

 Esther has some really beautiful features and it is fun to play with them :-)


 Gayle was a fun one to do.  It made me imagine just a little what I have to look forward to in a matter of years. 

This was not my favorite.  Although I like the color.


 It is obvious that I had more time on my hands this day...well perhaps I just decided to squander it!  This was fun to do. 

This was my favorite one.  Interesting considering it really is a lot closer to my actual style...just not the color.

Monday, February 04, 2013


Well...I guess there are just times that you feel like your priorities shouldn't be blogging on the computer...HA!  I wanted to put a few things in for Journalings (I don't think that is a word.) sake.  So here are a few highlights. 

I am anxious to be able to look at everyones has been so long, and I hope that I can sit down with something warm in a mug, and catch up with everyone soon.  Hope you are all staying warm! 


 Cory and I worked hard to turn this old entertainment center into a fun Barbie house for Gayle.  She expressed wanting one, and so I figured this would most likely be one of the last couple of years that she would be into it.  She loved it, and we were proud of how it turned out :-)

 I just used scrapbook paper for the walls...I made the bed from a cereal box, pencils and duct tape.  The floors were contact paper from the dollar looked very cool!

This room was mismatched really ...I need to do it over.

The sofas were made out of cereal boxes and a table runner I bought from the dollar store.  

The adirondak chairs were 1.00 at AC Moore...and the table was a plastic glass flipped over with a cocktail plate on top.  I modge podged a wood grain paper turned out cool.
 I would have loved to have had something like this growing up...
 Hooray for homemade gifts that don't break the bank!

CHRISTMAS PROJECT... wasn't for Elijah...but he was a good model :-)  I bought this pattern through www.dollsanddaydreams  .  I like to make something handmade for Ella every year at Christmastime.  This particular project was super fun.  It is Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  I made her the matching reversible cape so that she could play too. 
 I was super excited with how it turned out!  I am not a fabulous seamstress, but every now and then a project will just happen to turn out, and then I am so surprised--HA!

 I didn't have the chance to make her basket with cookies in it...but I did get her the book Little Red Riding Hood. 

My favorite of all was the cape...I am in love with pointed hoods.  This was a fun project for sure!