Monday, February 04, 2013

CHRISTMAS PROJECT... wasn't for Elijah...but he was a good model :-)  I bought this pattern through www.dollsanddaydreams  .  I like to make something handmade for Ella every year at Christmastime.  This particular project was super fun.  It is Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  I made her the matching reversible cape so that she could play too. 
 I was super excited with how it turned out!  I am not a fabulous seamstress, but every now and then a project will just happen to turn out, and then I am so surprised--HA!

 I didn't have the chance to make her basket with cookies in it...but I did get her the book Little Red Riding Hood. 

My favorite of all was the cape...I am in love with pointed hoods.  This was a fun project for sure!

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Rebecca said...'.goodness.

That is beyond adorable. I LOVE IT. (And I bet she did too.)