Sunday, January 29, 2012


No, he is not finished with his doctorate yet...but he has earned at least 1/2 of it. Cory was able to earn the Educational Specialist Degree...which means he just had some additional training...most of the classes in this degree are part of the doctoral classes he had to take he decided to take the extra 2 classes and have something to show for it! Smart move!

Now...back to work! I am so thankful for this guy!

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Definitely stinky.

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I don't know...I still think they look related.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I cannot believe January is almost over! I haven't had enough time to organize all of my holiday decor to put away...and still have a tree in the IS undecorated though! My goal is to have it all put away by the end of January!

It was so nice to have a break with Cory! It was sad to think to ourselves that we had sort of forgot what is was like to just be all together as a family and really just spend time playing together. Cory is really diligent to be a good husband and father despite all of the work he is was just so heavenly to be together like that...and it makes me really miss him! Say a prayer for is not that it is is just the constant busy-ness that can burn you out! He will be going strong from now until the end of July. I am excited about that! I will hopefully get the chance to fly down (that part I am not excited about...that part is scary!) and spend the last day with him, and drive back with him! It will be a celebration of the end of his classes and the start of his dissertation! I am so proud of this man!

I am a an egg! Isaac Jr. was brought home yesterday in a very cozy boyscout popcorn bucket...Isaac was very excited about this project and went to work right away hand sewing a little blanket and pillow...complete with the stuffing! He is doing this project for school.

The girls are coming right along with their piano...I feel so envious (in a good way) of Esther when I hear her play. She is also doing really well on the trombone.

I made some really nice picture books for three of the kiddos for Christmas from Shutterfly. They were really nice quality. I got them because when I ordered the kids school pics they came with a $20 credit to be used at Shutterfly. Well, just the other day...I recieved an email from Shutterfly saying that they were happy to do business with me over the holidays and sent me ANOTHER $20 credit! So I am publicly thanking Shutterfly for being such a wonderful and reputable company! I made Eli a picture book, and cannot wait to see it in print !

Hoping everyone is staying warm! I think it may be time for another cup of tea!