Friday, January 26, 2007


I am very proud of my 1st grader Isaac. Today he brought home his report card and he got straight A's.......Way to go Isaac!!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Today started out GREAT! Corys Dad called to tell us that he would take Isaac to school today so that the girls and I did not have to go out in the cold...I was SO excited! That meant a few extra minutes of sleep for me:) I was very impressed as well, when Isaac came into my room and was already dressed and had brushed his teeth!!! We have been talking to our children about their need to take initiative if they see something that needs done...don't wait for us to ask you to do it...just do it! He is such a star...I will have to reward him for such good behaviour!!! SOoooo...I sent my boy off to school and got ready to tackle the laundry!! Esther turned the water on, and we realized...hmmm there is NO sits in Corys car...hmmm. Oh well, we had plenty of things to do I just stuck a bleach load in and let it sit for hours! (Lets change colors..) I have been feeling really overwhelmed with the thoughts of all I HAVE to get done BEFORE Eli comes. Today a friend came over, and helped me sort out two tubs of clothes and two garbage bags FULL of clothes from a friend. We went through and picked out the seasonal items and then discarded the ones that might have stains that wont come out--as well as ones that just looked like they have seen better days. I am so amazed at how organized I was with Isaac...all the little socks were matched and in ziploc bags...what a joy to find that! Anyways...I have a box of shoes, hats, and bibs to put away as well. The idea is that I will send these tubs with Dreft and Downy to Corys parents...I just have so much to do, and they are always willing to help...and I figure this is something they can do in any spare time they might have. This way, when we finally get Eli a dresser I will be all set. My girlfriend is going to give me some of her baby clothes as well, so then I will be good to go. I still have to get my receiving blankets, and sheets out...and go thru infant items in general...I am feeling more optomistic having this accomplished!! HOORAY!!

I am SO in baby mode! I am really blessed that my church is going to throw me a 4TH shower...I just never would have thought I would be so blessed. The shower is on Valentines Day. One of the ladies from church gave me a BEAUTIFUL car seat that she had used for her sons! God provides for us in so many ways!

Please pray for my Mother. Mom is inquiring about early retirement for herself. Dad has just retired, and I think it would be so nice for them to start this off together. The only real glitch that she sees from keeping this from happening, is if they will not pay for her insurance. She is hoping that they will want to strike a deal. She meets with the hospital people on Monday...please pray that obstacles will be overcome, and that she could have a much needed rest. I also have a selfish motive to admit. If Mom can get retirement...for March 1st....then...she will be free to come out and help me before Elijah arrives, and afterwards. AND she will be able to have a more flexible schedule in regards to coming out our way for vacations in general...OH What fun that could be!!! So as you see I have something at stake here too.

Okay, I realize I have written a book here...but I had much on my mind, and the girls are watching the Lion I get to indulge myself in things I like to do :) Hope everyone is having a great day!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


See this person running inside the box? That is me. I have so much to do...and can't possibly get it done...Try as I might...I get so tired so quickly that I just HAVE to lie down. The only difference between me and this person is that I am really FAT and can't run that fast. (No more blubbering --I promise.)

I would like to thank some of you for supporting a family in financial struggles. Not long ago I got a phone call saying that their house was in foreclosure, and it would be sold this Wednesday. (Tommorow.) Yesterday I got a call from the same family, and said that someone was going to loan them the money to stop the sale of thier home...What a miracle! As far as I know, the sale was stopped yesterday!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! God truly has His hand in our lives!

The other day I got to go through some of Isaacs baby clothes...such precious memories. Esther was also very interested in hers as well, so I had Cory bring me the tub of some of her newborn things down...again...sweet memories :) I was glad that I did look through hers, as I had put some gender neutral things I had from Isaac in there. Plus, one of my girlfriends gave me some things that were too small, so I just put them in I have them for Eli. I have to go through them still yet again, and then wash them. I have to get a dresser as well...probably closer to when Eli arrives though.

I hope that everyone is having a great day! I am trying my best to accomplish some tasks...but I just feel like my body is taken hostage and is not my own. It is just after lunch and I feel like I need a nap. Like I said...I am trying hard...but not getting very far...I am feeling very defeated. Please pray for some physical strength for me...I need it so badly!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Okay, this was sort of a freaky experience to be able to actually see "what" Eli looks like. Check out the chops on this guy!! I was a little startled to hear the sonographer say..."When did you say you were due again?" "WHY?" I asked...most babies around 30 weeks are in the 3lb range...not our chunk...he is 4 #. I imagine I will be delivering in 8 weeks instead of 10...(YIKES). When I had my glucose tolerance test done, it was elevated a he wanted me to do the 3 hr. test...I said...I have 3 kids...when will I find 3 hours to myself to do this...maybe he would let me do the 1 hour again. Instead he wanted me to eat and then in two hours have blood drawn...I did this and it came back normal. I was pleased with this and said I hoped that he would waive the other tests...he said Ummmm--No. You have big babies, and someone is obviously enjoying your glucose. So every two weeks I will have my sugar tested...DRAT...but better safe than sorry.
I like this sonar a little better, it doesn't look so alienish :) He definately looks like Isaac. The sonographer kept saying how cute he looked...I think she was trying to convince us...I told her that my kids tend to grow into their looks..Esther was pretty at birth...but lets face it...Isaac and Gayle looked like smashed up football players! HA! I will have another sonar I think around 35-36 weeks...I think he wants to monitor the babys size...I think that is a good idea :) Oh well...hope all is well with everyone...thanks for stopping by!

My "Wild Isaac Rose"....

I came across this image of a yellow rose, and just felt like posting it. I am anticipating the end of my pregnancy, and meeting little Eli...all the while I have been daydreaming about Isaac as a baby. I am very glad that Isaac is not seeing Elijah as "taking his spot". He is very excited about his arrival, and calls him "his Elijah". When Isaac was born, the church gave me a yellow rose bush...which I called my "Wild Isaac Rose". I do not have a green I needed a little help when it started to wilt...I asked my Grandma to take it home and plant it, because at that time we planned to move back to Western PA. Unfortunately, my Isaac Rose did not make it...BUT...someday when we have our own land, I will get another Isaac Rose, and try and make it flourish :)

This evening I will be taking my family with me to see the 4D ultra sound!!! I have been waiting for this forever!!!! I am so excited! As soon as I can I will post a picture of the sonar :) Hope everyone is having a great day!


A very Happy Birthday goes out to my Sister-in-Law Amy!!! Hope you have a great day today!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday DANIEL GARRIS....Happy Birthday to you!" Daniel is my nephew and is celebrating a Birthday today! Hope your day is GREAT!


Today started out very normal for me. I got the kids ready for school, and we hopped into the car. I drop I-man up at school first. Usually the way it happens is that you drive up to the side of the school, your kid hops out, and is greeted by one of the teachers, and then you wave and drive away. We were a little late this morning, and in front of me was a lady trying to drop off her grandkids for school...her car was so loud I could hear them SCREAMING at the top of their the lady hops out and comes back around and waves her hands in the air at me and says "Ahhh Help Me!" So I smile, and think to myself we all have those "Calgon take me away" moments...but then I realize she really IS I jumped out, and asked if I could help her with something...meanwhile...screaming is still going on...I ran to the other side of the car because something was obviously wrong with one of the kids...only to see that the little boys foot was underneath the tire of the car. He was hanging out face to the ground, one foot in the car and one foot I said "OH my goodness!!! Back UP" She did, and I yanked him up and had someone run for the nurse. She said that she didn't even know he had gotten out...she had told him to stay still, but that while she was coming to a stop, he must have opened the door and threw is leg out and got his foot run over...I felt SO bad for this Grandma...I knew she felt terrible, but it was a really good lesson for my kids to learn that it was the little boys lack of obedience that got him run just all made me so sick to my stomache...I think the boy was okay, he probably had some fractures, but he wasn't screaming anymore once the tire was off him...the ambulance was on its way. What a CRAZY day...!

Monday, January 15, 2007


I stole this photo off of Moms blog...(Thanks Mom). I am chilly at the moment...and this just reminds me of warm times. This is a photo of our garden back home in Western PA. These are some glads, and off into the left you can see yummy sweet corn. I have such good memories of the garden as a child. Dad would plow it, and let us take turns disking (sp?) it. Each of us children would rope off a plot and were allowed to plant whatever we wanted, but it was our responsibility to weed, water, and harvest. The garden also brings back memories of flicking off japanese beetles into soapy water and getting paid a penny for each one. The one thing I did not enjoy so much was picking beans...that was back breaking, and HOT! The house was always filled with bushels and bushels of tomatoes to be canned, beans to be snapped, and corn to be canned or frozen...I think back to all of the times I just groaned about all of the work...and now would give ANYTHING to be able to have a garden like that, and its fruits!!! My Uncle Charlie is the chief farmer now. He is a very accomplished gardener. Someday maybe I can glean information from him :) One of my favorite things is to take a tour through the garden when we visit...and pick the asparagus, tomatoes...or whatever I want...My kids are usually gobbling up his red raspberries! It looks as though I am really hoping for summer to come...Hope your day is warm :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Please say a prayer for a family who I know through my sister. Their names are Dan and Cindy Heim. Dan and Cindy just lost their twin daughters Noelle and Alexandra. The twins were battling Twin to Twin Transfusion. They were at the hospital to have a procedure done, and Cindy started labor and the girls were born prematurely. This was Cindys first pregnancy. I was able to see pictures of the girls, and their footprints...they were about as big as the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle...Such a sad event. So if you would please remember this family in your prayers, I am sure that they would appreciate it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is a pipe wrench. Cory had to use one of these today....because...
While I was brushing my teeth with this today...the water would not go down...because....
One of these...(a kandoo toilet flushable wipe) was stuck in the drain. (Two in fact.) Before we took the drain apart we called the girls in to ask them if they put anything in the drain...Esther "NO...I didn't" Gayle..."Yes, I did." Hmmmm what did you put in there Gaylie? Gaylie--"Yes, I put in there..." Alright. So I guess we are lucky...we have made it to this point with nothing in our toilet or sink prior...there is always a first...and Gaylie always seems to be that person...such as...all of the "pretties" I have on my bakers rack...made it until Gayle came along....At least she was honest I suppose.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Remember this photo? Well, I would like to congratulate my friends Lisa and Kevin on the great news of expecting their 2nd child!!! Some of you who attended womens group may remember praying for Lisa that she would be able to conceive...and she DID! I love how God answers our prayers in times when we feel like it could be hopeless. Just think thought you might NEVER have children, but God has truly blessed you! Congratulations my friend!

Friday, January 05, 2007


While developing my film at Wal*Mart, I noticed that I had extra rolls of film...just what was on these...? It was from this past summer...(yikes) Oh Well, I thought you might enjoy the warmth of these. I even had some pictures of a bat at really has been a while! Oh Well...enjoy.




I stole these photos off of Moms blog obviously...this one is the children meeting their new sister...looks like love at first sight to me. This is actually one of my favorite moments after birth...I hope that we will be able to capture the moment as well as Paul and Amy have.
The Blair Family...Paul, Amy, Joyce, Paul III, Daniel, David, and Annabelle
I am just in love with how precious this picture is...she looks so sweet!

LOVELY ANNABELL is a picture of lovely Annabell. It is hard knowing that I will not be able to visit most likely until after Elijah is born. How exciting have a cousin so close in age!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


The time has come, and I am so happy to say Congratulations to my Father~ Wendell P. Blair who got word today of his official RETIREMENT. Dad has always worked so hard at his jobs, and was an excellent employee...I am so proud of you Dad. I hope that this time will allow you to build up your health, practice any projects you might have, and enjoy your grandchildren. Happy Retirement Dad!


~Annabelle Louise Blair~
7lbs. 9oz.
arrival~ 9:04 a.m.

Today is January 4th 2007--I am now an Aunt for the 5th time ! I am very excited to post this news on my blog. As far as I know Amy is doing fine...and the kids are giddy with excitement! My own children are equally excited for the coming news...Isaac went to school today knowing he was going to have a new cousin, but not knowing her name...wont he be excited!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


MERRY CHRISTMAS 2006........


This is our Christmas picture we get taken at the mall every year....Look! Nobody is crying this time :) This year the Santa gave us tickets to the grocery store across the street for cookies and milk...3 free frosties from Wendys...3 free fries from Wendys...3 free meals at Old Country Buffet (for kids)...and lots of other coupons for stuff off at the pays to see Santa!