Friday, January 26, 2007


I am very proud of my 1st grader Isaac. Today he brought home his report card and he got straight A's.......Way to go Isaac!!!!!


Jane said...

One of my childhood memories includes bringing home a straight A report card and showing it to my father. He looked at it approvingly and said, "That's what I expect!" I think that came to mind because my first thought when I read that Isaac got straight A's was very similar. He has smart parents. He is obviously very bright- of course he would do well in school. It is great to see those grades confirming what we all know! He is a great kid with a lot of potential and he seems to be living up to that potential. How wonderful!

Jemit said...

I am proud as punch of you Isaac!
Keep it up..
I didn't do as well as Jane in school, but I'm glad my grandchildren are all very bright..
I vote for the ice cream.. skip the spanking..hehehehe

Jthemilker said...

Tell him I said to keep up the "smart stuff."