Thursday, January 25, 2007


Today started out GREAT! Corys Dad called to tell us that he would take Isaac to school today so that the girls and I did not have to go out in the cold...I was SO excited! That meant a few extra minutes of sleep for me:) I was very impressed as well, when Isaac came into my room and was already dressed and had brushed his teeth!!! We have been talking to our children about their need to take initiative if they see something that needs done...don't wait for us to ask you to do it...just do it! He is such a star...I will have to reward him for such good behaviour!!! SOoooo...I sent my boy off to school and got ready to tackle the laundry!! Esther turned the water on, and we realized...hmmm there is NO sits in Corys car...hmmm. Oh well, we had plenty of things to do I just stuck a bleach load in and let it sit for hours! (Lets change colors..) I have been feeling really overwhelmed with the thoughts of all I HAVE to get done BEFORE Eli comes. Today a friend came over, and helped me sort out two tubs of clothes and two garbage bags FULL of clothes from a friend. We went through and picked out the seasonal items and then discarded the ones that might have stains that wont come out--as well as ones that just looked like they have seen better days. I am so amazed at how organized I was with Isaac...all the little socks were matched and in ziploc bags...what a joy to find that! Anyways...I have a box of shoes, hats, and bibs to put away as well. The idea is that I will send these tubs with Dreft and Downy to Corys parents...I just have so much to do, and they are always willing to help...and I figure this is something they can do in any spare time they might have. This way, when we finally get Eli a dresser I will be all set. My girlfriend is going to give me some of her baby clothes as well, so then I will be good to go. I still have to get my receiving blankets, and sheets out...and go thru infant items in general...I am feeling more optomistic having this accomplished!! HOORAY!!

I am SO in baby mode! I am really blessed that my church is going to throw me a 4TH shower...I just never would have thought I would be so blessed. The shower is on Valentines Day. One of the ladies from church gave me a BEAUTIFUL car seat that she had used for her sons! God provides for us in so many ways!

Please pray for my Mother. Mom is inquiring about early retirement for herself. Dad has just retired, and I think it would be so nice for them to start this off together. The only real glitch that she sees from keeping this from happening, is if they will not pay for her insurance. She is hoping that they will want to strike a deal. She meets with the hospital people on Monday...please pray that obstacles will be overcome, and that she could have a much needed rest. I also have a selfish motive to admit. If Mom can get retirement...for March 1st....then...she will be free to come out and help me before Elijah arrives, and afterwards. AND she will be able to have a more flexible schedule in regards to coming out our way for vacations in general...OH What fun that could be!!! So as you see I have something at stake here too.

Okay, I realize I have written a book here...but I had much on my mind, and the girls are watching the Lion I get to indulge myself in things I like to do :) Hope everyone is having a great day!!


Elizabeth said...

It sounds like not only are you on the track to getting things done before the new baby comes, but it also sounds like you are almost done! In your earlier post you spoke about getting tired so quickly, but considering how far along you are, no wonder you are tired when you are doing so many things- I'd be tired too, and I have no excuse!

I hope your mom is able to "strike a deal" as you say. What a blessing it would be to have her come out for a bit when Eli is born!!!

Oh, and a plug for you- Isaac is learning to take responsibility through your teaching and training- You deserve a pat on the back!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you for accomplishing so much with a little assistance. One seems to get a better outlook when you finally accomplish tasks that loom in front of you like mountains.
"Nesting" is part of pregnancy and it is only 9 weeks till baby Eli arrives !

One note.. striking the deal with the hospital is not that they would 'pay my insurance' but that they would let me stay in the present group program so that the rates are more reachable for your dad and me. Buying as an individual is almost impossible.. So pray that retirement would be reachable for me by March.. and that they would agree to covering me for 5 years while I wait for Medicare to start.
Thanks to all of you for prayer on that issue.
I am so proud of Isaac getting himself ready for school..taking the initiative. Atta boy Isaac!