Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday Cory and I got to go out for the evening...without kids! We had been invited to a wedding and enjoyed ourselves immensely! He had just gotten back from the University the night it was such a delight to be together for such an extended period of time. The reception did not start right after the wedding, so we had a couple of hours to kill, and it was just so very nice...Thanks to my inlaws for taking care of 5 littles for us while we enjoy ourselves!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am missing my husband...who has left me for the week. He is fulfilling his obligations at Liberty University. Every year he has to take what is called an "intensive class" . Normally classes are about 8 weeks long...but during the intensive it is an 8 week class shoved into one week...classes are 8-4:30 every day...with lots of work to do after class for the next day. He is feeling tired despite having no "little distractions" to deal with this week. I am proud of him and thankful that he is willing to pour himself out so selflessly.

Meanwhile....I am feeling tired, but am thankful that Thurs I will get a little break compliments of Corys Mom and Dad! I am also thankful that Isaac has really stepped up and started doing tasks that Cory would normally take care of...and without being asked! Just noticing that the trash needed taking out...and doing it! We talk a lot about showing initiative, and it feels like it is paying off! I was telling Cory just this morning how much I missed him, his best friend. I also was telling him that I didnt enjoy being a single parent much, that life is so much easier when you are working alongside the person God designed you to be with...

Despite him being gone...we will continue to have a good time and work together to accomplish lifes daily tasks...And if anyone is interested in joining us..we are free on Friday...Come play with us!

Friday, July 08, 2011


This is Gayles new look. Her hair was really quite long, and now it is really quite short. I like it. So does she.

Esther got a perm. She needed a look that could be sporty and dressy depending on what was going on. She likes it a lot...and so do I!

Our little garden....growing quickly...lettuces, royal burgandy beans, watermelon, pumpkins, tomatoes, basil..we used to have sugar snap peas...Esther weeded the garden and now we dont...hehe. My peppers did horrible...Mom said to use Epsom salt...I never did, because the pumpkins grew over top of them......My tomatoes are not large plants, but plenty of flowers are appearing...that is what matters :-)

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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Yesterday I took the girls to get their hair done at the salon. This was a huge treat for them and me! I love girly stuff, and love my this was a delight! Scroll below to see the before pics of the girls....and soon I will post the after shots...I think they look so cute :-)

Also...I was behind on some Ive included some other things including our 4th of July/Happy Birthday to Mom celebration pics. I hope your 4th was as nice as ours. We slept in a tent for the 1st time as a was not quite like I envisioned it. I was not prepared for the middle of the night soon to be 2 yr old standing up and singing Elmos World to all who would listen...over and over again. Not a whole lot of sleeping...but it *was* good practice for preparing them for camping...and me too :-( (Didnt I just say I was a girly girl?... perhaps I could at least get a small air mattress...?)


Gayle...Wow...her hair is really long. Prepare for the new do!

Esther....her hair is getting quite long more cutting her own hair...she learned her lesson I think. Prepare for her new do!

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Asher...growing so fast!

Gayle....just having fun!

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Off for a canoe ride....

....or a paddle boat ride perhaps?

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Pre fireworks for kiddos....compliments of Uncle Cliff!

A sleepy Asher...and Mama.

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Well...I would have had these up sooner had some child not blessed my keyboard with some of their beverage :-( Anyhow... this was Isaacs big day...5th grade graduation.

We are very proud of our boy...Well done Isaac!

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