Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday Cory and I got to go out for the evening...without kids! We had been invited to a wedding and enjoyed ourselves immensely! He had just gotten back from the University the night it was such a delight to be together for such an extended period of time. The reception did not start right after the wedding, so we had a couple of hours to kill, and it was just so very nice...Thanks to my inlaws for taking care of 5 littles for us while we enjoy ourselves!

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Rebecca said...

Holy Hannah have you lost weight!! You are a downright hottie! Not that you were not before, no matter what your weight, you are always gorgeous. (And yes, that fact DOES make me jealous. I am working on it.)

So glad for your night out. I am pining away for one myself, but it just isn't happening. :-( Right about now is when I need it most too.

Glad Corys trip away was speedy and filled with safe keeping and that the time alone was rewarded with special fun!

Sorry I haven't been commenting often...I have been up to my eyeballs in work leaving me only small moments to pop on the computer at a time.

The girls' new 'dos are lovely.

Full of Grace said...

You guys look great, sorry I didn't get your text till late in the evening- I was out of town with the little ones, and didn't get home till
almost 1030 pm..For future ref. he works over on exchange street downtown binghamton..He was really swamped on Saturday so he probably wouldn't have been able to visit much anyhow. I love dates :)

Love the girls' do's btw..They look WONDERFUL :)

Jane said...

You both look fantastic! You look like you should be starring in a sitcom ...Christian, of course.