Monday, August 01, 2011


I feel sad....We had a beautiful pumpkin least 5 or 6 Pumpkins...of which were to be jack-o-lanterns for day I noticed that the leaves on one stalk began wilting...then I noticed some leaves turning I thought...maybe we should cut some of the dead leaves...stalks off so that growth would go straight to the pumpkins. I noticed the roots were brown and I did a little research and found out that we were vistited by the Squash Vine Borer. So Cory and I went out to perform surgery. We carefully scraped off the "yuck" and then made an incision inside the stalk and killed any "borer" that we found...which incidently look like little maggots...ack!" Then we washed it out, and wrapped up the wound in nylons, and covered it with dirt. The next day...we pulled it all out! I was thinking about trying to start another patch, but it is most likely too late. pumpkins are expensive and they grow so easily...this was troublesome. At any year...I am going to plant them later in the year before they lay their eggs...which...incidently look like a smashed raspberry on your leaves.... I have also been told to coat my seeds in sulfur, and to add it to the soil during the season. I will try again next year. Everything else seems to be going fine...tomatoes seem late in ripening...but lots of green ones! The burgandy beans are growing SO fast...and the watermelon are getting bigger...hooray! Today I have to go out and pick off the yellowed leaves of my Rose of seems that I have been watering it too much and now it has mold spores on the will spread to the other plants if I dont take care of it now...on another note...I have a nasty chipmunk who dug up one of my bulbs....the nerve!

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