Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Yesterday I took the girls to get their hair done at the salon. This was a huge treat for them and me! I love girly stuff, and love my this was a delight! Scroll below to see the before pics of the girls....and soon I will post the after shots...I think they look so cute :-)

Also...I was behind on some Ive included some other things including our 4th of July/Happy Birthday to Mom celebration pics. I hope your 4th was as nice as ours. We slept in a tent for the 1st time as a was not quite like I envisioned it. I was not prepared for the middle of the night soon to be 2 yr old standing up and singing Elmos World to all who would listen...over and over again. Not a whole lot of sleeping...but it *was* good practice for preparing them for camping...and me too :-( (Didnt I just say I was a girly girl?... perhaps I could at least get a small air mattress...?)

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