Monday, March 12, 2007


Okay, so you would think that after 3 kids that I would not make a silly mistake of thinking I am in labor when I am not. Well, I suppose I was on Saturday...I had contractions ALL day long. Finally there was a 3 hour stretch where they were very consistent...not hard...not getting stronger...just consistent. Since Mom and Dad had Church the next morning, I wanted to be we went and checked it out. My contractions were good and long --but not doing anything for my cervix...Pretty much what I thought, but just needed that reassurance. Also, I had never experienced back labor...OUCH. I am trying some different stretching exercises to get Eli to turn himself the right way. Time will tell I suppose.

I was very excited on Saturday to go get our first family picture EVER! While I was at the Docs office they had a photo done where everyone was in black and white except for one of the girls that was pregnant..she was in color and everyone was looking at her belly...I fell in love, so my husband...being the fine guy that he is got us an appt at the same place and quickly. The photographer was FABULOUS. He took a number of different shots and we were done with that in 10 min....can you believe it...and they look GREAT! We are purchasing two pictures. One is a family shot...very beautiful in black and white. Then the other is black and white except for me, and the girls are touching my belly and the boys are looking over my shoulder is so sweet. After Elijah is born we will have one taken where he is the only one in color and everyone else is in black and white...I am very excited about it...I hope when we get them back you will all be able to come and see sort of marks a milestone in my know pregnancy and motherhood. :)

Alright, Sabbath we did not make it to church because I was having contractions that were more painful and more consistent...we thought it wise to stay close to Mon and Dad. They managed to fizzle out, and make me irritated...I was really ready to go to the hospital and meet this little fella. I guess it was a good thing though. Cory tried to get his plans in order for the sub that will take over for him for a week, and realized he had left ALL of his material at school...YIKES! God knows what he is doing, and I just have to be thankful that he is in charge and not me...But...I suppose that praying that it will happen VERY soon is not forbidden!!

One last thing. This might be a shock...but I keep thinking that Elijahs name is wrong. Cory picked it out, and it is not that I don't like it...I just like Gideon better. Hmmm. I really don't feel like I can change it at this point...I mean for the childrens sake...even little Gaylie talks to "Eli". I just love the sound of "Isaac, Esther, Gayle and Gideon" has a certain ring to it. Just a thought. Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, it's getting close to time! If you had contractions on again, off again all weekend, who knows when your little guy might show up.
As for the name, two things...It's never too late to change your mind! When Rebecca was born, my mom and dad had the name Diana picked out. EVERYONE knew that she would be a Diana if she was a girl. When they came to sign the birth certificate, my mom changed it to Rebecca Diana, and as far as I remember the story goes, my dad wasn't there, so when he got back to the hospital, with family in tow to meet Diana, lo and behold he had a Rebecca :)
If you don't want to do something so drastic though, what about Elijah Gideon Valentine? It has a really nice ring to it :)

Michelle said...

I agree with Elizabeth. It isn't too late to change what you're going to name the baby. Now, too late is when you sign the certificate. Then, what a headache you'd have to go through! ;)

I personally don't think I'd do something as drastic as the Rebecca/Diana thing. I know my Dave would be very hurt if I did that. Cory strikes me as the same. Have you talked with him about it? Maybe he'd ok Elizabeth's suggestion... Maybe he'd ok Gideon Elijah!

Praying for you. I know how those contractions can get toward the end. My braxton hicks were so painful with Timothy that a few times I thought that it was actual labor... That is, until I laid on the couch for a half hour and they stopped!

Jthemilker said...

I like both names, but in case my vote counts... save it for the next one. :)

Oh and it's not too late until the birth certificate is printed. Funny comparison... We called my pony "Belle" for a week and one day on a whim I said to Rene'e "Stop calling her that. Her name is Penny." And thus... it stuck. At least until I sold her -- which is another funny story...

Rebecca said...

Don't sell him! hehehehe

I love both names and now I will wait in anticipation of what will happen when he is born.

I am SO SO SO happy you got a family picture done...and what a COOL way to do it! I LOVE that! That is SO neat! I can't WAIT to see it! PLease post them-PLEASE?!?!

Oh-and a FABULOUS idea for after the baby is born too! That is SO cool. Maybe I will steal it one day!

Blessings to you this coming week and the next-as the days draw shorter! Wahoo!!!!

Wendy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! It is not that Cory is opposed to changing the is just that we feel the kids have come to expect this new brother named Eli. We joked that we would tell them that they were all out of Elis and that we had to settle for Gideon. No, I think not. As far as I can see he will be Elijah...unless I have one of those "moments".

Yes I am very excited about our photos. I dont know if I can post them or not since they are 16x20...but perhaps I can take a picture of the picture. We arent sure when we will be getting them...soooo...that is up in the air.