Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Matter of Prayer...

Hi . Sometimes things happen...that really stink! If you are so inclined...please pray for Cory and I. He called me yesterday to say that his transmission died. We knew this was going to happen eventually...HOPING that it would happen in the summer...who are we kidding...we would have ran that thing into the ground until it died...like now. Anyhow...it had the nerve to do it when we weren't ready or expecting it! SOOOooooo....Cory and I are thinking of ways to go about the situation...This is where you come in...Please pray that God will give us wisdom in our decisions, that we wont do something financially unwise. Pray that God will provide the car for us...and thank Him for His care of us already. Thanks.

I am on facebook, and have noticed that there is a lot of friends out there struggling along with different problems...it just feels like everyone is getting it at once...even with folks who aren't on facebook...just noticing.

First Eli broke his leg. Next Cory had Knee surgury...now Esther is on crutches for trying to "SURF" down the sledding hill...she sprained her ankle pretty bad. I hope that she is having a good day today...it will be a lot of walking around, and she will need some stamina. Nobody else is interested in taking their turn in "injuries of the Valentines" we want to pass.

Hope everyone is having a great week...Amidst the chaos...God has been good to us!


Woman with the Yellow Hat said...

Will do! So helps (getting eyes off self) remembering and praying for others!

Rebecca said...

I am praying! So sorry to hear all the BAD stuff~ sorry about Cory's knee and Esther's crutches too! Sheesh-you weren't kidding.

Can you maybe file your taxes right away and use that money? I am hoping to get ours back right quick too. Let us know if there is anything we can do.