Monday, January 04, 2010


This is my new JOBY Gorilla Pad gift from Cliff. Why is this so cool? Because it is like a mini tripod for my camera! You can set it up just like in the picture up top...or say you are on vacation with your fam...and you want a family picture but nobody is there to take one...and lets face dont want to ask! ...Simple...find a fence...a branch. or something that you can wrap the legs around and you are set!!!! I could take this to the park and wrap it around playground equipment and get a shot with my kids!!! Hooray! A really VERY thoughtful gift Cliff--thanks so much! I also got a cd of digital photography tips that I have not had time to look at...but will soon! I am excited about this...Somehow Cliff gets all the best gadgety gifts :)

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