Sunday, January 24, 2010


I hope you all are having a restful day today! I am tired already thinking about all the running around I have to do this week...but if I set myself up for success, I will do well!
My last post I guess was kind of gushy...and I suppose that I DO make it seem like he is a perfect me...he is NOT perfect...(he has really freaky feet) hehehe. Anyhow...I guess I was truly just lucky to marry my best friend...I think that is it-in a nutshell. He is just an all around nice guy, and truth be told we did all of our fighting before we got married. Can you believe it? We actually went to the college chaplain for counseling!!!! That same chaplain witnessed Corys proposal, and married us too! Who goes to counseling while they date? Oh well...just so you know that it seems like he is perfect...and sometimes I think it...but hes not...and he would laugh if anyone thought as much.
On a different note...I am now feeding Asher rice cereal...once a day. My little baby is growing up. I truly have pain in my heart. I know that some of you think that my secret is that we are pregnant (Cliffy)....hehehe...that is the million dollar question...but no we are not. It is of a different nature...and I still would appreciate your prayers concerning this...I am not keeping it a secret just to taunt anyone...I truly just can't tell anyone yet....but it sure is fun to find out what others think it might be :-)
Have a great week all!


Full of Grace said...

I think you are buying a house :) Cannot wait to hear what your secret is for real!!! :)

Rebecca said...

I was TOTALLY teasing/harassing you about Cory. I hope you didn't take it the wrong way---sometimes when you TYPE something, you don't get the same tone of teasing that you would if you were just talking. surry.

I don't think your surprise is a baby. (Remember---I said it DIDN'T end in Y) I *do* think it is a four letter word that ends in..... E

can't wait to find out. Praying for you, cause God knows, even if I don't (for sure)

Wendy said... Rebecca...I did not take it the wrong way...I knew you were teasing! No worries...I just know that peopley think I brag about him...and it seems that I do...I dont mean to, but he really is a great catch! Yes I knew you did not think it was a baby either...ha'll have to wait and may turn out turn to be nothing at all...that would be sad. Thanks for praying for us too Elizabeth!

Jemit said...

Just for the record.. luck had nothing to do with your marrying Cory.. Providence is everything.. Love you.